Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 1443: Ye Chen’s strength



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Chapter 1443 Ye Chen’s Battle Strength



The amount of divine blood is very large. The five people have not absorbed it for so long, and there are more than half of it left.



“The blood of the gods contains the essence of the true god’s divine power. Whether it can be promoted to a junior demigod in the chaotic battlefield depends on it.”



Ye Chen is very clear that the later stage, the more powerful players in the chaotic battlefield, because there is no such a miracle in the chaotic battlefield of Nuoda, there must be other miracles or opportunities, if you don’t progress, others will There will be progress, regardless of how powerful the five supreme beings are, but as long as one of the heaven-defying supreme beings is promoted to a junior demigod, the five supreme beings must stand aside.



Ye Chen doesn’t want to die in the chaotic battlefield and become a stepping stone for others, so he must seize every opportunity to strengthen himself. As long as he is the most powerful one, then the chaotic battlefield is equivalent to his back garden. If he kills others, others will never be able to kill him. In this way, it will be much easier to find Xu Jing and Murong Qingcheng.



“The legendary heaven should be full of dangers, and it is imperative to become a junior demigod.”



In addition to the chaotic battlefield, the legendary heaven also made Ye Chen feel a little bit of oppression. It is not wrong to work hard to improve his strength.



Seeing Ye Chen’s eyes on the blood of gods, the two intermediate demigods were a little anxious. They are intermediate demigods. Tian Zhizun is not an ordinary person. The speed of absorbing divine blood is very fast, approaching 1% of theirs. Don’t look at 1%, but in fact, converted into years, it may be hundreds of thousands of years or even a few years. Millions of years, with one more Ye Chen, they would have to practice for hundreds of thousands of years and millions of years, maybe they were just so short of being promoted to a high-level demigod.



“Bright Supreme, the total amount of divine blood is limited. If you want to be promoted to a junior demigod, it is much more difficult than an ordinary quasi-demi-god to be promoted to a junior demigod.”



A mid-level demigod transmits voice to Supreme Light.



Guangming Supreme sneered, “You want to kill people with a knife?”



Ye Chen absorbed the fragments of the law of water for seven hundred years. No one in the room dared to say that he could kill Ye Chen, even the Supreme Being of Light did not have the confidence. Although the law of water is a basic law, it can be deeply understood. Yes, it is also very terrifying, his law of light is not as good as Ye Chen’s law of water in realm.



“You misunderstood, we just want to cooperate with you to get rid of this son first, and then get rid of Huya Supreme and Bone Demon Supreme.” Another intermediate demigod explained.



“Oh.” Supreme Guangming remained calm, and said through voice transmission: “You two are intermediate demigods, and you have absorbed much more divine blood than our God-defying Supreme. Why didn’t I choose to cooperate with the three of them to solve the problem? You two.”



“Haha, the Supreme Being of Light, although you are one of the five supreme beings, it is difficult to kill an intermediate demigod, let alone kill me and the Liaotian War Saint.”



“That’s right, our mid-level demigod, the Genie Hòu, is based on ten thousand times more than your Heaven Defying Supreme. If you want to kill us, unless you are many times stronger than us.”



These two mid-level demigods are one of the ancient hoof warriors of the Thorn Earth universe and the other of the Liaotian warriors of the ancient universe. Both of them are the strongest among the intermediate demigods. In a one-on-one situation , they are indeed not as good as the Supreme Light, maybe not even the Supreme Huya, but if the two want to kill them, it is almost impossible, even if they stand still and don’t do any defense, it will take a long time to be killed, this is The terrifying thing about the intermediate demigods is close to eternity.



“You guys are very confident, but what you say is reasonable.” “Baidu sails without text”



Thinking of how difficult it is to kill an intermediate demigod, Supreme Guangming frowned. Thousands of years ago, he hunted down an ordinary intermediate demigod. If he didn’t kill him, he could kill many people with a little time, but he was impatient and wasted too much time. Killing an intermediate demigod was not worth the gain. God, it is more than ten thousand times more difficult to kill them.



“However, this person has absorbed the fragments of the Law of Water for seven hundred years, and I don’t know what level of strength he has achieved?” Thinking of Ye Chen, Guangming Supreme regretted a little. Knowing that Ye Chen’s potential is so great, he should have Killing Ye Chen, at that time he didn’t need much effort to kill Ye Chen.



“What are you afraid of, Guangming Supreme, even if he can’t kill him, he can’t help us. How can we know if we don’t try.”






Guangming Supreme agreed. As the other party said, he may not be able to help Ye Chen, but Ye Chen should not think about him. The power of the Law of Brightness is not only reflected in combat power.



In addition to communicating with the Supreme Light, the Ancient Hoof Battle Saint and the Liaotian Battle Saint also informed the Huya Supreme and the Bone Demon Supreme. The Bone Demon Supreme agreed, but the Huya Supreme did not agree.



Hmph, Xie Mo kills the donkey, after this person is killed, maybe it will be my turn, Huya Supreme sneered in his heart, intending to help when Ye Chen can’t bear it, not for others, but for myself.



Ye Chen didn’t seem to notice the strangeness of the four, and quickly approached the blood, ready to share a piece of the pie.



“Boy, get out of here.”



At this moment, the Ancient Hoof War Saint, Liaotian War Saint, Bright Supreme, and Bone Demon Supreme joined forces to attack Ye Chen. Just like it was engraved in the void, Liaotian Zhansheng’s six arms each split a flaming knife light, and Guangming Supreme’s attack was the most gorgeous, like a round of sun, shooting countless rays of light towards Ye Chen, the attack speed was the fastest. Bone Demon Supreme put his hands together, and countless bone guns shot at Ye Chen.



In the current chaotic battlefield, the four of them are undoubtedly the top and most terrifying characters. If the four of them join forces to attack a certain person, then that person will surely die.



Facing the ‘desperate situation’, Ye Chen’s eyes were solemn and excited. He absorbed the fragments of the law of water for seven hundred years. He didn’t know the level of his strength. Now is the opportunity.



However, he didn’t dare to be careless. Once he couldn’t bear it, he would leave immediately and give up the blood of God.



“Not sure who will get out.”



Ye Chen roared violently, and the whole person turned into a water man. Immediately, the water man made waves, setting off a huge wave, sweeping in all directions, submerging most of the fifteenth floor underground. The roaring sound of water waves made fifteen The layers trembled slightly, as if a peerless beast was about to wake up.



As soon as the hoof print of the ancient hoof warrior fell into the water, the speed suddenly dropped sharply, and the power lost most of the power. , The hole penetrated 90% of the water waves, and almost attacked Ye Chen. As for the light of the Supreme Light, it was the most terrifying, and it penetrated the water waves almost at once, but in the end it was blocked by Ye Chen’s sky sword.






The four were shocked. This was their strongest attack power, yet they couldn’t help Ye Chen. (To be continued) [This text is provided by the Qihang Update Team]. If you like this work, you are welcome to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my greatest motivation. Mobile users, please read. )


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