Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 1442: 700 years of absorption



It took a full ten years for Ye Chen to defeat the guardian of the Law of Light. At this moment, the number of people on the fourteenth underground floor has increased to ten, five heaven-defying supreme, and five intermediate demigods.




With a flash, Ye Chen swept into the stairway and went to the next floor.


Fifteen floors underground.


A mass of blood cells was suspended in mid-air. The blood cells slowly rotated and wriggled, exuding a supreme breath. In front of this breath, Ye Chen felt that his breathing seemed to have stopped, from the outside to the inside, from the body to the mind , there is no place that is not oppressed, and the entire fifteenth underground floor seems to be a world of mercury, which is extremely heavy.


“God blood?”


Ye Chen’s eyes flickered.


The blood of the true God is extremely precious. There are only two ways to obtain the blood of the true God. First, the true God takes the initiative or is forced to separate the blood. , the effect is definitely more than 100,000 or even a million crystals of divine power.


If the blood of the gods made Ye Chen extremely excited, the law fragments around the blood made Ye Chen very excited.


There are fifteen Law Fragments surrounding the Blood of God.


They are gold, wood, water, fire, soil, wind, poison, bones, shadow, …, darkness, and light.


The Golden Law Fragment is a metal ball the size of a dragon’s eye, emitting a faint golden light. This golden light is not dazzling, but it gives people an extremely sharp sense of sharpness. Go blind.


The shard of the Law of Wood is a thumb-sized seed. The seed is emerald green, full of endless vitality. The void around the seed is affected by the vitality, flowers bloom, and vegetation grows.


The shards of the Law of Water are the size of a fist. It’s a ball of water. Watch the water polo. Ye Chen seems to have come to the endless chaotic sea, the waves are turbulent, and the water waves are overwhelming, making people feel small.


The Law of Fire Fragment is a cluster of flames.


The Law of Earth Fragment is an irregular yellow soil, thick and vast.


The fragment of the Law of Wind is a powerful hurricane, more than ten times larger than the one absorbed by the Sky Sword.


The Law of Poison Fragment is a drop of purple-black poison.


The Law of Bones Fragment is a piece of white bone that seems to grow in the void.


A fragment of the Law of Shadows looms. If you don’t look closely, you can’t see it at all.


The shard of the Law of Thunder is a mark of lightning that releases thunder and lightning from time to time, roaring and thundering.




Shards of the Law of Darkness are pure darkness, the darkness that devours everything.


The fragments of the law of light are dazzling light, the light that repels all impurities, not as deep as darkness, but more domineering and pure.


At the moment, on the fifteenth floor of the basement, there are five people who are one step ahead. They are three Heaven Defying Supremes and two intermediate demigods.


The three Heaven-Defying Supremes are Bright Supreme, Thunder Fang Supreme, and a Heaven-Defying Supreme who is covered with white bone, two intermediate demigods and one with goat horns. Short in stature, one is an ancient multi-universe life with three heads and six arms.


The Supreme Being of Light is absorbing the fragments of the Law of Light, the Supreme Thunder Fang is absorbing the fragments of the Law of Thunder, and the other Supreme Being is absorbing the fragments of the Law of White Bone. According to their speed, if they want to completely absorb the fragments of the Law, it will take thousands of years at least. After all, the fragments of laws here are too big.


As for the two mid-level demigods, they were absorbing divine blood. They could only absorb a trace of divine blood at a time. This trace of divine blood was only a drop in the bucket for the total amount of divine blood.


The arrival of Ye Chen didn’t cause any disturbance, and the five didn’t even look at Ye Chen.


With more porridge and less monks, there is no need to fight meaningless.


“Shards of the Law of Water!”


Ye Chen’s eyes were fixed on the fist-sized fragment of the Law of Water. The fragment of the Law of Water was too large, dozens of times larger than the one Ye Chen had absorbed before.


“After absorbing this piece of the law of water, the power of the law of water has increased by at least dozens of times.”


Dozens of times the power of the law of water, this is not a tens of times increase in combat power, but tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of times, the combat power is estimated to soar directly to the advanced demigod level, of course, can it be completely Absorption is another matter. No one knows how much power of law the Heaven Defying Supreme can possess.


The body floated up, and Ye Chen slowly approached the fragment of the law of water.




The fragment of the Law of Water sensed Ye Chen’s approach, and a wave of water rippled over, enveloping Ye Chen.


Ye Chen found that after breaking through to a quasi-demi-god in cultivation, and the power of the Law of Water was doubled, it was easier to absorb the fragments of the Law of Water, and it did not cause much rejection and resistance.


One by one, Ye Chen slowly absorbed the power of the fragments of the Law of Water.


Twenty years have passed.


Fifty years have passed.


During the period, the Supreme Light opened his eyes once and frowned. He has been here for more than a hundred years, but he has absorbed very little of the law of light, and over time, he can absorb the law of light. The power is also decreasing.


One hundred years have passed.


Light Supreme stopped absorbing the power of the law of light, he can no longer absorb the power of the law of light, the martial arts primordial spirit has reached the limit, if there is no divine power crystal in the body to maintain, he can’t even do it for a long time now, otherwise the martial arts primordial spirit The gods will collapse and disintegrate, and will be killed by the force of the law.


“Since you can’t absorb the power of the law of light, then absorb the blood of God first.”


For the Supreme Being, divine blood is also very important. Maybe he can become a junior demigod by relying on divine blood. Once he becomes a junior demigod, his strength will definitely be in the ranks of powerful demigods, or even stronger.




Seeing someone coming to absorb the blood of Two intermediate demigods quickly looked over.


“Why do I have an opinion?”


Bright Supreme glanced at the two of them. These two intermediate-level demigods are definitely powerful intermediate-level demigods. They should get a lot of benefits from absorbing so much divine blood.


“It turned out to be the Supreme Light.”


The two did not dare to provoke the Supreme Being, so they closed their eyes again.


In the 150th and 180th years, the Heaven-Defying Supreme and Thunder-Ya Supreme, who were covered with bones, stopped absorbing the power of the law successively, and instead absorbed the blood of the gods, and seemed to feel that neither of them was good. Annoying, the two intermediate demigods didn’t say anything.


The two hundredth year.


The third century.


The fifth century.


To the surprise of the five people, Ye Chen has been absorbing the power of the law of water, and it seems that there is no limit to the soul and the soul of martial arts.


“Did he absorb it slowly?”


“No, the fragments of the Law of Water have shrunk a lot, and the absorption is not slow at all.”


Even Ye Chen couldn’t understand why he could keep absorbing it all the time. When he first learned about the power of the law of water, he also suffered from the backlash of the power of the law of water, so he didn’t dare to use it more.


In the 700th century, Ye Chen finally could no longer absorb the power of the law of water. His soul and martial arts soul were saturated, and he could no longer bear the more powerful power of the law of water.


Of course, Ye Chen turned his attention to Divine Blood.


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