Deep Sea Embers Chapter 328: To Dagger Island



After pretending and preparing,


Duncan set his sights on the brightly lit bustling city.


Fan Na judged the current situation in the city based on her own experience: “It is curfew time now, and there will be guards patrolling the roads in the city, but in some peripheral places, the patrolling force will be relatively weak—even in the In a place as developed as Pland, the guards in the lower city cannot take care of all corners. Generally speaking, the alert standard for the fringe city is “If a transcendent out of control occurs, make sure that the nearest team can arrive at the scene within 20 minutes, and there are no casualties.” Try not to spread the situation to neighboring blocks.”


“The Haiyan exploded in the coastal waters of the city-state, and no one on board survived. This situation cannot be concealed from others. The Frost authorities should be busy now, but I am afraid it will be difficult for them to investigate for a while.” Morris said, “They should be warned.”


“Oh, it’s easy, I’m good at all forms of reporting, and I usually make the local department nervous,” Duncan said casually, “but in addition to warning, our own investigation has to be carried out— What happened this time was very weird, and I smelled some atmosphere similar to that of Purand at that time, and the things that those cultists did… I’m afraid it’s not small.”


As he spoke, he picked up the map Tirian had prepared for himself.


The content on the map is very detailed, and there are various special markings. It is obviously not something issued by the people of the city-state – there is no doubt that Tirian’s informants in the city-state made contributions to this map not big.


Vanna quickly found two places worthy of attention: the Hearth Street on the edge of the inner city, and the cemetery area closer to the inner city.


Fan Na’s eyes fell on this common area marked as the cemetery area, and saw that the entire area was numbered from one to four, and divided into four cemeteries—they almost surrounded the center of the city-state The church area is distributed symmetrically, forming a faint ring shape, which looks… It really doesn’t look like a normal city-state planning method.


Is this also the belief requirement of Bartok, the **** of death?


“Let’s go to Hearth Street first to visit your ‘old friend’


Duncan raised his head and glanced at Tirian, “After the curfew starts, you and Vanna find a place to stay in the city-state, and Alice and I will go to Cemetery No. 3.”


“The polluted warship sank, and the sinking speed was unusually fast,” Duncan said, while extracting useful memories and information from his newly occupied body, “It’s like what’s on the bottom of the sea Something is dragging it…”


Grey exterior walls, dark-colored sloping roofs, black gates, exterior wall gas lamps with wrought iron carvings, a typical northern city-state building, and it looks like it has been inhabited recently.


Tirion took two steps forward and checked the house number next to the gate by the light of the gas lamp.


Under the cold night sky, a white dove flew into the night from the Frost Coast, and flew towards the lights of the distant city.


Vanna’s figure appeared on the deck.


Slightly calming down, Fanna asked in her mind: “Where is Tirian?”


A slightly old-looking house stands at the corner of Fireplace Street.


“Any defense system is not foolproof, not to mention that the pollution comes from the deep sea, and it is more likely to be related to the Lord of the Deep,” Duncan shook his head, “The Frost authorities should be alarmed by the self-destruction of this warship, but I don’t care about them. I am very confident, I still have to go and see for myself.”


“… penetrated the pollution, something silently pierced through the defense system of Dagger Island,” Tirian understood instantly, but immediately felt unbelievable, “but this… …The defense system over there should not be so easily penetrated…”


“The cemetery?” Tirian asked subconsciously.


“Don’t you want to give some small warnings to the city-state authorities? You can’t just go to the city hall or the cathedral and knock on the door to report?” Duncan smiled. “It’s fine to have a channel to pass the news, and I happened to know such a channel in Cemetery No. 3.”


Under the cold night, he moved his hands, feet and shoulders, feeling the wonder of controlling multiple bodies with his consciousness


It felt like he waited until the delay faded away before he exhaled lightly.


It only took a while for her to deal with matters aboard the Lost Home while ensuring that Duncan moved.


The night guard team has just left here, and the citizens of the city-state will not go out in the middle of the night. No one noticed the fire that suddenly appeared in the shadow of the alley, and no one noticed a few strange figures Step out of the shadows.


Under the quiet and cold night, the big pirate suddenly shivered.


“It has been half a century since the Frost Rebellion. We assume that the things disturbed by the Abyss Project have never been dormant in this half century, but have been active, and even consciously accumulating power ” Duncan looked into the distance, his voice was calm as if a storm was brewing, “Tirion, tell me how many ships have sunk into the frosty sea in the past half century, under that city-state How many things may be hidden now?”


“There was a Frost military ship that blew itself up and sank on the way back to the island—it stopped briefly at Dagger Island and became a pollution carrier when it returned,” Duncan did not hide, “Now I believe in Dagger Island The situation on the island may have gotten out of control, but due to unknown reasons, the entire security system on the island has not responded, and Frost Island has not received any abnormal reports.”


And just when his mind was distracted, Tirian heard a steady and powerful footsteps coming from a distance. He followed the sound and saw his father’s figure appearing on the deck under the night.


Fan Na turned her head, with a confident smile on her face: “Worries, we will take them very seriously.”


The sound of creaking and creaking sounded from between the tight cables and the mast, and the sound of the huge ship adjusting its course and the crashing of waves also broke the calm under the night. Tirian, who was standing on the **** deck looking into the distance, was caught by Startled by the sudden movement, he raised his head in surprise, and saw that the dark steering wheel on the high bridge was slowly turning. It’s like man is steering there.


“I know, I’ve seen it twice,” Tirian recovered, his expression returning to normal, “it’s just that I’m still not used to it—although the Seamist also has some features of ‘alive’, but in comparison, The activity of your ship is really too high.”


“Surprised by the sudden movement?” Duncan saw the sight of Tirian staring at the steering wheel just now, and said with a half-smile, “It’s the goat’s head steering the wheel.”


“No, I’m just passing by,”


Duncan shook his head, and then ordered casually, “Adjust the course to Dagger Island, full speed.”


Tirion was noncommittal, but couldn’t help asking after observing the ship’s sailing posture: “The Lost Home is accelerating and adjusting its course—what are you going to do?”


A white pigeon flew into the urban area, and in the depths of the deserted street during the curfew period, a faint green fire flashed past.


Tirian’s expression gradually changed, and a layer of solemnity gradually appeared in his one-sided eyes: “You mean…”


At the same time, the door of the captain’s room finally opened on the Lost Home in the cold sea.


“Worst case?”


Duncan on the side subconsciously said: “It is one aspect to spread the news, and more importantly, it must be paid enough attention…


The deck is quiet. “Dagger Island?” Tirian was taken aback, but immediately realized, “What happened there?!”


“I will send Ai to send you back later, you take your team and stand by at a distance,” Duncan thought for a while, but he still hadn’t made up his mind, “Be prepared to deal with the worst situation.”


“…What about me?” Tirian thought for a while, and vaguely understood what his father meant, “What do you need me to do?”


Many parts of the Lost Home are indeed still the same as in memory, but this ship always reminds itself in various inadvertent details-it is a ghost ship that has been baptized by the subspace.


It took him a while to get used to his new body—compared to the stumbling situation when Morris first tried “multitasking with distraction”. Instead, it got up faster and smoother.


It doesn’t take too many people to check the situation in a house, and if this “Brown Scott” is really in the house and has certain communication skills, then bringing too many people and too many people may cause accidents Trouble—after all, Duncan didn’t come to kill the Quartet today, he came to inquire about intelligence.


This is indeed the residence mentioned by Brown Scott in the letter.


The voice of the goat’s head sounded immediately: “He is far away from the rudder deck, do you need to call him?”


“Alice and I went to check the situation,” Duncan, who was wearing a long black trench coat and a wide-brimmed top hat, turned his head and said to Vanna and Tirian beside him, his voice came from under the thick bandages , looking low and dull, “You wait at a distance—just don’t disturb the guards who watch the night.”


“This brings unexpected convenience.” Duncan said casually.


Even though it was the first time he saw such a scene after boarding the ship again, he still couldn’t help frowning.


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