Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 1264: The 8th Epee Field Showdown



“Ye Chen, the first one to challenge you is here. This White Bone Sword Emperor is thirty thousand years old. Now, I am not sure of his current strength. Thirty thousand years ago, his White Bone Sword of Time was accurate. One of the fastest swordsmanship in Zun, now 30,000 years have passed, it is estimated that it is even better, you should be careful.


It is not easy for the Emperor Jin Yi to stand up for Ye Chen. After all, the current Ye Chen is no less than him in terms of status. Forcibly coming forward will only seem superfluous. If Ye Chen wants to keep the title of Sword Emperor, he can only rely on himself.


“I have my own measure.” Ye Chen nodded, looked at the White Bone Sword Emperor and said, “The title of the Sword Emperor is to be admired by everyone, but since Senior White Bone Sword Emperor cares so much, I can give you the title of Sword Emperor. “


“Give it to me?” The White Bone Sword Emperor was a little surprised, and said sarcastically: “I thought you had any courage, but that’s all, but since you are so knowledgeable, I won’t embarrass you.”


The White Bone Sword Emperor has been in seclusion for 30,000 years. He considers himself a **** of progress. When he came out this time, one is to come to the Supreme Holy Land to find his own inheritance, and the other is to tell everyone that he has left the White Bone Sword Emperor. He is bound to win the position, and what makes him more confident is that this trip to the Supreme Holy Land, he finally got a Supreme Inheritance. Although this dead Supreme is just an ordinary Supreme, he has lived for many years. , For the quasi-zun who has accumulated a lot of power, it is undoubtedly even more powerful. If the younger generation wants to stand out, they have to ask him whether he agrees or not.


Ye Chen smiled lightly, “I told you to give it to you, but you have to have enough strength to take it, otherwise it would be too child’s play.”


“Hehe, this Ye Chen is really relaxed and indifferent. It seems that he doesn’t care about the White Bone Sword Emperor.”


“Young people are still more arrogant, but that’s right, if you’re not arrogant, you’re not young.”


“Well, only Zhang Yang has the energy, but I don’t know how this White Bone Sword Emperor will respond.”


Hearing Ye Chen’s next words, the people around couldn’t help laughing.


“Junior, you are too complacent.” The White Bone Sword Sovereign’s face suddenly darkened and his eyes turned black and white. Suddenly, a black and white sword light shot out.




Unfortunately, as soon as the black and white sword light appeared, it was annihilated by a golden light emanating from Ye Chen’s eyebrows. In terms of soul attack, under the Supreme Being, Ye Chen is not afraid of anyone.


“Bone Sword Emperor, please advise.”


Ye Chen is no longer talking nonsense, he knows that today, he must defeat the White Bone Sword Emperor.


“Okay, let me show you your tricks.”


According to the strength of Ye Chen and the Golden Clothes Emperor, the White Bone Sword Emperor has a 70% certainty that he can defeat Ye Chen. If you know that they are all the top beings among the quasi-respects, the 70% certainty is not small.




The White Bone Sword Sovereign didn’t do anything directly, he just closed his eyes. When he opened it again, a powerful field spread out. Because this field was too powerful, it even began to materialize. The outer wall and the space barrier bordered a piece of A piece of white bone, with countless sword patterns engraved on the white bone, a sharp and terrifying aura permeates the time and space.


The Eighth Epee Field—Bone Sword Field.


“What, the White Bone Sword Emperor’s sword domain has broken through to the eighth level.”


“This time Ye Chen is in trouble. Although the sword domain is only a part of the strength, if the gap between the two sword domains is too large, the impact on the strength will be greater. With this trade-off, the battle is tough.”


Everyone was startled and couldn’t help but look at Ye Chen before Ye Chen fought against the Emperor Jinyi. The sword domain just protected itself and did not spread, so they didn’t know what level Ye Chen’s sword domain had reached, but To be honest, they don’t think Ye Chen’s sword domain has reached the eighth level. Under normal circumstances, the domain of the younger generation is a little lower than that of the older generation, unless it is some younger generation who are not short-term in practice to be able to compete with the older generation. For example, the field of Emperor Ziyi has reached the eighth level, and Ye Chen has only cultivated for hundreds of years.


“I didn’t expect that this White Bone Sword Emperor would really be a blockbuster.” The Golden Clothes Emperor frowned. He admitted that he underestimated the White Bone Sword Emperor. If it were him and the White Bone Sword Emperor, the final result would not be very good. Well, of course, he actually still has a unique trick that he has yet to use, and that is the golden circle of the Golden Supreme. Once he uses the golden circle, he can protect himself.


The faces of Xu Jing and Murong Qingcheng, who were familiar with Ye Chen, did not change, because when the White Bone Sword Emperor exposed the Eighth Epee Domain, Ye Chen smiled.


“Do you still need to call?”


The White Bone Sword Emperor believes in himself.


Generally, the supreme domain is only the eighth level. Of course, most of the supreme domains are in the late stage of the eighth level or even the peak of the eighth level. His is the early stage of the eighth level, but this is enough.


“Not necessarily.”


Ye Chen looked indifferent, the blue clothes on his body danced without wind, and suddenly, a more terrifying sword domain spread out. This sword domain is also the eighth heavy sword domain. In the sword field, green lotuses are blooming, and in the green lotus, there is a peerless sword, and the majestic sword energy makes the time and space turbulent.


“What? It’s also the Eighth Epee Domain.


Everyone was shocked. How old was Ye Chen, and the Sword Domain actually reached the eighth level.


What makes them even more incredible is that Ye Chen’s sword domain, which is also the eighth stage early stage sword domain, seems to be more terrifying than the White Bone Sword Emperor’s sword domain, and the kendo contained in it is purer.


“It’s Jian Yuan. Using Jian Yuan to promote Jian Yu is much more terrifying than real Yuan pushing Jian Yu.”


At this point, some people who are not very optimistic about Ye Chen’s ability to keep the title of Sword Emperor are shaken in their hearts. With the Eighth Heavy Sword Domain promoted by Jianyuan, it is not impossible for Ye Chen to keep the title of Sword Emperor.


“Damn, this kid actually broke through to the eighth epee field.”


The White Bone Sword Emperor was annoyed.


How did he know that Ye Chen’s sword domain was originally only the sixth level, but it was improved later, but it was not at the peak of the sixth level, but after reaching the highest realm of kendo, the sword, Ye Chen was in the Three Realms Mountain during his time. Yu was improving every day, and finally reached the initial stage of the eighth level in one fell swoop. If he was given enough time, he could be promoted to the peak of the eighth level.


Heart is the highest realm of kendo, which means that Ye Chen has already set foot in the final arc of kendo


In the battle with the Emperor Jinyi, Ye Chen showed the seventh epee field. After all, he didn’t want to easily defeat the Emperor Jinyi in front of everyone, not to mention that the opponent must have reservations.




The sword domain of the two bordered, and countless shattered voices spread.


The White Bone Sword Territory is very good in defense, while Ye Chen’s Qinglian Sword Territory advocates attack. When the two touch, it is like a thunder that stirs the earth, causing an unprecedented shock.




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