Douluo Dalu 5 – Rebirth Of Tang San Chapter 190: Go back again


Among all kinds of elements, the most elusive and cultivated are time and space. These are two powerful attributes that are very closely related to the original meaning of the universe.

Like the time change in the hometown, in fact, it only slightly controls the power of time, and it is still far from the real time attribute. I am afraid that it can only be promoted to a higher level after reaching the god-level level.

But the power of space displayed by Mr. Mei just now seems to have really touched the origin of space. Even Tang San couldn’t see through the strange spatial fluctuations emanating from her body. I can only vaguely feel that her peacock feathers seem to merge wonderfully with the space. Each peacock feather seems to divide the space into a layer, and the different layers blend with each other to cut the space into cracks, thus producing an extremely powerful attack power. .

And this kind of ability seems to be something that those who besieged her before, even her brother, did not possess it. Otherwise, when they were chasing before, relying on their strong control over the space ability, it would have been impossible for them to run that far.

In other words, this seems to be unique to Mr. Mei?

This is the true power of a first-class bloodline.

Yes, definitely a first-class bloodline.

The peacock demon clan itself has a first-class bloodline, and different first-class bloodlines have different characteristics. Tang San had experienced the powerful ability of Sky Fox’s Eye by himself. And when he faced the Peacock Monster Race before, from the five Peacock Monster Race, he actually didn’t realize the powerful strength of the first-level bloodline.

Five peacock monsters with first-class bloodlines failed to stop him. What kind of first-class bloodline is this? At that time, he was already ready to explode his consciousness if he couldn’t do it. But the other party was much weaker than he imagined, so naturally he didn’t need to explode his consciousness anymore.

Just now, Young Master Mei’s sudden outburst made him truly see the horror of the Peacock Monster Clan.

The race that once produced the Great Demon Emperor, was able to control Jiali City, and become a powerful race that ruled Jiali City, the background is actually here.

A beautiful young man with only a seventh-level cultivation base can kill four eighth-level monsters in an instant when he erupts, which shows the power of a first-level bloodline.

Both Tang San and Du Bai raised the Eye of the Sky Fox to the fourth level, which has already benefited them a lot. What kind of power will it be if the Eye of the Sky Fox reaches the seventh level? Tang San also thought about this problem before, but it was even more difficult to raise to the seventh level. The improvement of the Sky Fox Eye is too difficult for humans who are not pure-blooded.

However, Young Master Mei raised his bloodline to the seventh level, and it is obvious that he is not an ordinary peacock monster.

Tang San felt strangely bitter in his heart, he originally wanted to protect Young Master Mei, but who knew that Young Master Mei was so powerful. Even a ninth-rank powerhouse might not necessarily be her opponent. Where do you need to protect yourself!

The golden poodle, which has always shown great strength before, is obviously inferior in front of her. Regardless of the higher level of cultivation, the gap in blood is so huge. In front of the blood of the Peacock Demon King, the golden blood seems to be nothing at all. It seems that the sorting of the bloodline levels by the two elves is still very, very meaningful.

It’s just that such a powerful peacock demon clan can only settle in a corner, and only controls Kerry City, which is closest to the edge of the mainland. Then, how strong are the other monster races with first-level bloodlines going to be?

Taking a deep breath, Tang San calmed down his state of mind. Only then did he come out from behind the hidden tree.

One of the previous four eight-level winged tigers was detonated. The other three heads were still standing there, lifelike. It’s like a sculpture.

Tang San quietly came to an eighth step winged tiger, and slowly put his right hand on it.

Suddenly, with his extraordinary mental strength, he could clearly feel the physical state of the winged tiger. It can be observed through the consonant sky eye that the power of space in this winged tiger is rippling, and the power of space separates its flesh and blood, and it is in a strange state of balance. But in fact, its vitality has not been completely cut off.

How much control over space power is required to do this! The power of the peacock demon clan is too strong.

Tang San originally wanted to try, to see if he could absorb some of the Winged Tiger’s blood power. But he found it impossible. This Winged Tiger’s body is densely packed with space cracks. If it is absorbed by Xuantian Kungfu, the space force full of powerful splitting ability may also be absorbed into its own body. What is the difference between that and suicide.

Suddenly, Tang San noticed a strange change, on the foreheads of these three winged tigers, there was a pattern of peacock blue. That’s what a peacock feather pattern looks like, and it looks like circles of peacock blue swirl inward, like a whirlpool. Magnificent and eerie.

Tang San’s heart moved, the wind shield first waved on his body, and then carefully stretched out a finger to gently touch the peacock feather pattern on the forehead of the eighth step winged tiger in front of him.

“Bang!” Almost instantly, the body of the eighth-level winged tiger exploded. In an instant, flesh and blood flew everywhere.

A powerful thrust hit the wind gang, pushing Tang San more than ten meters away.

Thinking flashed across Tang San’s eyes, followed by shock again.

He got it. No wonder there are so many terrifying spatial powers in the eighth-level Winged Tiger’s body, but it is not aroused. These spatial forces are all restrained, and what restrains them is the pattern of the peacock feathers. All the power of space piercing into the winged tiger’s body is gathered together, and then the remaining tails are gathered into peacock feather patterns. Once touched, its balance will be disrupted, and it will naturally explode.

Conversely, if the caster comes over, with this pattern, it is also possible to withdraw the power of space injected into his body, making it possible to bring him back to life?


As soon as he thought of this, Tang San suddenly felt the hairs on the back of his neck tremble, and almost instantly, the wind on his body had already erupted, sweeping backwards. At the same time, with the toes slightly on the ground, he threw himself forward.

A sharp cold light passed by his previous position almost instantly. The foreboding of the crisis and his instant connection saved his life.

Tang San turned around in mid-air in some embarrassment, the plants on the ground around him grew wildly, instantly turning into a wall of plants, blocking behind him.

Although the plant wall was torn apart in the next moment, it also gave him a chance to turn around.

The peacock’s wings spread out behind Young Master Mei, and the circles of feathers on each of the peacock’s tail feathers exude a halo like a whirlpool.

Yes she’s back.

When Tang San discovered that the power of space could be withdrawn, Tang San thought that she might come back.

Four-headed and eighth-level winged tigers are quite a fortune. Since she set up the power of space that can be recovered instead of strangling it directly, it means that she may come back to collect the corpse. Take this wealth with you. And he just broke another one. It was obvious that Young Master Mei would attack him after he appeared.

At this time, Tang San was wearing a different mask and clothes from when he appeared as Shura before, and even his figure had returned to his original appearance, so it was almost impossible for Mr. Mei to recognize him.

“Who are you?” Young Master Mei stared at him coldly, “You plotted against us secretly for everything before?”

Tang San could clearly feel the surging murderous intent coming from Young Master Mei, without a doubt, if he didn’t answer well, he might have to face the mighty power of the Peacock Demon King’s bloodline.

“Don’t do it, I’m human.” Tang San said quickly, and he used his own voice, not the previously changed voice.


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