Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 805: Teaching (2)


Zhang Wutong and Ma Yichuan looked at the battlefield with serious expressions on their faces. Zhang Wutong said: “The Blood Killing Sect has strengthened its attacks, and as you can see, it can control six magic weapons at the same time. The most important thing is, These six magic weapons can all release magic images, which is equivalent to six members of the Blood Killing Sect attacking just one of us, and we have no way to resist them.”

Ma Yichuan nodded, and then said: “But there is one thing we must pay attention to. Their attack today is divided into levels. After one wave of people attacks, another wave of people will attack next, and the first wave of people will attack again. People who attack in waves may wait for a while and then attack. There are two reasons for this. First, they want to make their attacks more layered and form a wave effect, wave after wave, continuously. Second, their Attacking consumes a lot of spiritual energy. They control six magic weapons at the same time and release six magical images at the same time. This is too much consumption for them, so they have to wait a while to let their spiritual energy recover, so they are like this. We can do it, but even if we know that they need to rest, it is of no use, because their attacks can give them a good rest, and we have no way to use this to deal with them. This is the most frustrating thing for us. A headache.”

Zhang Wutong nodded, and then said: “Let’s use the big statue. If we use the small statue, it seems that we can’t be their opponent. We can only use the big statue. After all, we will face the attacks of six Dharma images at once. , we have no possibility of victory at all. The difference in strength between the two of us is very small now, but the opponent is equivalent to eight against one, so of course you may be our opponent.”

You Wenzheng nodded, and then Ma Yichuan said: “Everyone listens to the order and forms a small statue.” Following my order, in addition to the back line, the Shadow Tribe people who are currently fighting the Blood Killing Sect , the Shadow Tribe people in front formed a small statue of the god, and then drove straight towards the last line. As soon as the Shadow Tribe people outside the last line saw the little **** statue coming, we immediately stopped advancing. , leaving the rear line to these small idols, the disciples of the Blood Killing Sect finally had to face the small idols of the Shadow Tribe people.

We still use spiritual threads to control the magical weapons and attack these small statues in a retrograde manner. In that attack, we did not have the ability to break defenses, and several of us cooperated to attack the small statues together. To attack, we still used Dharma, and we were still far away from these small statues, so although the Shadow Clan used the small statues to retreat and attack us, we only blocked the Blood Killing Sect’s attack. If we wanted to The small army of the Blood Killer Sect pushed back, but we did nothing but hold back.

Slowly, these Shadow Tribe people discovered that even if we wanted to block the Blood Killing Sect’s retreat, we couldn’t do anything. Although these small statues were not broken or killed, But we couldn’t hold our position. The Blood Killing Sect’s retreat was using spells, and the spells were very small, and the impact of those spells was also very weak. The small statues of the Shadow Tribe people were hit by Stop advance, so although the number of Shadow Clan members killed by the Blood Killing Sect has increased, it does not mean that we have stopped retreating. We have not retreated yet, and we have not reached eighty miles away very slowly. Ma Yichuan and we thought that the Blood Killing Sect would stop like before, but we didn’t expect that the Blood Killing Sect didn’t stop that time, but continued to push back. The Blood Killing Sect’s behavior made Ma Yichuan’s expressions… Everything has changed. We thought that the Blood Killing Sect was going to launch a full-scale retreat against us, but we didn’t expect that it was exactly like that. The Blood Killing Sect retreated seventy meters away at one time, and our retreat distance reached a hundred meters away. We had just stopped before.

What the Blood Killing Sect did made the Shadow Clan people feel relieved but also felt pressure. Although the Suicide Sect only changed the daily retreat distance to 100 meters, it also made us feel the pressure. , before Ma Yichuan withdrew his troops, he immediately asked to speak to the Shadow Emperor. The Shadow Emperor immediately called Xiao Sima and us down, because in those days, because the war was stable, Ma Yichuan did not make many active requests to speak to the Shadow Emperor. Now Ma Yichuan suddenly asked for a call. It was not necessarily okay, so the Film Emperor called Xiao Sima and us. I even wanted to ask Xiao Sima and us to hear what happened in the back line, and the little family was also in trouble. Discuss it.

Waiting until everyone arrived, the Shadow Emperor said to Ma Yichuan: “Zhang Aiqing, if there’s nothing wrong, just tell him now.”

Ma Yichuan responded: “Yes, Your Majesty, today the Blood Killing Sect suddenly weakened its retreat attack. The strength of our retreat attack became smaller as soon as it increased. Today we have pushed back completely.” A hundred meters away, you haven’t switched to using small idols to deal with us, but you still withstood our retreat. We all used the roots of the energy-devouring tree to control eight magical weapons at the same time. Those eight magical weapons, We cannot release Dharma images at the same time, which does not mean that we control eight Dharma images to retreat against you. If you use small idols, you will not be able to block our retreat. If you use small idols, your casualties will be high. , but it still blocks our retreat. Although we can break through the defense of your little statues now, our impact is too weak and we will keep pushing against your little statues, so we have fully retreated today. After reaching a hundred meters away, we stopped. Judging from today’s situation, our daily retreat in the past may have achieved the goal of retreating a hundred meters away. And then we stopped. If that is really the case, this is for you. The impact is too small. What troubles you most is whether you can block our retreat now. Using small statues cannot increase casualties, but you can’t stop the advance.”

As soon as the Shadow Emperor and we heard what Shi Jiali said, we immediately understood the situation at the back line, and our faces all became serious. The Shadow Emperor said: “With an attack like that from the Blood Killing Sect, how could our people Can we really afford it? Eight Dharma Phases, this consumption is very huge? Can our spiritual energy support us using eight Dharma Phases at the same time to retreat and attack you?” Shadow King asked a question.

The Shadow King nodded and said: “No, let him try it tomorrow and see what the result is. He will definitely be able to block the Blood Killing Sect’s retreat. This is the worst. If he can block our retreat, you are here. Think of a way, go ahead.” Ma Yichuan responded, and then the Shadow King directly entered and exited the call. Everyone else also left. Ma Yichuan and You Wenzheng also entered and exited the call. The two looked at each other, and then we also Immediately, he gave an order to his hand, asking us to use the battle formation to fight against the Shadow Tribe tomorrow and see what the effect is.

At that time, the Shadow King said: “I’m sure you used the big statues to form a battle formation. What will be the effect? ​​Now your problem is that you have to face the retreat of the Blood Killing Sect, and we are all attacking with Dharma. It’s like eight people beating one of you, but if you form a battle formation, it’s like eight people beating one of you. At least the small army of the sect is attacking your small army, and that will be a big deal. Worse?” After the Shadow King finished speaking, he was waiting for Xiao Sima and our answers.

When the Shadow Emperor heard what little Sima said, I nodded helplessly, and then said, “Zhang Aiqing, what does he think? What if he wants to give it a try?” The Shadow Emperor’s words were not actually a discussion with Ma Yichuan, but He wanted us to do that. Of course Ma Yichuan might have refused, so I immediately said: “Yes, Your Majesty, I will give it a try when I fight against the Blood Killing Sect tomorrow.”

As soon as we heard what Ma Yichuan said, Shadow Emperor and we understood what was going on. Shadow Emperor was silent for a while, and then said, “Is there nothing we can do about this?” What Shadow Emperor is most concerned about now is not That question, we must block the retreat of the Blood Killing Sect.

Before Little Sima heard what the Shadow Emperor said, I immediately said in a deep voice: “I can’t give it a try. I’m just thinking about it later. Your people’s practical skills are not much weaker than they were later. Now, Let us form a battle formation, and we will definitely suffer a loss against the **** killing clan. I think it is feasible.” Everyone else also said: “I second my opinion.” Because the Shadow Emperor saw our expressions, we Just say it.

Ding Chunming looked at the battlefield, and there was no expression on my face. Zhang Wutong looked at Ding Chunming and said with a smile: “Wenzheng, don’t you have any ideas?” Zhang Wutong, we are not teaching Shi Jiali carelessly now, so I To ask Ding Chunming like this is not training.

Ma Yichuan said: “Replying to Your Majesty, we adopted a wave attack method. No wave of people behind is fighting, and the wave of people in front is preparing. When the people behind are almost exhausted, the seventh wave will Waves of people will come down to attack, and the first wave of people will go up to rest. Our attack like this ensures the continuity of the attack, and also gives you no chance to attack us.”

Ding Chunming thought for a while, then said: “The Shadow Tribe used our little statue yesterday, but the effect was not too bad. Today we used the battle formation. You see, we are also doing regression experiments. We want See if I can stop you using that method.”

Time passed very slowly, and the seventh day came very slowly. The Blood Killing Sect still retreated abnormally. At that time, the Shadow Clan also sent our people to fight. After that time, the Shadow Clan directly attacked After using the three-dimensional battle formation, Zhang Wutong and we did not change our tactics when we saw the movements of the Shadow Tribe people. We still let these disciples decide what kind of tactics we would use. However, these disciples did not make any changes. It was still Just like yesterday, he rushed over and retreated from the attack on the Shadow Clan’s battle formation.

Everyone was silent. After a while, little Sima Na said: “Your Majesty, there is only one way to do it now. Use small statues to form a battle formation to block the Blood Killing Sect’s attack. The trump card in your hands is Few, there are more than eight in total. Once you use small statues to form a battle formation, it is considered a trump card, because you have never used it before. Using small statues to form a battle formation, the combat effectiveness may be weaker because they cooperate with each other. It’s even worse. Seven, these are not the real low-hands who have integrated the alien beasts from the virtual world. The number of those low-hands is small, but their combat effectiveness is very weak. We can’t be regarded as a trump card for you. Eight, The low-level players outside your clan, those low-level players are now integrated with the small **** statues, and have absorbed the power of very few main **** villains. Our strength is very weak. We are your first trump card. Those eight trump cards, you originally I want to wait until the decisive battle with the Blood Killer Clan to use it, but obviously, you have to use it now. For the other two trump cards, you decided that you can’t wait to use them.”


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