Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 844: Yin Yang Thunder Pool


When they heard what Yu Ming said, they were all stunned. Even Wen Wenhai was stunned. Wen Wenhai looked at Wen Yu Ming and said: “Old Wen, what we are talking about is a method that can deal with elder-level masters. Is it really that easy to get the weapon?” They all looked at Wen Yuming with blank eyes, waiting for Wen Yuming’s answer. They didn’t expect that Wen Yuming said it so lightly, as if this matter was really serious. It was so easy, which really surprised them, so they all wanted to hear what Wen Yuming had to say.

Wen Yuming smiled and said: “You underestimate the sect’s heritage. This is actually not difficult, especially under the current circumstances. We not only have blood gold, but also spiritual threads. These things are all It can change, so our magic weapon will also undergo huge changes. The magic weapon that you said can deal with elder-level masters is actually not difficult to make. The magic weapon only needs to have some energy sources. These energies The source can provide enough energy to the magic weapon, which will make the power of the magic weapon greater. The power of the magic weapon will become greater, and of course it can pose a threat to the enemy. We now have inner space technology and spiritual power. The control distance of silk and spiritual silk is much further than that of blood gold, so we only need to make a new magic weapon. This magic weapon has one or several energy sources that are large enough to provide magic power. If the weapon provides enough energy, the power of the magic weapon will become greater. Not to mention that now that we have Si’er’s magic array, the space for operation will be even greater, and I have always felt that our sect Disciple, we really need a magic weapon. This magic weapon should be carried with us all the time. It is quite powerful. In fact, now we only need a stable and powerful energy source. ”

When everyone heard what Yu Ming said, they all nodded. In fact, they didn’t understand what Yu Ming said very well, but in any case, Wen Yu Ming did have a solution to the problem, so that’s fine, they Without further questioning, Wen Wenhai said: “Okay, this matter is up to you. We don’t care about it. I hope you can come up with such a magic weapon as soon as possible.” Wen Yu Mingying After a sigh, they stopped talking and rolled their eyes. Of course, they had nothing to say. Wen Yuming said that the matter was easy to solve, so what else did they have to say? They just waited for the good news from Wen Yuming, but Wen Yuming had never No one will lie about this matter.

After a while, everyone dispersed. As soon as Wen Yuming returned to Shenji Hall, he immediately began to study energy sources. Energy sources are too important to them. Only energy sources that are large enough and stable enough , can he make a powerful enough magic weapon, but their current energy source cannot satisfy him. Now he is famous for studying this energy source.

While Wen Yuming was studying the energy source, he suddenly received a communication. Wen Yuming took a look and found that the communication was actually from Zhao Hai. He couldn’t help but be stunned, and then he immediately connected the communication. Then he immediately said: “Master, you are looking for me.”

Zhao Hai nodded, and then said: “Go back to your office, I’ll wait for you here.” Wen Yuming responded, and then he immediately returned to his office and found Zhao Hai sitting Waiting for him in his office, Wen Yuming quickly saluted Zhao Hai and said, “Master.” Zhao Hai nodded, looked at Wen Yuming, and said with a smile: “Come, sit down.” Wen Yuming responded. With a sound, he sat next to Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai was in the reception area of ​​Wen Yuming’s office. There was a sofa and a coffee table here, and the two of them sat on the sofa.

Zhao Hai smiled and said: “Have you been researching new energy sources recently?” Zhao Hai has actually been paying attention to the situation of the Blood Killing Sect. Before Ding Chunming was injured, he wanted to take action. , but later he discovered that the situation was not that dangerous yet, so he did not take action. Moreover, Baiyan and the others also said before that they would solve the matter themselves, so he did not move.

As for Wen Yuming and their situation here, he has been paying attention to it, and of course he knows what Wen Yuming and they are studying. Wen Yuming and they are currently studying energy sources, but the progress is not fast, and Wen Yuming The reason why they dare to say that they can quickly make a magic weapon that can deal with elder-level masters is because even if they fail to upgrade the energy source, there is no problem. They can use more energy. Source, this can solve the problem. Of course, it would be better if they could find a more powerful energy source. But it is a pity that now it seems that they will not be able to find a more powerful energy source in a short time. There is a way to upgrade the energy source.

When Wen Yuming heard what Zhao Hai said, he was stunned at first, and then he quickly said: “Master, do you know everything? We actually just want to upgrade the energy source. If we really can’t upgrade the energy source, That’s not a big deal, we just need to use a few more energy sources.” Wen Yuming actually didn’t want Zhao Hai to worry about this matter, so he said this.

Zhao Hai smiled and said: “I know, I have upgraded the energy source once before, but the energy source at that time was not very easy to control, so I did not give it to you. Now this energy source “It’s already under good control, so I’ll give it to you. You can use it.” After speaking, Zhao Hai moved his hand and took out a jade slip and gave it to Wen Yuming, who quickly took it. Jane, he knew that this jade slip contained the method of making the energy source. Wen Yuming quickly said: “Thank you, Master.” Wen Yuming was still very moved. Whenever they encountered something that couldn’t be solved, Zhao Hai always He was really touched that he would come forward and resolve the matter for them.

Zhao Hai smiled slightly and said: “Why are you being polite to me? The Shadow Clan people we met this time are different from the Shadow Clan people we met before. Not only are they stronger, but they are also in contact with the God of the Shadow Clan. There are more, and it is easier, so it will be more difficult for us to deal with them, so we must deal with them carefully. Okay, I won’t say more, you go and do your work, I’m going back.” After saying that, Zhao Hai moved and disappeared. Wen Yuming saluted in the direction where Zhao Hai disappeared, and then looked at the jade slip in his hand. He wanted to see the energy source that Zhao Hai brought out. What kind of thing is it, so that he can make it right away.

After seeing the contents in the jade slip, Wen Yuming couldn’t help but be stunned. Then he couldn’t help being surprised. He really didn’t expect that Zhao Hai would perfectly integrate the divine fire and the yin and yang thunder pool. Together, they formed this new energy source. This energy source is really strong, very strong. This can be seen from the village materials used to make it. This kind of yin and yang thunder pool must be made with law crystals. There is no way to make it with ordinary materials, not even blood gold. It is precisely because of this that after this Yin-Yang Thunder Pool is made, it is fixed and cannot be changed anymore, and this The Yin-Yang Thunder Pool will come with a small controller. You can use this controller to adjust the energy input of the Yin-Yang Thunder Pool. The energy output of the Yin-Yang Thunder Pool can reach up to 100,000 degrees, or at least about one degree. And this controller , can be connected to the Yantian Sphere and controlled by the Yantian Sphere.

What is the concept of one hundred thousand degrees? According to the current blood killing sect’s calculations, the power of Ding Chunming’s full blow is about 10,000 degrees, and 100,000 degrees is enough to supply the energy used by Ouroboros when it fights with all its strength, and there is still some left. When Ouroboros is fighting at full strength, his energy consumption is about 80,000 degrees, which shows how powerful the energy input of this Yin-Yang Thunder Pool is. You must know that the current Ouroboros has ten Yin-Yang Thunder Pools in his body to supply him. If there is less energy, it cannot be supplied at all, and now only this Yin-Yang Thunder Pool is needed to supply the energy that all previous Yin-Yang Thunder Pools can supply.

We know that when Ouroboros fights, the energy consumption per minute is 80,000 degrees, and the new Yin-Yang Thunder Pool, the maximum energy value it can supply per minute is 100,000 degrees, a Yin-Yang Thunder Pool, It’s enough to supply Ouroboros to fight.

Of course, it is impossible for the ten yin and yang thunder pools in Ouroboros’ body to provide energy at full capacity. In that case, they will be damaged in a short time, so the most they can do is eight levels of load. The new Yin-Yang Thunder Pool can operate at full capacity due to the materials. The most frightening thing is that this new Yin-Yang Thunder Pool can grow. This growth does not mean that it really has Spiritual wisdom will grow on its own, but because there is all the power of divine fire in the Yin-Yang Thunder Pond, during the burning process of these divine fires, not only can the Yin-Yang Thunder Pond provide a large amount of energy, find Shuyuan www. is also practicing the Yin-Yang Thunder Pool, which will make the materials of the Yin-Yang Thunder Pool better and better. The better their materials, the more powerful the divine fire will be. The more powerful the divine fire will be, the more powerful the Yin-Yang Thunder Pool will be in the future. The more energy they release, they grow through this method. In short, this kind of Yin-Yang Thunder Pool is very powerful and easier to control. Being able to produce this kind of Yin-Yang Thunder Pool will definitely solve the problem of the Blood Killing Sect. Now the biggest question.

Wen Yuming let out a sigh of relief, and then he went directly to make this kind of Yin-Yang Thunder Pool. With the detailed production method, they quickly made this kind of Yin-Yang Thunder Pool, and then they I began to think about how to use this yin and yang thunder pool to make new magic weapons. Wen Yuming immediately called some elders from Shenji Hall to the conference room. After everyone arrived, Wen Yuming Looking at the crowd, he said: “When we got the magic array set given to us by Elder Sheng Si, I asked everyone to find a way to design a magic weapon that can fully unleash the power of this array. I don’t know. How is everyone’s design going? ”

As soon as they heard what Yu Ming said, the elders nodded immediately. One of the elders said: “Hall Master, we have already designed it. Do you want to take a look at it?” The other elders also looked at Wen Yu Ming. , but Wen Yuming waved his hand and said: “Let’s not read it for now. Let me talk about the new situation now. There are new problems on the front line. The people of the Shadow Clan may be using the power of the God of the Shadow Clan. The strength of these shadow clan masters is very strong, no worse than the elder masters in our sect. If they really use this method to produce masters in large quantities, then for us, The threat is too great, so Elder Bai asked us to help them make a magical weapon that can fight against elder-level masters. I agreed. What do you think?”


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