Deep Sea Embers Chapter 329: Student


【Deep sea embers】【】

Alice and Fanna hid in the dark corner of the street, where they will wait for instructions while paying attention to the movement around the building.

Duncan and Morris came to the building with the black door.

The building is very quiet—this is a matter of course, after all, the sun has not yet risen, and the night in this world is not suitable for ordinary people to do activities. is the norm.

But will the “replica” returned from the deep sea work and rest like ordinary people?

Duncan raised his head and noticed the eye-catching button on the corner of the door frame, so he stretched out his hand and pressed it twice.

Indistinctly, the sharp and rapid sound of the electric bell could be heard from inside the building——in this silent night, the sound of the electric bell seemed particularly abrupt.

“Maybe we shouldn’t visit the door during the curfew,” Morris touched his forehead, with a little hesitation in his tone, “If you disturb the neighbors, it will arouse suspicion.”

“But that friend of yours probably won’t be able to wait too long, it’s better if he can come sooner,” Duncan said lightly, “Don’t worry about anything else, arousing the suspicion of the church or alerting the city-state authorities is a part of life, you should Get used to being a member of the Lost Home.”

Maurice opened his mouth, but said nothing. At this moment, Duncan stretched out his hand and pressed the electric bell at the door twice.

Finally, they heard a rush of footsteps coming from inside the building, accompanied by the sound of something being knocked over – then the light in the living room was turned on, and the light spilled through the window next to it on the street.

Just as Duncan was looking at him curiously, he was also curiously looking at Duncan, a burly visitor in a black windbreaker and a wide-brimmed top hat. No features could be seen between the gaps in the clothes, only layers of bandages.

“A friend of Mr. Morris, an explorer on a trip, is very interested in Mr. Brown Scott’s research, so he stopped by,” Duncan said proactively, “I hope this doesn’t bother you.”

Duncan nodded knowingly. At the same time, the owner of the young voice behind the door obviously hesitated for a while after hearing Morris’s words, before speaking firmly: “Sorry, it’s too late, and

The teacher is sleeping too, can we talk about it tomorrow morning? “

“Would you like some sweet pancakes and sausages? That’s all I have now…” Galone called out to the two guests from the kitchen, with a slight apology in her voice.

Morris frowned. The situation was different from what you expected at the beginning. He didn’t expect Brown Scott’s students to still live in this house three years after his death, but after a short thought After that, he organized the language: “We arrived too late, and we haven’t found a good place to live yet—and besides, your teacher wrote me a letter before, and he invited me to come.”

There is nothing wrong with the tone of the female student’s answer.

As he spoke, he quietly watched the reaction of the person in front of him.

Speaking, he turned to Duncan again, lowered his voice and said slowly: “It may be Brown Scott’s student, I heard him mention it.”

“About a month,” Galoni didn’t seem to think much, just gossiping and answering the guest’s questions, “He came back suddenly and said that the trip was very tiring and he needed to take a good rest… Oh, that’s right. Before that, he mentioned that he would invite Mr. Morris to his house as a guest.”

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【Deep sea embers】【】

“Is it Galone?” Morris asked tentatively, “Is Mr. Brown Scott at home? I’m your teacher’s friend.”

Because it was woken up in the middle of the night, this stone-like young lady was only wearing a loose nightgown, her long brown hair was scattered behind her head in a mess, she held on to the door frame with a cautious look. He looked at the two uninvited guests standing at the door.

Morris and Duncan exchanged glances.

If it’s a master-student relationship, of course it’s fine, but the relationship between her and that folklorist is obviously beyond the ordinary master-student relationship – Brown Scott can’t hand over all the keys to his residence to this student , and the latter lived here for three years, and took on the responsibility of taking care of the teacher without hesitation after “coming home”. There is this kind of close and mutual trust

Relationship, it is impossible for Brown not to inform Galone of his itinerary when he went out.

However, Galoni didn’t react at all when she heard the “Obsidian”, she just recalled it, then shook her head: “I don’t know, he didn’t tell me too much when he went out… …

The sound of the door shaft turning broke the noise of the night, the black door was closed, and the street became quiet again.

The sound of metal clashing and chain friction sounded in the night. The person inside the door opened the lock on the inside, and the door finally opened. In the dim light, Duncan saw a… tall and A bit of a weird figure.

“…It’s been two or three years,” Galoni thought for a while, and said uncertainly, her expression was a little ashamed, “I always remember the time incorrectly, and the teacher often talks about me.”

As if everything that happened around him was as it should be.

His muscles tensed visibly.

Entering the gate, the first thing you see is a rather simple living room. The furnishings in the living room seem to have been used for a decade or two. A staircase leads to the second floor, below which is seen a wide door that may lead to a basement or wine cellar.

Then he looked at Galone who was standing at the door: “This is Mr. Duncan, I am…”

However, her answer itself was obviously not quite right.

It sounds like a young woman.

“Just have a cup of hot water, you don’t have to bother.” Morris waved his hand, and when Galone came over, he asked casually, “By the way, have you lived here all this time?”

The voice in the door quieted down. This “Galoni” seemed to be remembering and thinking, and it took several seconds before her voice sounded again: “Then…you wait a moment , I open the clasp.”

But apart from these striking non-human features, his face is no different from that of an abnormal young human male, and even looks a little… delicate.

Even though Frost people are accustomed to “bandages”, this visitor’s appearance is a bit too oppressive.

This figure is only a few centimeters shorter than Fanna, and her height of nearly 1.8 meters is particularly eye-catching, and unlike Fanna who is tall but still slender, this former lady standing at the door can Seeing the strong and powerful muscular outline – but what is more interesting is not just her height, but her gray-black skin like a rock, and the faintly visible pale golden lines on the surface of the skin.

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【Deep sea embers】【】

I don’t know which ship my teacher is on!

Galone frankly met the visitor’s eyes with a calm expression on her face.

“…the teacher is resting, I don’t know when he will wake up, but he did mention that Mr. Morris might come to visit,” Galone said, in stark contrast to this tall and strong figure, her voice always She seemed a little hesitant, with a sense of fear-like self-confidence. When she was talking, she didn’t even dare to look at Duncan and Morris, but she just muttered and stepped aside, “Come in first, It’s cold outside.”

“Have you been away for a while?”

Morris frowned subconsciously, “When did it happen?”

Duncan and Morris looked at each other. The former was a little surprised, while the latter was thoughtful, as if thinking of something.

The door lock clicked, and the black door opened a crack, and a vigilant eye looked out through the crack At the same time, a young voice came: “Who is it?”

Morris thanked him and stepped into the house with Duncan.

Duncan and Morris did not show excessive curiosity. They simply looked around and sat down in the living room under the leadership of Galoni. Afterwards, the tall lady walked into the kitchen and began to cook in a hurry. Tea and snacks are prepared.

“When did Mr. Brown come back?” Duncan asked as if casually.

“Ah, I forgot to say,” Morris’ voice suddenly sounded, breaking the awkward and tense atmosphere just in time, he turned to Duncan, “Brown’s student Galone is a Senkin

People – it is indeed not common in the northern city-states. “

Speaking, the old scholar paused and continued: “My name is Maurice Underwood, your teacher should have mentioned it to you.”

“I was also very surprised when I first received his letter,” Morris continued, “He hasn’t contacted me for many years. The last time I heard from him was many years ago. He’s going to go out to sea on a ship… Ah, it seems to be a large cruise ship called ‘Obsidian?」

“Well, I’ve been living here,” Galoni nodded, “The teacher was away for a while, and he gave me the key and asked me to help him take care of the place. Moved here, until now. He came back recently, and I will continue to live here to take care of him.”

Under the dim light of the electric light, there are no suspicious dark corners in this living room. Everything you see is very warm and…

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