Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 846: Gloves (2)


When Wen Yiming saw Ding Chunming’s appearance, he quickly said: “Old Ding, wait a minute, this is a sample. If you inject spiritual power into it, it will be equivalent to refining the glove. Although It’s okay to give this glove to you, but others still want to see it. It’s not too late to refine it after everyone has finished.” After saying this, he burst into laughter. When Ding Chunming heard what he said, he also followed. He laughed, and then he gave the gloves to Byakugan and the others instead of injecting spiritual power into the gloves.

When everyone had seen the glove, he took out a jade slip after hearing the name, and then activated the jade slip directly. The next moment a projection appeared in front of everyone. On this projection, it was the data of the glove. , and various abilities.

Ding Chunming and the others looked at it very seriously. After they read the data on the gloves, they all became happy. Ding Chunming looked at Wen Yuming and said: “Old Wen, you said this new Yin Yang Lei Pond can be used Emitting 100,000 degrees of energy is too powerful. Does that mean that he can imbue all the 100,000 degrees of energy into the magical weapon at once? Is it easy? Not to mention dealing with the Shadow Tribe people, even dealing with me is not a problem.”

Ding Chunming’s full blow is only about 10,000 degrees, and the power that the Yin and Yang Thunder Pool can release is a hundred thousand degrees. If he can really release all this power at once , we can indeed deal with him.

Wen Yuming shook his head and said: “Of course it can’t be done now. Even if he can release all the energy of one hundred thousand degrees, our disciples can’t control it. When the time comes, our disciples’ mental power will first I can’t stand it anymore, let alone attack the enemy. We have to wait until the strength of our disciples improves before we can exert the true power of this glove. Therefore, these gloves can be used not only by those disciples, but also by us, and they can also be used for a long time. Time, this is a magic weapon prepared for all of us to use for a long time.”

When he heard what Yu Ming said, Ding Chunming couldn’t help but be stunned, and then he couldn’t help but said happily: “Okay, great, then speaking of it, I can really use these gloves, hahahaha, great .” After saying that, he took the glove in his hand again and kept looking at it.

Wen Yuming looked at him and said with a smile: “If you like it, just take it away. Anyway, these gloves can be exchanged directly in the real illusion. Anyone who wants it can exchange it himself, but After going back, you have to conduct experiments on your own to see how much energy attack you can control with this glove. At the same time, the magic weapon that this glove can transform must also be tested carefully. We have many magic weapons in the sect. The production methods are all added to the special Yantian ball for gloves. This Yantian ball can completely use all the magic weapons in the sect, even large magic weapons are the same and can be used, and because of the yin and yang in the gloves, The thunder pool is the new yin-yang thunder pool, and it has enough energy. You can even transform this glove into an ouroboros.”

As soon as they heard what Yu Ming said, Ding Chunming and the others couldn’t help but feel even more happy. Ding Chunming was not polite and directly put his spiritual power into the gloves, refined the gloves, and then directly made himself The Yantian Ball was connected with the Yantian Ball in his glove, and then he moved his hand, and there was a hammer in his hand. It looked like the hammer he usually likes to use. The next moment, the hammer turned into a hammer again. The long sword, and then the long sword turned into a spear again, and the speed of this transformation was very fast.

Then the magic weapon disappeared, and the gloves were still gloves. Ding Chunming moved his fingers, then nodded with satisfaction and said: “Very good, this half-finger design is really good, not only will it not affect the fingers It’s very comfortable to move around. Lao Wen, this magic weapon of yours is my favorite among all the magic weapons you made. “Now that finger is his, so of course he won’t pick it off. When they came down, Baiyan and the others looked at Ding Chunming, they all smiled slightly and didn’t care. At the same time, they also directly exchanged the gloves from the real illusion, and then put them all on their hands, and at the same time, they also refined the gloves. After all, even Wen Wenhai is the same.

Wen Yuming glanced at them and knew it slightly, but said nothing. When everyone stopped looking at the gloves, he said: “Okay, I’ve finished talking about my business, I came here just to talk about it. As for the gloves, if everyone is satisfied with the gloves, then if nothing happens, I will go back first. “Wen Yuming came here just for this matter. Now that the matter is settled, of course he wants it. He went back. After all, Shenji Hall still had a lot of things to deal with. He had to go back and take a look. There was no need to stay.

When Wen Wenhai heard what Yu Ming said, he also nodded and said: “Old Bai, do you have anything else? If nothing happens, I’ll go back first.” Wen Wenhai also knew that Shen Ji The church was very busy, that’s why he said this.

Baiyan said quickly: “It’s okay, we’re okay, it’s getting late, let’s go back first. After we go back, we have to inform those disciples to change these gloves right away. After changing these gloves , it will take some time for them to adapt, but the ability of this glove cannot be used immediately. We still have to keep these gloves to deal with the masters made by the Shadow Clan. Today, the masters of the Shadow Clan are here We have gone into battle once. It can be seen that they are using us as sparring partners, so they must be able to produce such masters in large quantities. The 100,000 people we face now may only be the first batch, and there will be more in the future. There will be more. We must make all disciples adapt to these gloves so that we can fight against the Shadow Tribe people in the future.”

When Wen Wenhai heard what Bai Yan said, he also nodded and said: “Okay, then you should go back first. If anything else happens, remember to find me.” Bai Yan responded, and then left with everyone. Of course he left after being famous.

As soon as Byakugan and the others returned to the front line, they immediately sent a letter to all the elders and disciples, telling them that they could get the gloves. They also told them how to use the gloves, and asked them to get the gloves themselves. Learn how to use gloves.

For this kind of situation, the disciples of the Blood Killing Sect have long been accustomed to it. They went directly to the real illusion and changed out their gloves. Then they began to practice how to use the gloves. In fact, it was very difficult to use the gloves. It is as simple as two steps. The first step is to refine the gloves with spiritual power, that is, put your own spiritual mark on the gloves. The second step is to directly use your own Heaven-Evolving Ball to interact with the Evolved Heaven Ball in the gloves. The celestial sphere is connected, and then a deeper understanding of the capabilities of this glove is obtained.

When the disciples understood the power of the gloves, they were all shocked. They really did not expect that the power of the gloves would be so powerful. This surprised them extremely, because theoretically, the gloves It can be transformed into any magical weapon, whether it is large or small. If this glove can be transformed into such a magical weapon, then the power of this glove will be great. Of course, there is also a very important point, that is, this glove does not If it is not their natal magical weapon, even if it is destroyed, they will not be affected.

After those disciples learned about the situation of the gloves, they immediately began to use the gloves to experiment and transform them into different magic weapons. They even used the gloves to create a magic phase array group, and used the magic signs released by the magic phase array group. The power is indeed very huge, but they also discovered that if they want to use their gloves to form a magic phase array group, they can only release two magic phase array groups at most, not more. If there are more, their mental power will be reduced. No, this is very dangerous, so they can only transform into two magical array groups. If they transform into other magical weapons, it is also possible, but for other magical weapons, they can only let the spiritual energy output by the magical weapons be used once. , cannot exceed seven thousand. Once it exceeds, their mental strength will not be able to bear it, and they will not be able to control the magic weapon. Of course, the amount of energy input that each disciple can withstand is different, and some people exceed seven thousand. Thousand, some people have less than 7,000, but on average, it is probably around 7,000. But if you let the energy output of your magic weapon reach 7,000, then you can only use this magic weapon. , it is impossible to use the second magic weapon, but if you use two magic weapons, then the energy input of each of these two magic weapons can reach about 4,000 to 4,500. The total output is more than seven thousand, but although the total output is greater, the single output is less, so sometimes the attack power of a single magic weapon may be stronger. It mainly depends on how the disciple wants to do it. Done.

In short, this magical weapon has aroused a lot of praise in the Blood Killing Sect. Find it at Shuyuan www.zhaoshuyuan. ccom All the disciples were very excited, because the power of this magic weapon was indeed very powerful, and it also improved their combat effectiveness a lot. They were very happy, but they rolled their eyes at them and then directly gave orders to these disciples, telling these disciples to let They should not mess around. Now is not the time to use this glove. Now that they are using this glove, they cannot use too strong attack power. They can only use the fighting method they used before, which is to release their own magic array talismans. They cannot use magic. Phase Array Group, because this glove is intended to be used against the masters of the Shadow Clan, and it will have to wait until it can be used.

The disciples of the Blood Killing Sect had no objection to this. They knew that this was another attempt by the sect to trick someone. Of course, they would not object and cooperated fully, so they fought against the Shadow Clan the next day. At that time, the disciples of the Blood Killing Sect still used their own Dharma scripts and did not use the strongest attack power of these gloves. However, even so, they increased the casualties of the Shadow Clan a lot, and the Shadow Clan also paid attention. When it came to the movements of the Blood Killing Sect disciples, they found that the Blood Killing Sect disciples all released those spiritual threads from their hands, and then formed Dharma forms to fight with them. It was very different from the previous situation, but they did not Don’t worry, the attack methods of the Blood Killing Sect disciples are the same anyway, and there are no changes. Of course, they don’t need to pay too much attention. Their attention now is actually all on destroying the Killing Army. In the eyes of the Shadow Emperor and others, Come on, the Killing Army is the key to deciding their battle with the Blood Killing Sect. As for those ordinary people, it is not that important. Of course, they will not care much, so for the new magic weapons used by the Blood Killing Sect disciples, they They didn’t pay too much attention, but they didn’t know that they would suffer a big loss for this in the future.


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