Douluo Dalu 5 – Rebirth Of Tang San Chapter 186: The power of the golden flame


Although the monster does not have the intelligence of a human, it still has a strong survival instinct. Facing this obviously invincible opponent, it still knows how to seek good luck and avoid bad luck, so it runs away first.

“Want to run?” Song Junhou had already made a real fuss. It has already severely injured this winged tiger, how can it let the other party escape. The golden flame spewed out from behind, pushing its body to explode instantly, and suddenly rushed towards the opponent.

After all, the eighth-level winged tiger is good at speed, barely re-condensing the wind, flapping its wings, it is about to fly into the sky.

The golden flame behind Song Junhou suddenly exploded, making a loud “bang”. The body pushing it caught up to the opponent in an instant like a cannonball. . Its pair of tiger claws brazenly grabbed the wings of the eighth-level winged tiger, and the golden flame burst into flames instantly.

The golden flame that had been burning on the eighth-level winged tiger rose instantly, and its body was almost instantly invaded by the golden flame. The golden light in Song Junhou’s eyes shone brightly, and the blazing golden flame swept down, suppressing the eighth-level winged tiger and smashing it back to the ground. And the golden holy flame on the eighth-level winged tiger burned more and more intensely, and it had already turned into a huge golden fireball. It kept screaming, but it couldn’t break free at all.

Tang San was already a little closer at this time, when he saw this scene, he couldn’t help being secretly surprised. The strength of this eighth-level Winged Tiger is no longer weak, but it is simply unable to compete with the golden blood of the same level. Moreover, he could still clearly feel that the fuel of the golden flame burning on the eighth-level winged tiger was its body and the power of its blood. This golden holy fire actually ignited the blood of the eighth-level winged tiger, and it burned more and more vigorously.

An even more bizarre scene appeared, Song Junhou’s body was actually absorbing the burning golden flames. That is to say, at the cost of burning the body of the eighth-level winged tiger, it ignites the golden holy fire on the winged tiger, and then absorbs the golden holy fire by itself.

Song Junhou’s previously consumed physical energy and blood power are clearly recovering rapidly.

How can the golden blood be like this? This is obviously a powerful ability unique to the golden blood. It’s really gold!

However, Tang San was also in pain for a while, let it burn like this, all valuable things of this eighth-level winged tiger will be burned away.

Song Junhou didn’t do this before, obviously he was reluctant. But now there are still powerful enemies in the dark watching, it no longer cares about being stingy. He directly used the powerful ability of the golden flame itself to support the battle and restore himself to the peak.

The blazing golden flame was burning, and the screams of the eighth-level winged tiger below him had become weaker and weaker.

At this moment, a tiger’s roar that shook the sky and the earth suddenly sounded.

Hearing this roar, perhaps it was a reflection of the light, the winged tiger that was suppressed under Song Junhou suddenly let out a roar, and the golden flame on his body burst out suddenly. A glaring blue light burst out from its body, forcefully throwing Song Junhou away.

The eyes of the golden lion transformed by Song Junhou flickered, showing a hint of surprise, and looked towards the sky.

The eighth-level winged tiger that was burnt by the golden flame seemed to have released its last vitality at this time. It was prostrate on the ground and its breath was weak, and it was already in a state of facing death at any time.

And the other two seventh-level winged tigers who also heard the deafening roar of the tiger, now they are like crazy, and they don’t look like they want to escape any more. , actually reversed the disadvantages, forcing the iron-backed ape demon and the cat demon to retreat continuously, and with the support of Young Master Mei, they were barely able to resist.

The sky seemed to become a bit dark at this moment, and the next moment, the wind element in the air suddenly became incomparably thicker, gusts of wind, with bursts of fishy smell constantly blooming and bursting. Immediately afterwards, something even more terrifying happened.

Strong howls of tigers kept ringing out. It was clearly not what a tiger with wings could make. The deafening roars of tigers made this valley seem to come alive, full of crazy and mournful roars.

Song Junhou’s complexion changed drastically, and he shouted almost without hesitation, “Quick, break through.”

While speaking, without hesitation, it immediately rushed towards the seventh-order winged tiger in front of the cat demon. The dazzling golden holy fire condensed into tiger claws, and it flew the winged tiger with one claw, directly injuring it . Immediately after another vertical leap, the tiger’s tail swept across, sending another seventh-level winged tiger flying. Cooperating with the iron-backed ape demon, he smashed down with a stick, and the winged tiger Fenggang was smashed, and his shoulder collapsed.

But at this moment, they couldn’t care less about continuing to kill the two seventh-level winged tigers. The seven-member team did not hesitate to look for a direction, and under the leadership of Song Junhou, they turned around and ran away.

At this time, Tang San had already hidden on the crown of a big tree, hiding his aura with his consonant eyes, not letting his aura leak out at all.

In the sky, a gigantic winged tiger flew past almost at the next moment, and went straight to the direction where Song Junhou and the others were fleeing. Not only that, a pair of winged tigers flew over from all directions, all chasing and killing Song Junhou and the others.

The corner of Tang San’s mouth twitched, it seemed that he was playing too much!

He releases breath with a drop of his blood essence, the purpose is to attract the Winged Tiger King who regards him as an enemy.

The last time he was in a crisis, he should have killed the Winged Tiger King’s partner. Both the partner and the child died. One can imagine the blow to the Winged Tiger King.

At that time, under Zhang Haoxuan’s outburst, the Winged Tiger King was injured and had to retreat temporarily. But for these powerful monsters, remembering the breath of the enemy is the most basic ability. When Tang San released his blood essence and breath, he would undoubtedly be discovered.

Through the effect of Lingxi Tianyan, coupled with the control of powerful spiritual power, the blooming breath enveloped Song Junhou.

Song Junhou had a golden holy fire protecting his body. As soon as the essence and blood approached its body, it was naturally burned, but the breath fell on it. This is the real gift Tang San gave it.

It’s just that even Tang San didn’t expect that this time the Winged Tiger King not only came to revenge himself, but also summoned all the Winged Tigers in the entire Winged Tiger area to join the battle. This time, it is indeed a bit of a big game!

No matter how fast Song Junhou and the others run, can they outrun a winged tiger with wings on their backs who is good at controlling the wind element? It is not an easy task to break through.

Tang San regained his composure after a brief shock, he wasn’t very worried about the safety of the Beauty and the Beast team. As the blood of the Golden Family, Song Junhou must still have his cards. From the strength it showed just now, it can be seen that if it faces the Winged Tiger King one-on-one, it will not lose even if it cannot win. It’s just that the previous consumption was a bit large.

What’s more, there is a beautiful son. For Mr. Mei to be able to face five powerhouses of the eighth-level peacock demon clan so calmly, his own background must be able to face the powerhouses of the ninth level. I am protecting her in the dark, and helping her at a critical time will definitely ensure her safety, not to mention that there is a teacher around. What Tang San was worried about now was that getting too many Winged Tiger corpses at once seemed not easy to sell the stolen goods!

In such a short time, dozens of winged tigers flew by, at least all of them were above the seventh level, and there were several of the eighth level. Under the leadership of the Winged Tiger King, he pursued and killed him.

Tang San descended from the sky, and the two seven-level winged tigers that had been severely injured before were all prostrate at this moment, and their fighting strength was still at most 20-30%. At this moment, it is the safest time in this area, and most of the adult winged tigers are chasing and killing the enemy.


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