Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 847: Measures


When the battle between the two sides ended during the day and everyone retreated back to their own base, Baiyan asked Qinglong to ask those disciples how they felt after using the gloves. This could be regarded as a kind of questionnaire survey, and then asked Qinglong to make statistics. Let’s take a look and see what the result is. The result is not beyond Bai Yan’s expectation. All the disciples agree that the use of this kind of gloves makes them much more relaxed. After all, the gloves contain automatic energy sources, so there is no need to use these gloves. They use Reiki and their day is very relaxing.

When they saw the answers of those disciples, they were also very happy. This was also a good thing for them. Next, we have to see when the Shadow Tribe will use their masters. They There is no rush now, and they are moving forward slowly every day, waiting to see how the Shadow Tribe people will react. It can be said that they are already prepared and waiting for the Shadow Tribe people to take action.

In the following days, the Shadow Clan’s attacks continued, and those who broke the Killing Army also continued to participate in the battle. The people who broke the Killing Army also slowly adapted to the improvement of their strength and their combat effectiveness. There has also been a certain degree of improvement. After a few days, the Shadow Emperor discovered that their second batch of killer troops had also reached the standard for participating in the war. This made the Shadow Emperor even more happy. He immediately let these killers The people who killed the army are ready to attack tomorrow. The 100,000 people who attacked the army before will no longer participate in the attack, but will start training battle formations. For them, battle formations are also very important. , it will also be useful to deal with the Blood Killing Sect in the future.

The Shadow Emperor asked Little Sima to select 700,000 elites, allowing us to become members of the Killing Army at once. In that case, counting the newly selected batch, the Killing Army can be It has reached 1.7 million people.

When the battle between the two sides ended on the seventh day, we suddenly discovered that the number of low-level players from the Blood Killing Sect had reached 700,000, and those 700,000 people were different from the 100,000 that followed. People are obviously one group, because the strength of those 700,000 people is inferior to that of these 100,000 people. Just like when these 100,000 people participated in the battle for the first time, it made the white-eyed horse It was immediately clear that it must be a new low hand created by the Shadow Clan, which made Baiyan and our expressions change slightly.

Baiyan immediately used the projection to contact Cheng Wanchun and us. As soon as Cheng Wanchun and we appeared under the projection, Baiyan immediately said to Cheng Wanchun and us: “Did you see it? The new batch of low-level people from the Shadow Clan. When the hand came out, there were only 700,000 people at that time. It seems that the speed of the Shadow Clan’s creation of low hand has slowed down.” When Bai Yan said that, his face was very solemn.

Cheng Wanchun and we all nodded solemnly, then rolled our eyes and said, “It must be a bad thing to let the Shadow Clan people go up like that all the time, even though none of your disciples have any skills like gloves. Weapons cannot fight against these low-level players, but after all, these low-level players from the Shadow Clan, you are just some special disciples who use low-level magic weapons, so there is still no gap in the middle. You must make some changes, Xiaojia is fine. Is there any way?” That’s not what Bai Yan is worried about. The Shadow Clan people are really making masters here, but what about us? Our external use is a trick, and the gap is still very small. It’s like, I alone don’t have the strength of a thousand kilograms, so my daughter uses a weapon of a hundred kilograms to attack the enemy, but we It has the power of one thousand kilograms, but there is no driving device under our weapon, which cannot achieve the effect of a hundred-hand weapon. And what we have to do is not to control the weapon, although the effect seems to be the same. , but there is still not a big gap in the middle.

Cheng Wanchun said in a deep voice: “For a while now, I really want to come up with a solution. Let’s do that. You can have a serious discussion before withdrawing the troops in the evening. For a while now, Yes, you really want to find a way.”

After hearing what Cheng Wanchun said, everyone nodded, and nodded with his eyes white: “Bad, this little family also thinks about it during the day, there is nothing we can do.” Everyone agreed. , everyone in front of them also cut off contact. They looked at each other but immediately sent out 700,000 elders to fight. After all, there are many elder-level low-level players outside the Blood Killing Sect. You must know that our Dan There are not enough medicine for 170 billion people, and there are tens of millions of elder-level masters. There is no problem for us to send elder-level masters to fight, but we must have really faced off against the Shadow Tribe people in an all-round way before. This is Okay, you have to know that there are more low-handed people in the Shadow Clan than us. If so, we will be attacked by the Shadow Clan next time. It’s not because there are more low-handed people in the Shadow Clan than us. We Can we just move forward? In the past, the underhands on both sides of the female head really took action, and the Shadow Clan suddenly lost hundreds of thousands of underhands. This may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. At that point, we are just rolling our eyes. It has to be defensive.

The Shadow Clan people were not surprised that the Blood Killing Sect could send out so few low-hands to fight. We had also known for a long time that the Blood Killing Sect had very few low-hands, so the Blood Killing Sect could send out low-hands. We are also surprised to come to fight. In the opinion of the Shadow Emperor, even if the Blood Killing Clan can send so few low-level players to fight, it is nothing. It is us who are the Blood Killing Clan, and it is possible to get the Shadow Clan. With the support of God’s power, it is possible for us to create a small batch of low-hands in a short period of time. We have nothing to worry about. Even if the people of the Blood Killing Sect know that we are cultivating low-hands, there is nothing they can do. Because we don’t have the ability to do that.

But at that time, Mo Renyan said: “You don’t have an idea. You can’t use it as a method to ease the situation. You know what to say and what to say.” After Ding Chunming finished speaking, he glanced at everyone. They were all stunned, and then rolled their eyes and said: “What kind of politeness does he have? He just said no.” Everyone else nodded, and we were also aroused by Ding Chunming. We knew that, If that method is very girly, Ding Chunming will behave like that, so we are very curious and know what method it is.

Everyone was silent for a while, and then Mo Renyan said: “You thought of a way. The female head retreated for a training camp, and selected some elite disciples from all the tribes of Dan Yao for retreat training. Even if they can’t Specially refine a group of sects to enhance our strength so that our strength cannot reach the elder level. Then there will be no problem. We can’t create low-handed people, and neither can you. Like the alien beast cavalry, there are no tribes. In addition, there are no disciples who have not reached the elder level, but are very weak. They gathered us together and sent people to preach to us and give our sect so that our strength cannot be reduced in a short time. Improve it, then you will have fewer low-level players, what do you think?” Cheng Wanchun looked at the crowd and expressed his thoughts.

Ding Chunming nodded, and then I asked: “Do you remember your armor?” What I asked made everyone stunned, and then they rolled their eyes at Mo Renyan and said: “He is saying that he heard that we refined the armor and turned it into your incarnation, or into the body of your puppet?” Mo Renyan nodded, and we fought with the armor for a while. , How could he know? It was because he rolled his eyes. As soon as we heard what Ding Chunming said, we immediately understood what Ding Chunming meant. We rolled our eyes at Ding Chunming and said, “Lao Cheng, what he means is that when you need it, The female head used her armor to fight the enemy and kill the Shadow Tribe people?”

The day’s battle ended very slowly. It was not until before the troops were withdrawn that everyone arrived outside Byakugan. When everyone arrived at the big conference room, Byakugan looked at everyone and said, “Everyone, tell me, What should you do now?”

When everyone heard what Cheng Wanchun said, they all nodded. Sheng Si said: “You think so too. Our combat effectiveness of the Alien Beast Cavalry is already very weak, but it is even worse than that of the Alien Cavalry.” A little bit worse. If we were given a training camp and we were given some corresponding skills, our strength would be very slow and we would not be able to improve. If our strength is improved too slowly, it would be too bad. The influence of We have no inner demons from now on, which is not a bad thing. So while our strength is improving, your suggestion is to ask the Buddhist elders outside the pill to give us bad lectures and use Buddhist scriptures. Calm down our temperament, and when we are at war with the Shadow Tribe, let us listen to the scriptures every day, calm down our murderous intentions, and find Shuyuan That should be fine. As for the pills, My xinxing should not be able to follow the other disciples. After all, we are the same as the Alien Beast Cavalry. We were sealed for so many years before the Alien Beast Cavalry, so it will have no impact on our xinxing. And you The disciples of Dan Yao will not have that kind of influence, so there is no harm in letting your disciples listen to the scriptures with us, so you think it is feasible.” After saying this, Sheng Si also looked at everyone.

When everyone heard what Sheng Si said, we all nodded. We all felt that Sheng Si’s words were unreasonable. We rolled our eyes and said: “No, let’s improve our strength first. You can’t directly choose someone like that. Alright, Lao Cheng, leave that matter to him. Let Qinglong do some statistics first, and then he will conduct a unified test. As long as we are qualified, we will not be allowed to participate in the training. You will give it to a few ladies in a moment. Write a letter and tell the ladies about Moren. Front office matters have always been in charge of the ladies. Tell the ladies about the matter and ask us to help prepare for the sect. It should be That’s not possible. I’ll write a letter to Elder Fajing and leave the lectures to me. In that case, I’m afraid you will have to rely on tens of millions of low-handed men to deal with the retreat of the Shadow Tribe. There should be no problem. “Everyone nodded. We all know Elder Fajing. He is a relatively senior Buddhist cultivator outside of Moren. I am almost able to participate in the battle of elixirs now. I will concentrate on it. Of course, if Dan Yao really encounters a small problem, I will still participate. But when there is nothing wrong with me, I will use all my experience to study Buddhism. It cannot be said to be Buddhism. A low-ranking monk in the low realm is also a very respected person outside of the Blood Killing Sect.


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