Douluo Dalu 5 – Rebirth Of Tang San Chapter 188: Ancestor upper body


Song Junhou’s combat experience is still very rich. When he found that the winged tigers around him gradually surrounded him, he knew something was wrong.

It is already very difficult to deal with the Tiger King with Wings. After all, the opponent is a ninth-level powerhouse, and it is only an eighth-level powerhouse. With the advantage of the golden blood, this gap can be narrowed. But its previous consumption is quite large. In a real head-on battle, it is not an easy task to defeat the Winged Tiger King. What’s more, there are so many winged tigers around, I saw four of the eighth-level winged tigers, and the rest are all seventh-level cultivation bases. Ants kill elephants, not to mention a group of powerful tiger demons. .

It is necessary to break through.

In an instant, it made a decision that if it continued to fight, it would undoubtedly die. Only breaking through is the best choice.

The blazing golden light suddenly exploded, and the golden lion light and shadow that had appeared in the previous battle resurfaced again.

With its appearance, the Winged Tiger King’s attack was also slightly weakened. The next moment, Song Junhou exploded!

Its own body suddenly swelled up, and the golden light and shadow behind it directly squeezed into its body. The surrounding air was rippling with a faint golden light, and there seemed to be a golden light shining in the sky.

Tang San has been observing the battlefield from a distance, at this moment, it feels like the whole world around him has awakened a strange power. An aura far surpassing that of the Winged Tiger King and Song Junhou rose suddenly.

In the distant sky, a golden lion’s head gradually emerged. The moment the golden lion’s head, which was hundreds of meters in size, appeared, all the winged tigers present subconsciously softened their legs, as if they were about to crawl to the ground like.

Even in the distance, Tang San could still feel this terrifying coercion, but his eyes were filled with white light, and an aura of aloof blood instantly spread throughout his body, breaking free from that oppression. It is the function of the eyes of the sky fox. Undoubtedly, the blood strength of Sky Fox’s Eye surpassed the suppressed terrifying aura.

“Great ancestor, please allow me to borrow your power to spread the brilliance of gold across the earth.” The deep roar gradually became louder. In the next moment, Song Junhou’s figure had swelled to a length of fifteen meters, and a golden crown slowly emerged from the top of the golden lion transformed by Song Junhou. The terrifying aura was so suppressed that even the Winged Tiger King couldn’t move an inch.


The huge golden lion let out a deafening roar, and then, with a claw, it slapped the winged tiger king, which was covered in wind and wind, and flew out.

The wind shield around the Winged Tiger King’s body shattered, and the huge scratches almost tore half of his body apart.

Among the surrounding winged tigers, almost all the seventh-level winged tigers were limp on the ground, unable to compete with the powerful aura that erupted in this instant. This is the idea of ​​gold, the breath of the ancestors of the golden lion demon clan.

A gleam of disdain flashed in the eyes of the golden lion, and the next moment, one of its sharp claws slapped the ground, shaking the bear monster’s body, and with a flash of golden light, it caught its body in an instant, and then turned into a Like a golden lightning, it flew away towards the huge golden lion head that appeared in the distance.

The light and shadow of the golden lion head in the distance and the huge golden lion figure shrunk almost at the same time, and during the shrinking process, they drew closer to each other. In an instant, it disappeared without a trace.

This scene was full of shock in Tang San’s eyes.

The power of Song Junhou’s blow just now is no less than that of a ninth-level peak powerhouse. Although it has not yet reached the level of a god, but coupled with the coercion of the golden blood, it is also very powerful for monsters. It is no different from a god-level powerhouse.

The Winged Tiger King was hit hard at once, and Song Junhou took advantage of this moment to get his ancestors upper body to escape. What a powerful force this is! Although it is obvious that it can only erupt for a moment, such a level of hole cards is indeed terrifying.

Tang San was very self-aware. If he had changed himself, unless he ignited all his consciousness, he would be directly swallowed by that powerful golden flame.

He is already considering whether to wait until he has the seventh brand to choose this golden bloodline.

“Roar—” at this moment. The severely wounded Winged Tiger King struggled to get up slowly, roaring unwillingly. Big mouth, big mouth with bluish blue blood spurted out of its mouth, and its vitality was also greatly lost.

The four eighth-level winged tigers seemed to understand what it meant, and they all flapped their wings, spread their wings and flew high, and went straight to chase after Song Junhou who was fleeing away.

The Winged Tiger King swayed and prostrated himself on the ground again. Although the injury just now was not fatal to it, it was also extremely serious, and it was unable to pursue the enemy anymore. But to be able to cultivate to the ninth level, it also has a certain amount of wisdom. Naturally, it can be seen that the strong man with golden blood is at the end of his battle and has no strength to fight again. It was telling its younger brother just now that the golden lion must be killed, otherwise, once it attracts a strong man from the golden lineage, they may be wiped out.

Seeing the four eighth-level winged tigers flying away, Tang San didn’t dare to be negligent, and hurriedly cast the Golden Roc Transformation, and followed closely behind in a low-altitude flight.

Song Junhou, who used the secret method, should have almost exhausted his strength. In this case, its first choice after escaping is of course to meet up with Young Master Mei and the others. As for the four eighth-level winged tigers that were chasing, if they followed its breath, they might not be able to catch them. The safety of Mr. Mei is the most important thing to Tang San. Although there were so many limp seventh-level winged tigers and the severely injured ninth-level winged tiger king, he couldn’t care less. The most important thing is to protect the beauty first.

Not long after Tang San left, a figure quietly appeared in front of the Winged Tiger King.

Seeing the appearance of this figure, the Winged Tiger King let out an unwilling and mournful roar…

The flying speed of Jinpeng Bian blessing is very fast. Although Tang San’s level of Jinpeng Bian is still far behind Cheng Zicheng’s, his cultivation base is far above Cheng Zicheng’s. Ability to sustain flight for a longer period of time.

The winged tiger was flying high in the sky, and he was flying low in the woods to follow, but he was not left behind by the opponent. With the guidance of the Consonant Sky Eye, the trees that appeared in front of them seemed to not exist. Tang San’s figure constantly adjusted his direction during the flight, but he was still able to maintain a fairly fast speed in the low altitude.

Judging from the direction Song Junhou escaped from before, he should have escaped at least about five kilometers in an instant. At that time, he indeed shocked the Winged Tigers. The other winged tigers dared to pursue. Song Junhou’s luck is indeed not very good!

Of course, the reason for this bad luck is naturally the day after tomorrow. With the curse of the two eyes of the sky fox, it’s no wonder his luck is good.

Tang San didn’t have to worry about finding it, he just followed the four-headed eighth-level winged tigers flying below. I have to say that the escape speed of the Beauty and the Beast team is still very fast. After chasing for half an hour, the eighth-level winged tiger in the air seemed to have discovered something, suddenly accelerated, and rushed towards a direction. go.

Still catching up.

Tang San slowed down a little, and then approached.

The sound of battle came from not far ahead. Through Consonant Sky Eye, Tang San could clearly see the cohesion and collision of various elements in front of him.

The Beauty and the Beast team has now reunited.

Song Junhou turned into a human form and was carried on the back by the bear monster. His face was as pale as paper, obviously he had no strength to fight anymore. hide behind.

Among the other five people, the Ironback Ape Demon was at the front, the Cat Demon and the Shadow Sparrow Demon were on both sides, and the Skunk Demon was trembling behind, so frightened that he dared not even fart. Young Master Mei sits in the center.

Compared to the high spirits when they came here, the Beauty and the Beast team at this time feels a bit hopeless.


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