Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 1263: Sword Emperor Ye Chen



“What a tough stick!”


Ye Chen’s eyes narrowed.


Supreme martial arts, each with its own characteristics. Although the Five Elements Slash is powerful, it is too monotonous and can’t stop the golden stick technique at all, and the death cutting attacks are intensive, blocking space and blocking time.


“The golden stick method, which penetrates time and space, is not so easy to resist.”


Golden Clothes Emperor is very confident in the Golden Rod Technique. In terms of roundness, the Golden Rod Technique is not as good as the Mitian Rod Technique, but in terms of penetration and lethality, the Mitian Rod Technique is not as good as the Golden Rod Technique.






Bunch of sparks exploded between the two of them, as if countless Ye Chen and countless golden emperors were fighting each other.


“What, blocking it?”


The King in Gold was taken aback.


“Golden Clothes Emperor, I didn’t say that my death cutting is a time-space swordsmanship. As long as it is within the time-space enveloped by my swordsmanship, it is impossible for a fish to slip through the net.”


Ye Chen smiled.




The Emperor Jin Yi nodded. At this point, he had to admit that Ye Chen was already at the same level as him. Of course, he didn’t know yet that Ye Chen had already understood the realm of the sword. If he used the realm of the sword. After coming out, Ye Chen’s strength can skyrocket many times. In addition, Ye Chen has a lot of tricks.


Supreme martial arts does not depend on how powerful the power is. No matter how strong the power is, if it can’t hit the enemy, it is useless. Dodge, or absolute defense, and although Sen Luo Wanxiang is not absolute, it is at the level of quasi-respect. It can be regarded as absolute, even more terrifying than the powerful Five Elements Slash. More unpredictable than Death Cut.


“Golden Emperor, do you still want to fight?”


Ye Chen could see that the Emperor Jinyi was not ready to compete, and it was estimated that the opponent’s means had been exhausted. As for other means, the heat was not enough. After all, the inheritance had to be digested and absorbed. Being able to create the golden stick method is already invaluable.


“Don’t fight, you are really a pervert. Among the human race, you can almost be called the first sword emperor.” Among the human race, the sword emperor and the sword emperor are more controversial, so far. The title of Sword Emperor has not yet appeared, and it is not an exaggeration to say that Ye Chen is the Sword Emperor.


“Sword Emperor?”


Ye Chen smiled and didn’t say anything.


“This Ye Chen is so powerful that he is actually on a tie with the Emperor Jinyi. The Emperor Jinyi is one of the four youngest quasi-respects of the human race. He is also at the top of the quasi-respect list.” Everyone heard that the Emperor Jinyi Calling Ye Chen’s name, he knew that this son was the genius leader of the Paradise of God who had only heard of his name but had never seen a real person.


“Almost all of the top 30 people on the quasi-zun list are quasi-zun and invincible characters. It’s not long since Ye Chen came out of the Paradise of God, tsk tsk. He can be called the first genius of this era.”


An epoch is ten million years.


“More than this era, there has not been such a perverted genius in the last era, but whether it can continue to be perverted is still unknown. After all, if you don’t become the supreme, everything is illusory.”


“By the way, since the title of Sword Emperor is not yet available, we might as well give the Sword Emperor to Ye Chen.”


Someone suggested.


The ordinary title can be taken by oneself, but the honorable title of Sword Emperor must be recognized by everyone. Which of the present is not a famous person among the eight emperors of life and death. The title of Sword Sovereign is considered preliminary, and it has nothing to do with them whether they can keep the title of Sword Sovereign.


“I think it’s feasible. It’s been a long time since the sword emperor appeared in the human race. He might be able to keep it.”


Many people agree.


“Haha, next Ruyizi, your Excellency is Ye Chen. Sure enough, we all gave you a title, I don’t know if you dare to be worthy.” With the rise of the younger generation, and now the war between humans and demons is imminent, a little more strength is good for everyone, provided that Ye Chen has the courage.


“What title?”


Ye Chen looked over.


“Sword King!”


Ruyizi stared at Ye Chen without blinking.


Ye Chen didn’t have too many surprises. The conversation just now was not hidden, and said: “Thank you for your consideration. If I say no, it will appear that I am too hypocritical. Ye Chen wants the title of Sword Emperor.”


“Okay, sure enough, the hero is a boy.”


Ruyizi laughed heartily.


“Sword Emperor Ye Chen is really enviable. Some people are born to be extremely dazzling, no matter how low-key it is, there are still some terrible swordsmen in the human race. A self-proclaimed Sword Emperor will probably kill Ye Chen as well, there can only be one Sword Emperor in the world.”


“The Sword Emperor is naturally unique, so he must also be unique among the Sword Masters.”


Listening to everyone’s discussion, Emperor Jinyi smiled and said to Ye Chen: “Now you have the title of Sword Emperor, but you have settled down.” In fact, he meant to say that Ye Chen was the first Sword Emperor, such a genius, Without a title of his own, it is too much to say.


“But you have to be careful. There are four kendo emperors on the quasi-respect list, namely the Wutao Sword Emperor at the forty-eighth, the Seven Absolute Swords at the twenty-seventh, and the thirteenth swordsman. The Yejian Emperor and the fourth Evil Sword Emperor, the former is not a threat, and the Seven Absolutes Sword Emperor should not be underestimated. As for the Yejian Emperor of the Yasha clan and the Evil Sword Emperor of the Evil Spirit clan, they are your real enemies. They also call themselves the first sword emperor in the universe.”


The current quasi-respect list is basically monopolized by young people. Among the four major swordsmen, only Wutao Swordsman is older, and the latter three are young people.


“I’ll be careful.”


Ye Chen nodded, naturally he would not be careless, especially after the opening of the Supreme Holy Land, you must know that not only the Human Race has the Supreme Holy Land, the Demon Race also has the Land of Gods and Demons, and the Evil Spirit Race has the land of evil spirits~IndoMTL .com~ The barbarians have wild holy places, and the giants have cemeteries of giant spirits. In terms of understanding, he is not afraid of anyone, but others have practiced for much longer than him, and at this state, sometimes a momentary level is not a real level. , Maybe someone else has an epiphany, and their strength can skyrocket tenfold and a hundredfold.


In short, in the later stage, understanding, opportunity, and time are all indispensable.


“Sword Emperor, it’s ridiculous, a Shuzi, who has practiced for so many years, dares to call himself the Sword Emperor.”


At this moment, a cold and slightly old voice came over.


The crowd followed the reputation.


“It’s the White Bone Sword Emperor!”


Someone has identified this person.


The White Bone Sword Emperor, one of the old generation of human swordsmen, has been in seclusion because he has not appeared for too many years, so his name is not on the list of quasi-respects, but no one dares to underestimate him, because 30,000 years ago , he can also be ranked high on the quasi-respected list. Although this person is a human race, he has always been mean, which may also be related to his practice. Insidious and deceitful. (To be continued…)


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