Deep Sea Embers Chapter 330: Legacy



Maurice gave full play to his speaking skills, and confirmed many questions to Galone in a quiet conversation.


During the conversation, he and Duncan gradually confirmed the status of the female apprentice.


All memories related to Brown Scott’s shipwreck six years ago and the death of his mentor after that have completely disappeared from Galone’s mind.


No, it is not only the memory that disappears, but also the entire cognitive system that goes with it. The death of a person triggers a series of chain reactions, including ripples in the social circle, the handling of the aftermath of the death, The recollections and emotional ups and downs over a long period of time, as well as the changes in details that have remained in this house over the past six years, cannot be resolved simply by deleting and replacing a memory.


However, in Galoni’s cognition, this incident never happened, and the series of follow-up reactions triggered by this incident did not leave the slightest trace. She just felt that she was in this house as a matter of course. She lived there for six years, peacefully waiting for her teacher to come back – and now, her teacher has returned and is resting in the upstairs room.


The sharp whistle of the kettle suddenly sounded, interrupting the conversation in the living room, and Galoni immediately got up and walked to the kitchen:


Taking advantage of the moment when the Senjin lady left, Duncan looked up at Morris on the opposite sofa:


Morris whispered,


Duncan said softly.


The old stairs creaked, and the dim electric lights illuminated the corridor on the second floor. Morris and Duncan went up the stairs and began to look for the folklorist.


Morris said,


Morris blinked, then shook his head vigorously, as if trying to get those complicated and chaotic thoughts out of his mind, he walked to the depths of the room, carefully avoiding the clumps distributed on the floor, and after a long time stop at a table.


Duncan watched the door quietly, only feeling that the situation… was not surprising.


There is a piece of paper, pressed against the edge of a congealed mass of mud that vaguely outlines an arm.


In the end, he sighed softly:


Muscles on Morris’ face tense.


Duncan said casually, but at this moment, something suddenly entered his sight.


A room completely shrouded in darkness appeared before the two of them.


As he spoke, Morris pointed to the sofa next to him,


At this moment, Duncan’s voice interrupted Morris’ stupefied,


There is still no response from the room.


Morris said softly,


The table is also covered in mud, and one of the largest clumps of mud has accumulated between the table and the bed.


The structure of the second floor of the house is not abnormal. A straight corridor connects every room, and the doors of most of the rooms are unlocked——Duncan and Morrie


Si quickly and slowly confirmed the situation of most of the rooms, and stopped in front of the door of the last room on the left side of the corridor.


This is the only locked place on the entire second floor.


Frankly speaking, from the very beginning, he doubted that he had really returned to the human world. He knew that there must be some kind of out-of-control extraordinary vision behind this incident, and it might even be related to the curse of the deep sea,


But… Even though he had vaguely expected it before opening the door, after actually seeing this scene, he still felt a huge shock.


The old scholar opened his eyes wide, and carefully pulled out the piece of paper while exclaiming in a low voice,


Morris nodded, and during this conversation, Galone came back from the kitchen – she was carrying a large tray with warming **** tea and some biscuits. The skinned lady put things on the coffee table and looked up at the two guests:


Duncan didn’t know what to say for a while, and after a long time, he said:


There was no light in the room, and the window facing the street seemed to be blocked by something, so that the light from the street lamp outside could not shine into the room. Only the light from the corridor illuminated a small area at the door. And in places where the light can’t shine, you can vaguely see what seems to be a shadowy thing covering the roof and floor.


Some kind of gray-black, mud-like substance was distributed throughout the room piece by piece, covering the floor, polluting the walls, and even firmly adhered to the roof. It hangs down from the dirt and hangs in the air, looking like a curved and swollen blood vessel, or some kind of weird stalactite hanging.


Duncan had a vague sense of disobedience, and then recalled something,


Morris said immediately, his eyes were slowly sweeping across the door in front of him, and there seemed to be a slight floating light in his eyes,


As Duncan said, he glanced back slightly at the stairs leading to the second floor,


For a moment, Duncan thought of the scene he saw at the bottom of the Obsidian.


Morris looked into Galone’s eyes:


Galoni suddenly opened her eyes, a huge amount of knowledge, memory, and logical problems instantly covered all his thoughts, and before she could figure out the general outline of these, a strong, self-protective impulse Tiredness came to mind. She passed out soundlessly, snoring fiercely, and sleeping peacefully.


Duncan looked at this scene with a blank face, and was silent for two seconds before asking:


Morris shrugged,


Duncan thought for a while, and felt that there was no need to continue this topic, so he stood up and looked towards the stairs leading to the second floor.


Morris stepped forward and tugged on the doorknob, frowning slightly:


These weird and scary things look exactly like the situation in the bilge of the Obsidian!


After the lights were turned on, everything in the room finally became clear.


Duncan also came to the desk, and while observing the solidified mud around him, he said thoughtfully,


Morris’ expression froze for a moment. He seemed to want to say something, but his lips trembled twice, but he still didn’t say anything, and just moved aside silently.


Duncan was the first to walk into the room. He raised his left hand, holding a cloud of dark green spiritual body flames in his hand, and fumbled for the light switch next to the door with the other hand.


Morris, who followed into the room, saw the scene inside the room, and exclaimed in a low voice in astonishment.


Duncan immediately leaned over, and on the dirty paper, some unclear words caught his eyes——


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