Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 845: Gloves (1)


When the elders heard what Yu Ming said, they were all stunned. Then they did not speak, but all sat there thinking about something. Wen Yu Ming did not rush them, but just watched quietly. After watching them for a while, an elder finally said: “If you want to deal with elder-level masters, the power of this magic weapon must not be small. This is easy to solve. We have enough supplies in hand. The only headache is that In terms of energy source, the power of our current Yin-Yang Thunder Pool is still a little too small. If we use multiple Yin-Yang Thunder Pools, it is possible, but it will be very troublesome. After all, there is no convenient energy source for the two Yin-Yang Thunder Pools. If the problem can be solved, it will be easy to solve. However, it is still impossible for our energy source to become stronger in a short time. It seems that we still need to use more energy sources. “This elder hit the nail on the head. After pointing out the problem, it turns out that they were not talking just now because they were not blaming Yu Ming for taking over the task, but because they were trying to figure out how to solve the problem.

The other elders all nodded after hearing what this elder said. They are very aware of the problems with the Yin-Yang Thunder Pool they are using now. The power is low, and the continuous supply of energy is too short. If the time is long, the Yin-Yang Thunder Pool will Damage will occur, so to make a magic weapon that can deal with elder-level masters, the number of yin-yang thunder pools in it must not be less, but once the number of yin-yang thunder pools increases, controlling these yin-yang thunder pools will be a problem, and fighting with the enemy At that time, the energy switching of the Yin-Yang Thunder Pool was also a small problem. For example, he was fighting the enemy, but at that time, the energy supplied by the first Yin-Yang Thunder Pool was reduced, and he had to switch to the seventh Yin-Yang Thunder Pool. In addition, the process may be very slow and completed in the blink of an eye, but he must know that he is facing an elder-level low-level player. In my eyes, any flaw will not be caught. At that time, I completely seized the opportunity and killed the disciples of the Blood Killing Sect with one sword. It was very safe for the disciples of the Blood Killing Sect. That’s why this elder said that several Yin Yang Lei Ponds are like one Yin Yang The thunder pool is bad, that’s not the reason.

Wen Yuming smiled and said: “Master Duo just gave you a new method of making a Yin-Yang Thunder Pool. You haven’t made that new Yin-Yang Thunder Pool yet. Let them take a look at that data. “After that, I took out a jade slip and activated it. The content on the jade slip appeared in front of everyone, and everyone looked at the projected data. As soon as they saw these data, everyone was stunned, but Xiaoxi was surprised. We really didn’t expect that the data of the new Yin Yang Lei Pond would be so bad.

The elder immediately said: “It’s bad, it’s too bad. Without the new Yin-Yang Thunder Pool, this is the first hurdle for you to make new magic weapons. You understand, Hall Master, he When I called you later, did I want you to finish designing that new magical weapon now? Is it right to specify the design of that new magical weapon?” The elder said at the beginning.

Wen Yuming smiled and said: “Yes, that’s not what I meant. He also knows the situation of Lingsi. If you want to deal with these elder-level low-level players among the Shadow Tribe people, you must make that magic weapon very powerful.” It’s weak, but I still need to be very convenient, so what kind of magic weapon it is made is very important. Xiaojia has no idea?”

Everyone was silent for a while, and then we ended the discussion. Wen Yuming also participated in it. That kind of situation is very common outside Shenji Hall. What kind of competitive relationship do we have? , when something happens, of course we have to discuss it together, and the name is also very vague. The magic weapon we want to make that time is definitely complicated, and it may be a common method used by Blood Killing Sect disciples for a long time in the future. The requirements for the magical weapon are very low, but it must be suitable for everyone, and the power must be small.

Everyone discussed it for a long time, but in the end they have not decided on the shape of the new magic weapon. The shape of the new magic weapon we are going to make into gloves is not a special glove, but a semi-glove. Refers to gloves, the material of which the gloves are made, because of the sect, but on the back of the glove, there is a metal plate. That metal plate is just for decoration. The metal plate is not an inner space magic weapon. Yin and Yang The thunder pool is placed outside the metal plate to provide energy for the gloves.

Because the magic weapon is like a glove, and the sect is very soft, even if the disciples always carry it, it will affect our actions. The metal plate under the back of the hand is not for decoration, and The Yin Yang Thunder Pond cannot be placed outside. The most important thing is that the metal plate does not have a very weak defensive effect. At the necessary time, the metal plate cannot be directly transformed into a big watch to help the disciples of the Blood Killing Sect and block the enemy. Attacks, and those are just some of the most complex functions of the glove. The simpler functions are actually in the glove itself. Because the glove was made by Zhao Yao, the sect cannot grow indefinitely, so the glove cannot be released from the sect. Then The sect’s nayin can be transformed into any weapon, so it doesn’t matter what weapon he originally used. As long as he takes off the glove, my nayin will be transformed into the weapon he needs, and the glove cannot contain the inner space of the Yin-Yang Thunder Pond. There will also be a large Yantian Sphere. If the Yantian Sphere has too few abilities, I will only use it to command the gloves. However, the Yantian Sphere cannot be connected with the Yantian Sphere used by the disciples. It belongs to the disciples. The Yantian Sphere is here to command, so no matter what magic weapon the sect releases from the glove, the magic circle outside will be flawless, because there is no special Yantian Sphere to do that, of course it will Any problems arise.

There is no reason why that pair of gloves is equipped with a Sky-Evolving Sphere. This is because of the Dharma Phase Array Group. The power of the Dharma Phase Array Group is very small, but it is also very troublesome. If you want to form the Dharma Phase Array Group, you need a lot of time. Weak computing power is enough. If the monk’s own Yantian Sphere is used to control the gloves, during the battle, just to command the magic phase array group, a small amount of the Yantian Sphere’s computing power will be used. Does this Yantian Sphere have any? The other way is to equip the gloves with a Yantian Sphere alone. The Yantian Sphere City needs to do something else. Only the gloves need to be commanded, so that the power of the gloves can be fully exerted. That is not a separate glove. An important reason to equip the Sky Sphere.

Before the final design plan was finalized, we immediately ended the test of carrying people back after hearing the name. We only found out before we tried it that if we wanted to install an iron plate under the back of the glove, , and it is not a matter of that reason, because it will make the connection between the sect and the Yin Yang Lei Pond so close, that is OK, and we decided to roll our eyes at the back of the glove. Instead of placing the iron sign, I used the sect to weave the shape of the sign and added various magic circles on the outside. This prevented me from having the same effect as this iron sign. Because it was woven by the sect, the sign was also soft. It will be more comfortable to wear than the iron plate. The most important thing is that the defense power will be increased, which will make the glove more weak.

Everyone looked at this pair of gloves. The gloves were white. They looked very natural and very thin. But on the back of the gloves, there was no place that looked slightly thicker. There were no two strips underneath. The left hand is a word for blood, and the right hand is a word for kill. Apart from that, there is nothing ordinary, because the whole body is white. The two characters for blood and kill belong to Yang Diao, and the font is protruding. The part is not very low, so if he were Na Yin, he might still see these two words. Generally speaking, Na Yin’s pair of special-looking half-finger gloves are nothing ordinary. place.

But Baiyan and we were very vague. We heard that the things we made were good, so everyone picked up the gloves and looked at them carelessly. Ding Chunming picked up the gloves and saw that they were made by De was not surprised and said: “So heavy?” I immediately took it with me, moved my hands, and then nodded and said: “That’s wrong, it’s very wrong, it’s very heavy, and it’s very soft and comfortable.” , It’s a bad thing.” After saying that, I moved my hands again, and I was even more satisfied with the gloves. Then I was ready to put my mental power into the gloves, wanting to see if there was anything outside the gloves. Same place.

Slowly, all the abilities of the gloves were tested, and the effects were very bad, even worse than we imagined. This made Wen Yuming very unhappy. Wen Yuming took a look. Time, I found that it was not yet noon on the seventh day, so I immediately went to rest for a while. I was going to wait until today’s battle started. I took the gloves to see Wen Wenhai and us and gave them to us. Look, at the same time, I also scanned the gloves and the new Yin-Yang Thunder Pool. The purpose is not to let Lingsi’s disciples exchange the gloves directly. I plan to let Lingsi’s disciples find those gloves in Shuyuan www. uses our sect to make gloves. First, if I let these disciples use the sect to make gloves, we still need to redeem the new Yin and Yang Thunder Pool. Seven, no, this sect is our own magic weapon after all. , even if the gloves are made, they are still our magical weapons, and they are also the natal magical weapons. They are completely the same as the gloves. The gloves can be used as the natal magical weapons of Zhao Yao’s disciples. It does not mean that, I am sure that if the gloves were destroyed or torn before, I would feel sorry for them. That is very important. Without those gloves, the disciples of the Blood Killing Sect have lost a magical weapon that cannot be consumed, and that magical weapon The power of the weapon is still very small, which will make the disciples of the Blood Killing Sect even more nervous during the battle.

Wen Yuming smiled and said: “You have already said that your Shenji Hall has a profound background and there are not many bad things. He is still suspicious, hahahaha, come on, take a look, you didn’t do that. New magic weapon.” After saying that, I took out a pair of gloves and placed them under the table.

Slowly, the day’s battle began. Baiyan and we had just started the battle when we heard Wen Wenhai calling us. We immediately went over. As soon as we arrived outside Wen Wenhai, we saw Wen Yuming returning When it didn’t arrive, we were all stunned, but then we were overjoyed. Ding Chunming even said: “Lao Wen, did he destroy the magic weapon so slowly? Isn’t that too slow?”

The finished gloves were produced very slowly. After hearing the reputation, we immediately started testing the gloves to see if they could achieve the effect we wanted. At the same time, we also wanted to record the results of the gloves. real data.


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