Douluo Dalu 5 – Rebirth Of Tang San Chapter 187: Winged Tiger Gift Package


Without spending too much effort, Tang San put an eighth-level winged tiger covered in cuts and bruises and two severely wounded seventh-level winged tigers into his storage bag.

This harvest alone has surpassed the sum of their experience last time.

Did not go to meet up with his companions, Tang San continued to restrain his aura while chasing towards the direction of the winged tigers. He had to ensure the safety of Young Master Mei, and of course, he would also follow along to pick up bargains. What troubled him a little was that his storage bag had limited space, and it wouldn’t be able to hold any more winged tigers.

The Winged Tiger itself is not a group of monsters, they all live in families. But in this area where the winged tigers live, the ninth-level winged tiger king is the real king. Nature will respond. .

The tiger is the king of beasts. Usually, in the Jiali Mountains, the winged tigers are considered powerful existences, and the ninth rank is the peak of monsters. Monster powerhouses above the **** level don’t bother to hunt these monsters, so they have always lived freely. But recently, they have been attacked one after another, and even the partner and children of the Winged Tiger King died. The entire winged tiger group is in a violent state.

So, Tang San’s gift to the Beauty and the Beast team is really an enhanced version.

Song Junhou’s heart was also twitching at this time, he couldn’t figure out why he suddenly became like this. He hadn’t heard of anyone being chased and killed by a group when they were practicing in the Kerry Mountains, especially the Winged Tiger was not a herd monster! How could I be so unlucky?

Before, the power of the eighth-level Winged Tiger’s bloodline was swallowed by the golden flame, which restored its own bloodline, but the original golden bloodline in the golden flame began to weaken a little. Launching the golden flame can indeed restore oneself by burning the blood of the enemy, but what is restored is the overall energy, and the original gold will be consumed.

Ninth level, the one who roared before was definitely the ninth-level winged tiger king, otherwise those winged tigers wouldn’t suddenly go all out.

Both the iron-backed ape demon and the cat demon were slightly injured, and blood was oozing from the wounds on their bodies that had been torn apart by the wind gang.

Although the other team members were not injured, they were consumed a lot in the previous battles. If they try their best, it’s not like they won’t have a chance to kill a Monster Beast King, but damage will definitely be inevitable. The more important question is that it’s not just the Winged Tiger King who came. There are other winged tigers following! It can be sensed naturally by the breath of its golden blood.

In terms of speed, they are definitely not comparable to winged tigers. what to do?

Song Junhou turned his head to look at his companions behind him, his gaze was fixed on Young Master Mei the next moment, he opened his mouth to say something, but suddenly stopped.

Young Master Mei had a cold expression on his face, he just ran along with the team members, showing no other emotions. Compared with the panic of other members of the team, they seemed very calm.

Song Junhou’s heart moved, and he said loudly: “This can’t be done, the speed of the winged tiger is too fast, we can’t run. We will be caught up soon. You go first, and I will stop.”

“Captain, what can we do? How can we let you take risks alone?” Xiong Yao is indeed Song Junhou’s younger brother, and he showed his role at critical moments.

“Stop talking nonsense, you go first.” Song Junhou suddenly stopped, turned around and jumped over the heads of the team members, falling behind them.

In the team, the iron-backed ape demon and the cat demon exchanged glances, and immediately fled without hesitation. Young Master Mei didn’t intend to turn around either.

As for the skunk monster and the shadow sparrow monster, it is even more impossible to keep them. Their frontal combat power can’t even deal with a seventh-level winged tiger.

Only the sixth-order bear demon stopped and stood beside Song Junhou.

“Stupid, let’s go. What’s the use of you staying?” Song Junhou turned around, put his foot in the crotch of the bear demon, and kicked it somersault.

The demon bear opened his mouth, just as he was about to say something, a huge figure descended from the sky. He went straight to Song Junhou and rushed over.

The wind gang of the ninth-level winged tiger king was fully opened, and the sharp gang energy burst out instantly, sweeping away large pieces of the surrounding trees and shattering them. Those streaks of blue light came straight to Song Junhou like giant axes.

“Roar—” Song Junhou let out a strong lion’s roar, and the golden light on his body bloomed again. It was left behind for several purposes. They couldn’t outrun the Winged Tigers at all. Instead of being constantly consumed in the pursuit, they might as well stay and fight to the death. Secondly, when Young Master Mei was besieged by the Peacock Monster Clan, it escaped with other team members, which would definitely leave a very bad impression on Young Master Mei, and this is the best chance to change it.

Master Mei was safe and sound in the hands of the five eighth-level peacock monsters. There must be some mystery in it, so before it was so regretful that its intestines were green. It doesn’t want to let go of this opportunity to get back together. And it also wanted to take the opportunity to see what the trump card of Young Master Mei was. With so many winged tigers chasing after it, it’s impossible to target only one of them. There will always be other winged tigers chasing after him, and the worst thing I have to face is the king of winged tigers.

Of course, the most important point is that it still has a hole card to break through. As a direct descendant of the golden blood, there is still certainty in this.

So it chose to stay, with a look of death.

The blazing golden flame was burning, and Song Junhou’s figure suddenly rose a few points, his right claw shot out like lightning, and screamed piercingly in the air. The golden flame and the wind gang collided, and the wind gang was burned into gold, and Song Junhou showed his body. The whole body is bursting with dazzling light. The golden mane on the head is completely raised, and the prestige is not inferior to the ninth-level winged tiger.

The violent roar suddenly bloomed centered on the collision of the two, and the ferocious collision of the wind element and the fire element destroyed everything around them. The collision of the two powerhouses made the elements in this area crazily agitated.

The bear demon was kicked into the air, and has come to his senses. It is only a sixth-level cultivation base, and it can’t play any role in such a battle. However, just when it was about to run, figures fell from the sky.

A group of ferocious winged tigers descended one after another, surrounding them from all directions. That is really eyeing! Under their gaze, the little courage in the bear demon’s heart instantly disintegrated. His complexion changed drastically and he kept retreating. However, behind it is the battle circle of the two powerhouses, which is not close to it at all.

“Boss, boss, help! Help. They, they are all coming up.” A strong sense of fear lingers in my heart, feeling the terrifying fluctuations of the wind element around bear demon is already scared to pee .

How did it know that its boss was also full of all kinds of dirty words at this time.

Song Junhou never expected that the Winged Tigers showed no signs of chasing Young Master Mei and the others, but all chose to besiege him here.

The effect of Tang San’s drop of blood essence is really extraordinary. It is the enemy locked by the Winged Tiger King, the enemy he hates so much.

Winged Tiger King can’t recognize the appearance of the enemy, what it can remember is the breath of the enemy who killed his wife that day. At that time it was fighting Zhang Haoxuan, and the Winged Tiger King actually didn’t see the situation on Tang San’s side of the battlefield. And the enemy in front of him has the aura of the past, and, in terms of strength, he is indeed able to kill his wife, so what else is there to say?

Tang San had come not far away at this time, seeing this scene, he was also a little shocked, but he also felt relieved. If Mr. Mei is also under siege, then he must find a way to be ready to rescue him at any time. But the besieged at this time, there is no beautiful son! Mr. Mei and everyone else are gone, so just sit back and watch the tigers fight.

What a battle between lions and tigers.


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