Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 806: Teaching (3)


Ba Hu looked at Wu Xian’s changes in the team. He knew that the loud noise was also caused by Wu Xian. Everything here was caused by Wu Xian, so he was not too surprised. He was just Watching Wu Xian’s movements carefully, the moment Wu Xian and the others heard the sound, their whole people reacted immediately. Not only him, but also several people around him reacted. In a short period of time, they had already A small group was formed, and in this small group, Wu Xian was the middle member of the group. This seemed to be protecting Wu Xian, but the real situation was not like this. Wu Xian now not only had to command People in this small group have to cooperate with people in other small groups to fight. The most important thing is that if anyone in his small group is injured or killed in battle, he must be the first to fight. The person who makes up for it.

At the same time, Ba Hu also noticed that Wu Xian paid more attention to his head and feet, because they were now in a flat battle formation, so Ba Hu must pay attention to their heads and feet. He was attacked, so when he saw this, Ba Hu said: “Brother Wu, your position should be a commander’s position, and it is also a supplementary position. The most important thing is that you have to pay attention to your head. Up and down, so this position should be very important.”

Wu Xian nodded and said in a deep voice: “Yes, very good. As you can imagine, these are already very good. That’s what I mean. At the same time, you must also notice that a magic has appeared under my feet. Array, this array can protect everyone in the first place, and it can also cooperate with other people’s arrays, which is also very important.”

Ba Hu nodded, and Wu Xian continued: “This is the reaction we have to make when we discover a situation. If we encounter an attack, our reaction will be different at that time. You watch.” After Wu Xian said, they returned to their original appearance, and then suddenly countless red lights shot from all around, and these red lights directly hit their team, and the red light hit As he came over, a very sharp whistle suddenly sounded in the team. The moment the whistle sounded, Ba Hu discovered that Wu Xian and the others reacted immediately. They did not line up immediately, but Suddenly he flew up and flew about ten meters high. Then he got into a good formation and was ready to fight at any time.

Ba Hu was very surprised by the reaction of Wu Xian and the others. He really didn’t expect that Wu Xian and the others would actually fly upwards. This made him a little surprised and at the same time a little puzzled. Looking at Wu Xian, Wu Xian looked at Ba Hu, smiled slightly, and said in a deep voice: “Are you very surprised? Actually, there is no need to be so surprised. We encountered an attack there, but don’t forget that we are in the sky now, our The combat space is a three-dimensional space, so we can fly upwards or fall downwards, but under normal circumstances, we will not choose to fall downwards, because if we fall downwards, it is equivalent to destroying the space above our heads. If an enemy takes this opportunity to attack, they will directly occupy the space above our heads at any time. At that time, we must attack from the bottom up, but they are Attacking from top to bottom will put us at a great disadvantage, so when we avoid the enemy’s attack, we should fly forward as soon as possible instead of falling downward. Of course, if you are fighting against the enemy alone, fly upward or It’s okay to fall down.”

Ba Hu nodded. He knew very well that little things like this that needed attention were all summed up by Wu Xian and the others after countless battles. They are all the most useful things on the battlefield, so he remembered them very carefully. He was so clear that he didn’t dare to forget it at all, because these things might save his life at some point in the future.

Wu Xian looked at Ba Hu, and then said: “This is what you need to pay attention to when marching in a flat battle formation, but under normal circumstances, we rarely use a platform battle formation to march. If we really When marching, the Rubik’s Cube Formation is generally used. The Rubik’s Cube Formation is a battle formation invented by the sect master and his wife. This battle formation is famous for its many changes, great power, and ability to attack and defend. It is the main weapon of our Blood Killing Sect. It is the most commonly used and favorite formation, and it is a battle formation that must be learned. Pay attention.” After saying that, the people around him formed a Rubik’s Cube formation. This Rubik’s Cube formation was not very big. , looked like a square. After Wu Xian formed the formation, he asked Ba Hu to look at their formation and pay attention to the situation of the entire formation.

Ba Hu looked at the Rubik’s Cube Formation. He had also heard of the Rubik’s Cube Formation, but he didn’t know exactly what it was about. Now that he saw that the Rubik’s Cube Formation was arranged, he couldn’t help but feel a little confused. He became curious and observed carefully. In his opinion, this was just a large square array, and there seemed to be nothing special about it, so he couldn’t help but show a look of confusion on his face. He turned to look at Wu Xian. Obviously, he He wanted Wu to explain to him first.

Wu Xian noticed his expression, smiled slightly, and did not explain much. Instead, with a thought, the entire Rubik’s Cube array began to move, and he saw that the Rubik’s Cube array began to rotate, and sometimes even It will separate a little and become countless small square arrays, and then come together to form a large Rubik’s Cube array again.

Ba Hu was stunned. He really didn’t expect that this Rubik’s Cube array would be so powerful, change so much, and even be separable and combineable. Isn’t this too powerful? Ba Hu even doubted whether Wu Xian and the others could still use the Rubik’s Cube Formation like this when they were outside.

But then Wu Xian and the others’ changes surprised Ba Hu even more. The Rubik’s Cube array suddenly turned into a drill array, and then turned into a whirlpool array, and then turned into a whirlpool array. There are really too many changes in this formation. At the same time, Ba Hu no longer doubted whether Wu Xian and the others could really set up this Rubik’s Cube formation, because he noticed that Wu Xian had been moving. He was now He is a member of the Rubik’s Cube Formation. He moves together with the other phantom people, and everyone moves very regularly. This also proves that if they go outside, Wu Xian and the others can also do such things. This makes How could Ba Hu not be surprised? Of course he would not doubt Wu Xian and the others.

After a while, Wu Xian stopped. Then he waved to Ba Hu and said in a deep voice: “Do you see clearly?” , first have an understanding, so that it will be easier to teach him. After all, Ba Hu has no foundation at all, and he joined the Blood Killing Sect from other sects, so the foundation of the magic circle will not be good. To go there, Wu Xian must first let him have some basic impressions of the Blood Killing Sect’s battle formation.

When Ba Hu heard what Wu Xian said, he couldn’t help but frown slightly, then shook his head and said: “I’m sorry, Senior Brother Wu, although I saw your actions, I don’t understand the changes in the Rubik’s Cube Formation. It’s not a lot, please forgive me.” He couldn’t lie to Mr. Wu, he really didn’t understand, that’s why he said this.

When Wu Xian heard what he said, not only was he not angry, but he was very happy. He smiled slightly and said: “Not bad, very good. I don’t pretend to understand. Regarding the changes in the Rubik’s Cube, I will be slow in the future. I will teach you slowly. What I want to teach you now is how we will react when we are attacked by the enemy when we march using the Rubik’s Cube. Pay attention to it.”

After saying that, Wu Xian waved his hand and saw a loud noise suddenly coming from the distance. Then Ba Hu saw the Rubik’s Cube formation suddenly stop. Then those people on the outermost side, outside their bodies , all of them had a huge metal shield. Almost in an instant, the Rubik’s Cube array seemed to have turned into a huge iron block.

Ba Hu was stunned. He really didn’t expect that the Rubik’s Cube Formation would look like this when it encountered an attack. When the flat battle formation encountered a situation, the first thing to do was to arrange the formation. When encountering an attack, the first thing to do is to dodge, but when the Rubik’s Cube Formation encounters an attack, the first thing to do is defend, turning into an iron block when entering.

Wu Xian looked at Ba Hu and said solemnly: “The plane battle formation can evade attacks because it is flat and has a very short height, so it can avoid attacks by flying upward or falling, but the Rubik’s Cube Formation can evade attacks. But it is a three-dimensional battle formation. Looking for Shuyuan When attacked, it takes a certain amount of time to fly up or fall down. Moreover, if one is not done well, the upper or lower half of the Rubik’s Cube will still be affected. will be attacked, so when the Rubik’s Cube Formation encounters an emergency or is attacked, the first thing to do is to defend. Our defense is the outermost disciples, who set up large shields, and the disciples inside are A large formation was formed immediately, and the formation talismans under each person’s feet were different. In this way, even if the large shield outside was breached, the formation inside would be effective immediately to ensure our safety. “While talking, Wu Xian pointed to Ba Hu’s feet. As expected, a formation talisman appeared under his feet.

Ba Hu nodded, and Wu Xian continued: “Besides these, there is another thing you should pay attention to, that is, the large shields used for defense by the brothers on the periphery are also different. , you have to look carefully, the big towers they use are all heavy shields, and there are slots on the sides of the big shields. When these big shields are erected, they look like they are piece by piece, but in fact the The card slots have been stuck together, so this is actually a metal wall.”

While talking, Wu Xian also took out a large shield and pointed it out to Ba Hui. Ba Hui then noticed that there are indeed card slots on the four sides of the big shield. As long as the card slots are all stuck together, The combination of those large grooves indeed turned into a wall, which Ba Hu did not expect.

Ba Hu couldn’t help but marvel when he saw this. The Blood Killer Zongcha had taken the art of battle formation to the extreme. They paid so much attention to these small details, which shows that their research on the art of battle formation has reached a certain level. To what extent, he is now even more curious about the art of battle formation.

Wu Xian looked at Ba Hu and said, “This is about doing things. Next, I will tell you about Li.”


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