Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 1265: Sword Burial



Card wipe card wipe! !


As everyone expected, Ye Chen’s Qinglian sword domain was promoted by Jian Yuan after all. Compared with the White Bone Sword Emperor’s White Bone Sword Domain, it was much more stable and sharp. Over time, cracks appeared in the White Bone Sword Domain, and Qinglian Sword Domain began to infiltrate.




The White Bone Sword Emperor snorted coldly, put away the White Bone Sword Domain, and only made the Sword Domain protect itself. As a result, the range was reduced and the defense increased countless times. Ye Chen’s Qinglian Sword Domain could not help him. , of course, there is also a disadvantage, that is, Ye Chen’s Qinglian sword domain spreads widely enough to affect his state.


However, Ye Chen did not rely on this, and also put away the Qinglian sword domain to protect himself.


“The White Bone Sword Emperor, your White Bone Time Swordsmanship is said to be one of the fastest swordsmanships among the quasi-zuns. My death cutting contains the mysteries of time and space. /


Although Ye Chen will not underestimate the White Bone Sword Emperor, he will not take it too seriously. He has the realm of the Heart Sword. Unless the White Bone Sword Emperor is many times stronger than the Golden Clothes Emperor, it is possible to threaten him. For him , White Bone Sword Emperor is a good sparring. He is practicing swordsmanship on Sanjie Mountain, but if he wants to improve his swordsmanship, it is also indispensable to learn from powerful opponents. Back then, the Three Realms Killing Fist of the Three Realms Supreme was famous all over the world. It has a lot to do with him.


“Take it!”


Don’t give the other party a chance to speak, Ye Chen flicked his wrist, and the death cut was displayed. In an instant, a fine sword net permeated out and enveloped the White Bone Sword Emperor.


Death Cutting contains the profound meaning of perfect space and 20% of the profound meaning of time. It is almost perfect in terms of trajectory, but not perfect in terms of time sequence. Ye Chen wants to see how the White Bone Sword Emperor breaks this sword. The Golden Clothes Emperor cannot be considered to have broken this sword, it can only be said that the golden stick technique is too overbearing.


“Tips for carving bugs.”


Speaking like this, the White Bone Sword Emperor is not slow in his hands. His sword is a white bone sword with a milky white body and a longer tip than ordinary swords.


Hey! call out! call out! call out!


In an instant, there seemed to be countless white-bone sword emperors. The posture of each white-bone sword emperor was different, but the same thing was that as he swung out sword after sword, the fine sword net was very regular. annihilation.


“Sure enough, as long as the other party is also good at time-space mystery, I have many flaws in death cutting. This White Bone Sword Emperor can easily find the loopholes in death cutting. From weak to strong, they will be broken one by one.”


Ye Chen was not in a hurry, and continued to cast Death Cut.


After a while, the White Bone Sword Emperor was a little impatient. The opponent turned over and over with such a move, as if he was a sparring partner, and he also found that the loopholes of death cutting were much less, and it was no longer so easy to break.


“You also have a taste of my Bone Escape!”


The White Bone Sword in the hands of the White Bone Sword Emperor drew a full circle. The next moment, the time and space were twisted into an astonishing arc, and the sword net from Ye Chen actually refracted towards Ye Chen himself.


“The profound meaning of time and space is broad and profound, and I am not as good as the White Bone Sword Emperor.”


Ye Chen can see from this sword that the Sword Emperor of White Bone’s time and space swordsmanship is indeed superior to him, while the other party’s swordsmanship of time and time of white bones has not yet been displayed.


Tinkle tinkle.


Dealing with death cutting, Ye Chen handled it very easily.




The two crossed sword lights suddenly flashed out, swept along Ye Chen’s neck, and tore out a hole in the Qinglian sword domain. These two sword lights were from Ye Chen before. It was part of the death cut, but the Sword Emperor of White Bone did not know what method he used. He used the time-space distortion to change their spatial trajectory and time sequence, so that Ye Chen almost got hit.


“Jiang is still old and hot, and Ye Chen is not as good as the White Bone Sword Emperor in terms of time and space swordsmanship.”


“Well, I don’t know how Ye Chen will deal with the White Bone Sword Emperor’s White Bone Time Swordsmanship next?”


Amid the crowd’s discussion, the White Bone Sword Emperor finally exploded. The whole person turned into a white light and swept towards Ye Chen. The void flickered endlessly. The chaotic charm of time and space could not lock his specific position at all.




Bunches of white light are lasing, this is the sword light produced by the sword technique of White Bone Time. Every sword light actually has the power of space and time. Ordinary means are difficult to stop, and it cannot block the power of space. , it cannot stop the power of time, and the time and space are superimposed together, which is enough to carry out conventional space-time dimension attacks.




For the first time, Ye Chen saw such a terrifying time-space swordsmanship. Compared with it, Death Cut is indeed much more immature. However, Ye Chen still has the Five Elements Swordsmanship, and the Five Elements Swordsmanship is quite terrifying in defense.


In an instant, Ye Chen was enveloped by a white light ball with a colorful halo. The white light ball was a world of its own, and it also contained time and space. It was not that simple to invade with the White Bone Time Sword Technique.


As if the bubble burst, countless sword lights penetrated into the white ball of light, but as the sword light deepened, the speed became slower and slower, and finally stagnated inside, unable to move.


“The power is waning.”


Bone Sword Emperor narrowed his eyes.


How could he not see that Ye Chen’s five-element swordsmanship was not only very good in defense, but also weakened his swordsmanship power and changes.


Five Elements of Swordsmanship – Sometimes it rises and falls.


Sometimes Rise and Fall is not very useful against an enemy that is too powerful, because he has his own limits, but if it is used to deal with similar to himself, it is very terrifying, weakening the power and change of the enemy’s attack, which can be called magic.


“This battle between Ye Chen and me has hidden a lot of strength!” The Emperor Jin Yi smiled bitterly. If Ye Chen had pushed out the eighth-level sword domain before, he would have been beaten.


The White Bone Sword Emperor’s face was gloomy. He originally thought that he had a 70% chance of defeating Ye Chen. Who knew that Ye Chen not only possessed the eighth-level sword domain, but also had such a powerful defensive swordsmanship. People can’t dodge, but others don’t dodge and defend directly, so what can you do unless you can break the defense.


“It doesn’t matter, I have obtained the supreme inheritance, and I will have the opportunity to improve the swordsmanship in the future, and even create new swordsmanship.


After making up my mind, the White Bone Sword Emperor’s aura suddenly skyrocketed.


“Sword Burial!”


This sword still contains the mysteries of time and space, which is different from the white bone time sword.


“There is such a sword skill.”


Ye Chen’s whole body was full of qi and blood, and he found that he couldn’t use the Five Elements Sword Technique anyway, and his time seemed to be locked by the other side’s sword technique.


“I really can’t underestimate the characters of the older generation. These old guys are always hiding and tucked away. If it wasn’t for the face, it is estimated that the White Bone Sword Emperor would not use this sword.”


The Emperor in Purple sighed The Emperor in White nodded, “Indeed.” His words were never too many.


Bone Sword Emperor seems to have seen the result after the sword burial technique is displayed.




“Bone Sword Emperor, you are indeed very powerful, but that’s not enough.”


Suddenly, the time and space around Ye Chen fluctuated, and the Sword Emperor’s Burial Sword Technique was bounced off, as if an invisible Ye Chen was using the Five Elements Sword Technique.




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