Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 1441: Dark, light



One thousand four hundred and forty-one chapters dark, light



It took three months for Ye Chen to break through the five underground floors guarded by the law of the wind.



It took a year for Ye Chen to break through the six underground floors guarded by the Law of Poison.



It took five years for Ye Chen to break through the seventh underground floor guarded by the law of white bones.



When he reached the eighth underground floor, Ye Chen finally got stuck.



Although the further down, the fewer law guards there are. Usually it’s a one-on-one situation, but the law guards on the eighth underground floor are the law guards of shadows. Even one-on-one, Ye Chen can’t defeat the opponent.



The Guardian of the Law of Shadows is a shadow. This shadow can be illusory and cannot be hit by any attack, or it can be a solid body that releases a fierce attack. To defeat the Guardian of the Law of Shadows, the opponent must be in a physical state. Time to attack, otherwise it is useless to attack ten times stronger.



Facing the elusive guardian of the Law of Shadows, Ye Chen did not dare to be careless, and was always in the most cautious state.



The extreme pressure turned into the ultimate power, coupled with the numerous crystals of divine power in the body, Ye Chen’s cultivation finally broke through to the quasi-demi-god level, and the martial arts primordial spirit became a quasi-golden martial arts primordial god. The faint golden color, at the moment of the breakthrough, Ye Chen clearly noticed that his perception and reaction had risen by a large margin, and the looming guards of the Law of Shadows were no longer so elusive, as if they could grasp the opponent’s every move.






A sword flower lit up in the void, and Ye Chen pierced the throat of a law of shadow guard with a sword.



“It’s so mysterious, it’s worthy of being a quasi-golden martial arts primordial spirit.”



Ye Chen’s eyes lit up. At this moment, not only did his combat power greatly increase, but his perception and reaction reached a limit, as if he had the ability to predict. At the moment when the opponent became an entity, a sword stabbed the opponent’s body. The key point is that one hit kills. Before changing it, I couldn’t find this opportunity at all, and I couldn’t grasp this opportunity.



Whoops! Chi! Chi!



After becoming a quasi-demi-god, the Guardian of the Law of Shadows was no longer Ye Chen’s opponent. Soon, Ye Chen passed the eighth underground floor.



Immediately after that, there are nine floors underground, ten floors underground, eleven floors underground, twelve floors underground…



Ye Chen rushed to the thirteenth floor underground in one breath.



The guardian of the thirteenth underground floor is the guardian of the law of darkness. The law of darkness is one of the top laws. There are intermediate demigods, and these cosmic beings are much stronger than Ye Chen before.



Ye Chen guessed that these people should have come very early, because he had never seen any of them.



The thirteenth underground floor is different from the previous one. There are many stair passages. There is a dark law guard in front of each stair passage. To enter the next floor, you only need to kill one dark law guard.



Of course, although you only need to kill one Dark Law escort, the difficulty is definitely a hundred and thousand times more difficult than the 12th floor underground. The strength is not enough. Maybe like these people, they have been trapped here all the time, and there is no hurry, Ye Chen observed. For a while the dark law guards and these cosmic beings battle.



Ye Chen discovered that the Dark Law Guard has two very terrifying abilities. One is to transform into darkness, which, like the Shadow Law Guard, nullifies attacks, and the other contains suction.



“Move skills are useless, only absolute strength is the most reliable!”



Ye Chen frowned. The law of darkness is too powerful. To defeat the opponent, the attack must reach a certain level, just like the Supreme Light or the Supreme Thunder.



“Wave Sword!”



Ye Chen’s first move was the ultimate move, and the turbulent “Baidu Sailing No Text” sword light bombarded the Dark Law Guard.






The Dark Law Guard instantly turned into darkness, the surging sword glow submerged into the darkness, and disappeared without a sound, the next moment, the darkness condensed, the Dark Law Guard grabbed Ye Chen with a big hand, and the palm contained an extremely strong suction, as if the universe was about to Extinction, generally entering the Great Dark Age.



“I don’t believe how many waves swords you can take.”



Ye Chen used the wave sword again and again. The law of wind in the sky sword made his sword speed very fast, and the attack frequency more than doubled.



A week.



One month.



One year.



Gradually, Ye Chen found that the strength of the dark law guardian was weakening.



Five years later, the Dark Law Guard finally shattered and could no longer be united.



I turned my head to look at the other people, a few cosmic beings were missing, and a few new faces appeared. It is estimated that just like him, those cosmic beings have passed through. Of course, they may also die under the **** of the dark law. on hand.



Fourteen floors underground.



Guardian of the Law of Light.



The strength of the Light Law Guard is much higher than that of the Dark Law Guard. Not only can it be transformed into light, but its movement speed and attack speed are quite fast, making it a great threat.



Here, Ye Chen saw Lei Ya Supreme.



In addition, I saw seven other cosmic beings, three heaven-defying supreme beings, and four intermediate-level demigods.



Lei Ya Supreme is worthy of being second only to the five supreme existences. The attack power is very terrifying, and the thunder is so powerful. Ye Chen estimates that he can not be afraid of Lei Ya Supreme, but he is definitely not the opponent of Lei Ya Supreme. After all, the innate gap is here. , the other party comprehends the law of thunder, while he comprehends the law of water.



In addition to Lei Ya Supreme, the other three Heaven Defying Supremes should not be underestimated. All of them are the power of powerful laws, namely the law of wind, the law of ice and the law of blood.



As for the four intermediate-level demigods, it is even more terrifying. Their background is too deep, and they are not afraid of the attack of the guards of the law of light.



Ye Chen didn’t see the Supreme Being of Light, so he guessed that the other party must have passed through this layer. After all, the strength of the Five Supreme Beings is recognized, and how powerful the Supreme Law is, can only be known by facing it in person.



“Haha, everyone, I’ll go first.”



Supreme Thunder Fang slashed the body of the Guardian of the Law of Light with a knife, stepped into the stairway and disappeared.



“Damn, there must be divine blood and law fragments in the next level.”



“Give me death.”



The remaining cosmic beings are anxious, especially the four intermediate demigods.



If they can get to this point, they are all strong among the intermediate demigods. The five supreme beings may be stronger than them, but it is extremely difficult to kill them. If they can get the blood of the gods, their strength will have a qualitative change. , maybe he will suddenly become a powerful demigod and comprehend the laws.



The mid-level demigod Martial Dao Yuanshen is the golden Martial Dao Yuanshen, and has reached the mid-golden stage. Once crazy, there will be turbulent power fluctuations everywhere.



Finally, an intermediate demigod broke through this floor and also entered the stairway.



“You can only take one step at a time!”



Ye Chen gave a wry smile. He made breakthroughs in succession, and he did not know how much his strength improved. However, the strong have their own strong hands, and it is not easy to get a piece of the pie from so many strong men.



Of course, it is impossible for Ye Chen to retreat. After all, he has already come this far.



Fortunately, the cultivation base has reached the quasi-demi-god level, and in the face of such terrifying existences as the Supreme Light, he has some self-protection ability. “To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to ◤Starter◢ to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation. Mobile phone users, please go to m,, to read. 』[This text is provided by Qihang Update Team @xifeiahah]



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