Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 807: Proposal


The day’s battle ended quickly. The Blood Killing Sect could not advance even one step this day. After the war, Ding Chunming arranged the disciples and immediately returned to the Xuanwu Space. Then he invited everyone to gather together and prepare. Have a meeting and have a good discussion to see how they want to solve the problem this time. After everyone arrived, Ding Chunming did not show any politeness and walked directly to the main seat. Then he glanced at everyone and then he He looked at everyone and said: “Today we met a new Shadow Clan idol on the front line. This Shadow Clan idol has the same abilities as other Shadow Clan magic weapons. It can be divided and combined. And this Shadow Clan idol has , all carry the power of the God of the Shadow Clan, so our attacks are of no use to them. Today our disciples attacked those statues, but none of them were able to destroy them, and our disciples could not let those statues hit them. Otherwise, it may really hurt our disciples. Now we are having a headache because of this matter. Please tell us, how should we deal with the new idols of the Shadow Tribe people now?” Ding Chunming finished speaking and looked at it. Looking at everyone, everyone frowned when they heard what Ding Chunming said.

Wen Yuming also said at this time: “This matter is my fault. After I discovered that our Buddha power could not break the idols of the Shadow Tribe people, I should have found another way, but I was a little confused. I was negligent. I thought we could break their idols even with magic weapons, so I didn’t take it seriously. Now it seems that it still doesn’t work. We have to find a way. This incident also illustrates something from another aspect. This matter, the power of the Shadow Clan God is indeed something you can deal with.”

Everyone nodded, Ding Chunming waved his hand and said: “That incident was his fault. Didn’t any of you in the family remember it? Didn’t you guys have too much power from Pang Yuan, so didn’t you? Taking that matter seriously, let’s talk about how to solve it. Everyone is thinking about it badly. Let’s first talk about why Foli can break through the defense of the Shadow Clan people. Well, that’s very important.” Everyone nodded, and we also knew that, indeed, the most important thing was whether Foli’s power could break through the defense of the Shadow Clan people, so the Xiao family was suddenly trapped in In the silence, everyone was thinking about that problem.

At that time, Gongsun Yulong suddenly said: “You have no idea. In those days, you have been paying attention to the battle between your disciples and the Shadow Tribe people. As a result, you found that although the power of your magical weapons is very small, But there is no shortcoming. This is not the attack power of the magic weapon. It is not completely combined with the power of the Buddha and the bad image. That may not be the smallest shortcoming.”

As soon as I said those words, everyone was stunned. They all looked at me in confusion. They knew what I meant. It is obvious that some of our magic weapons don’t have the core of Buddhist power. Why do I still need it? In other words, have the power of Buddha and our magical instruments been perfectly combined?

As soon as Gongsun Yulong saw that everyone was looking at me, I said: “Let’s put it this way, although your magic weapon does not have the power of Buddha, the attack of your magic weapon mainly relies on the power of the magic circle and law. , and the Buddha’s power did not play a too small role when attacking. The Buddha’s power, the law and the power of the magic circle seem to go hand in hand, and are completely combined together, except for your The magical weapon breaks the enemy’s defense, and then the Buddha’s power will flow into the enemy’s body, destroy the enemy’s body, and directly participate in the attack as you imagine, then They are completely the same.”

When they heard what Gongsun Yulong said, everyone was stunned. At that time, Bai Yan said: “Qinglong, is that so?” We also came to contact Qinglong outside, so Bai Yan asked Qinglong directly. That question, because Qinglong will analyze the situation on the battlefield backwards, maybe Qinglong will not have the answer, so Baiyan suddenly asked Qinglong.

Qinglong’s voice came: “Yes, Foli did not directly participate in the retreat. I am an auxiliary retreat force. I will only attack before the enemy’s defense is broken.” Make it work.” Qinglong gave the answer directly.

At that time, Wen Wenhai also said: “Qinglong, you asked him to analyze the defensive power of these shadow clan statues today. Didn’t he analyze it? The defense power of the shadow clan statues is not weak?” Wen Wenhai Just ask a question directly.

“According to the analysis of the battlefield situation, the defensive power of the Shadow Clan idol is about 7 million degrees, and the attack power of your sect disciples is about 8 million degrees, so there is no way to break through the Shadow Clan people. Defense.” Qinglong once gave my analysis results.

At that time, Sheng Si opened his mouth and said: “I am sure what Uncle Gongsun said, if we combine the Buddha’s power with the law and the magic circle, this Buddha’s power cannot be combined with anything else. Together? For example, there are all kinds of divine fires, there are not things like the ultimate divine thunder, and there are not yet some various spells. If those can also be done, this would be too bad. You used to It’s even more difficult to deal with the Shadow Tribe people. You even lack a means of attack. You have always overestimated Foli’s attack power.”

Although Wen Yuming spoke in a low voice, everyone heard it. As soon as they heard what I said, everyone looked at each other and knew what to say. But Wen Yuming was in that kind of situation. This is unlikely to take a long time, but it is obviously suitable now, so we all turned our attention to Pang Yuanpeng, wanting to see what Ding Chunming would do.

At that time, a small number of people were silent, but no one spoke. That person was someone else, it was Hu Wei. Hu Wei glanced at Pang Yuanpeng, and then said: “Elder Wen, actually we haven’t spoken yet. This kind of power is only overestimated by you. It is not natural energy. You know Xiaojia may think that natural energy is too violent and not aggressive, and it is only suitable for use under high value. But you know Xiaojia I haven’t noticed one thing. This is not the area where the Shadow Clan lives. All our plants are dead. Although there are no places and no plants can grow, there is no natural energy left at all except for these plants. Living by the energy of the Shadow Clan people, this is to say that it is possible for natural energy and Shadow Clan energy to coexist. It is like water and fire. Water can suppress fire, but in the same way, it is fire. It can’t defeat water, so it just depends on who is weaker? If that’s definitely the case, can this natural energy not be able to deal with the energy of the Shadow Tribe people? If that’s definitely the case, such natural energy outside the Tongtian Vine If they are very weak, should they also deal with the Shadow Tribe people?”

I was stunned when I heard the name, and then I came to my senses. I immediately said: “Gongsun’s idea is very bad. You think it is feasible, but you have to go back and experiment. You can go back now.” I’m going to retreat and test it immediately.” After saying that, I waited for Ding Chunming to speak, and the figure disappeared directly. Everyone was stunned. Did they expect that I left so slowly? Everyone was stunned. .

Pang Yuanpeng then smiled bitterly and said: “Lao Wen is really, forget it, I’m like that anyway, no one can control me, okay, you can control me, you still have to talk about it As for your current situation, they have all heard what Lao Wen said. I said that the method mentioned by Gongsun is feasible. They are all under Lao Wen and us. Isn’t there any other way?” After saying that, I turned around and looked at everyone.

At that time, Gongsun Yulong then said: “It is precisely because your Buddhist power and law are separated from Pang Yuan’s power, so you cannot use Buddha power to retreat and attack the Shadow Tribe people, so what do you think? It’s a small problem, we can definitely solve it, and maybe things will turn around.” Gongsun Yulong finally expressed his thoughts, but my words made everyone stunned.

At that time, before Wen Yuming heard my words, he fell into deep thought, and then murmured: “It is a bad idea to combine the power of Buddha with the attack power of magic circle and law. , but you think the main thing is the power of laws. Outside the fairy world, there is no way to attack the enemy with the power of laws. Your laws are all law arrays, and the main attack power is all It is the power of law, so it is a bad way to combine the power of Buddha and the power of law. And all the time, your Buddha power is almost always used alone, so the power of Buddha and the power of law are not completely integrated. Being together is impossible.”

Pang Yuanpeng said: “Well, everyone in your family practices the same things. Before you go back, you should also take a step back and try it out. See if you can use the Buddha’s power at Shuyuan , merge with your own attacks. If it succeeds, you will retreat and summarize, and let the Buddha’s power completely merge with your body. Do you think it will have a huge impact on the strength of your disciples? What do you think of the promotion?” After saying this, Ding Chunming looked at everyone, and everyone nodded, feeling that what Ding Chunming said was unreasonable.

When Ding Chunming saw that everyone refused, I then continued to say: “Oh, it’s settled. I’ll end the experiment when I get back. By the way, no one has it yet. Don’t you have any other suggestions? If not If so, also bring it up?” After Ding Chunming finished speaking, he turned to look at everyone.

After that, people in the Blood Killing Sect had no idea. We couldn’t regard Buddha’s power as a different kind of poison, and transformation couldn’t be regarded as poisoning. If that conjecture is true, this Buddha’s power cannot be seen. Doing is a terrible poison, and for people here, there is almost no antidote for that kind of poison. That is the most terrifying thing, and the power of Buddha is much weaker than the poison.

When they heard what Sheng Si said, everyone was stunned. Then we looked at each other, and then we nodded. What Sheng Si said was correct. We have always been bad. It seems that everyone has overestimated the power of Foli’s attack. In fact, Foli does not have very weak offensive power. Even if it is a shadow tribe member, if I am hit by Foli’s attack, I want to eliminate Foli. This is also very special, because to put it bluntly, Buddha’s power is actually a very ordinary energy, and that kind of energy, special things can really be dealt with. It is precisely because of this that the power of Buddha’s power is still It’s very small, very small, it just depends on whether we use it or not.

Pang Yuanpeng coughed heavily, and then said in a serious voice: “Lao Wen, he is doing some research when he goes back. Let’s talk about his views on that matter first.”


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