Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 808: Attack (1)


Looking at the people from the Great Hate Alliance who appeared in the projection, he then said: “It seems that they want to learn our tactics, divide into small teams, and then launch a sneak attack on us. The number of people in their first team , there are about 500 people, which is a lot of people. What do you think of their actions?” On the corner of the projection in front of Bai Yan, Ding Chunming and others, Bu Jia, Pan Wanfang and others, all of them are showing While looking at the projection, the projection showed the appearance of the Shadow Clan people.

Ding Chunming said solemnly: “Look at their appearance, well you not only have to deal with the Iron Bone Alliance, but you also have to deal with us as well. The number of people who can really deal with the Iron Bone Alliance is not even half, more The people wanted to deal with us. I think they just wanted to learn our tactics. Some of them were used to deal with the Iron Bone Alliance, while the other part were used to deal with us who came to support us. They thought of the Iron Bone Alliance. If they are attacked there, we will definitely go to support them. When the time comes, they will use our previous methods to harass us, making it impossible for us to attack the Iron Bone Alliance. But there is a problem when they do this. Their intelligence system must be better than ours, and their radar system must be better than ours. But now they have no advantage in either aspect, but they dare to attack us. I think they are looking for death. What do you think?” Ding Chunming? He said looking at everyone.

Everyone nodded, then rolled their eyes and said with a smile: “They are indeed looking for death, but we can’t deal with them now. We have to wait and buy more time for Elder Feng and the others, so During this period, it depends on our acting skills. Elder Pan, you have to pretend to be powerless. You can defend yourself and passively take the beating. Our other alliances will also go to support, but you also have to pretend , how about being harassed very badly by them? Is everyone okay?”

Everyone shook their heads and said there was no problem. Seeing that everyone had no problem, Baiyan said: “Okay, let’s do this. The people from the alliances who are fighting this time are mainly people from the undead clan. Remember Come on, you must act like it, go ahead.” Everyone agreed, and then they all went to get ready, but Bai Yan kept staring at the projection and did not relax.

On the other hand, Elder Feng called all the team captains over. He glanced at these team captains, and then said: “I have assigned all the tasks to each team, and you should also know , I won’t say much more about what you are going to do next. I only have one thing to say to you. Everyone, don’t fight with them. Kill as many as you can. In the same way, kill as many as you can. Kill their soldiers. Be careful. Their soldiers may use life-for-life tactics to attack us. You must be careful. Okay, come on, take action.” Everyone responded, and then Each team started to take action. Each of their teams consisted of one hundred people. These one hundred people were all island master-level experts. The leaders of each team were elder-level experts, and their sacred beasts stopped at the distance. Far away from the Iron Bone Alliance, the only ones they attack are island master-level experts and powerful elite soldiers selected from each island. They know very well that with such tactics, if there is no elite With soldiers in their hands, that would not work at all. If the other party got entangled, they would be dead, so they were very careless in this regard.

Soon the teams began to take action. There were thirty teams attacking the Iron Bone Alliance. These thirty teams were divided into three groups, and each group was divided into two groups. One group attacked. Another team is responsible for the response. In other words, although there are 3,000 island masters attacking the Iron Bone Alliance, there are only 500 island masters who attack the Iron Bone Alliance each time. Although 500 people are not Less, after all, these five hundred people are going to attack the Iron Bone Alliance, which only has a few hundred people. But don’t forget, they are on the territory of the Iron Bone Alliance. Now, there are many other small alliances here. people, so their number is quite large, nearly two thousand people here. This is why Elder Feng did not let ten thousand people send out troops together to destroy the Iron Bone Alliance in one fell swoop, because if they sent out together, the Iron Bone Alliance would be destroyed. The Bone Alliance will definitely choose to break out at the first opportunity, and they do not have the ability to take down the Iron Bone Alliance in one fell swoop, so they can only use this method. Although there are one or two thousand people in the Iron Bone Alliance, they Every time five hundred people are sent out for a sneak attack, the Iron Bone Alliance will definitely not be able to hold on for a long time. By then, they will be able to take care of the Iron Bone Alliance.

As for the reinforcements, they had already made arrangements. They dispersed the remaining 7,000 island masters. As long as someone wanted to support the Iron Bone Alliance, those people would attack them. If they encounter a small number of people, they will eat them in one bite. If they encounter a large number of people, they will continue to harass them. They will never let the reinforcements reach the Iron Bone Alliance easily. This is Elder Feng’s tactics.

Their tactics are actually the same as the ones used by Bai Yan and others to deal with the Great Hate League. There are two reasons why the Great Hate League will use this tactic this time. One is because this tactic is indeed It is easy to use. Using this tactic, they can use ten thousand island owners to fight against enemies several times their own. After all, they only have ten thousand people, while the Iron Bone Alliance and the Guanhai Alliance can spend tens of thousands. In terms of human combat power, if they fight head-on, they will definitely not be able to fight, so they can only use this tactic.

Another reason is that this is actually a kind of revenge from the Great Hate League. The Sea-watching League used this tactic before, which made them miserable. They will use this tactic this time to teach the Sea-watching League a lesson. They, let’s see if they still dare to be arrogant.

Soon, the attack of the Great Hate Alliance began. The five hundred island owners were divided into five teams and rushed towards the Iron Bone Alliance’s station from five directions. Pan Wanfang stood beside his divine beast. In the space, looking at the five teams of people from the Great Hate Alliance, these five teams of the Great Hate Alliance were lost, as well as their supporting people, all under their surveillance. It can be said that if they want to deal with these people, then It’s really too easy, but they also know very well that they can’t deal with these people now. If they do this, they will let these people know that they already know the direction of their attack, and they may retreat by then. , the elder Feng Chuanshu could not carry out their plan, so they could only endure it now and watched those people from the Great Hate Alliance rush into within twenty miles of their station. Only then did they have soldiers. Pretending to have just discovered them, they immediately noticed the alarm, but it was already too late. Those who hated the Alliance rushed directly towards the soldiers of the Iron Bone Alliance. Although the soldiers of the Iron Bone Alliance wanted to He wanted to escape back to the Iron Bone Alliance’s station, but there was no chance. He was directly caught up by the people of the Great Hate Alliance, and then killed directly.

Then the people from the Great Hate Alliance rushed straight towards the Iron Bone Alliance, and the people from the Iron Bone Alliance had just heard the siren and were just about to prepare to meet the enemy. They were obviously not prepared enough. When the people rushed over, they were not ready. The people from the Great Hate Alliance rushed over and killed several island owners and some soldiers. Before they could react, the people from the Great Hate Alliance rushed over. The people immediately retreated. By the time they reacted, the people from the Great Hate Alliance had long disappeared.

Elder Feng, who had been paying attention to the situation on the front line, also heard the reports from the island owners below. When he heard the reports from the island owners, he couldn’t help but be overjoyed and shouted: “Okay, great Now, the second batch of attackers are preparing. They must not have thought that we will attack again just after we withdraw. You attack immediately. Remember, don’t be reluctant to fight.” After all the orders were given, the store was immediately filled with people. After making the jade sword, he released the jade sword directly. Their communication was not as convenient as that of the Blood Killing Sect.

Fortunately, the distance between them was not unlucky, and the news could be received quickly with the jade sword. As soon as those who attacked heard Elder Feng’s order, they immediately started attacking at once. The successful attack made them very excited. They found that this tactic was effective, and they were even happier. This time, their attack had almost no casualties, but they killed several island owners of the Iron Bone Alliance. At the same time, they also killed many soldiers of the Iron Bone Alliance. Although they did not kill many people, they were very happy.

As soon as he heard Elder Feng’s order, he didn’t even hesitate. He immediately started attacking. Soon they rushed to the Iron Bone Alliance. The people from the Iron Bone Alliance were looking for Shuyuanwww.zhaoshuyuan. com obviously did not expect that they would attack again so soon. After being caught off guard, several people were killed, and some soldiers were killed. They did not take credit and retreated immediately, while Tie The people from the Bone Alliance seemed to have gone crazy and chased them away. As a result, they ran far away and no one caught up with them.

Pan Wanfang had been watching the battle ahead. When he saw the tactics of the Great Hate Alliance, he couldn’t help but smile, and then said in a deep voice: “Okay, it’s almost done. Let the pursuers come back, and then prepare a good defense. , we reorganize the army, and then the whole army goes out to look for those people who hate the alliance. These are normal reactions after our attack, and they will not be suspicious.”

Everyone responded, and then those who went out to pursue the Great Hate Alliance returned to the Iron Bone Alliance’s station. As soon as they returned to the Iron Bone Alliance’s station, they immediately prepared defenses and patrolled the perimeter. The number of soldiers increased a lot, and at the same time, the entire Iron Bone Alliance began to gather together. The entire Iron Bone Alliance’s station was very busy.

The people from the Great Hate League have also been monitoring the situation here in the Iron Bone League. As soon as they saw what the Iron Bone League did, they immediately reported it to Elder Feng. After hearing such a report, Elder Feng Immediately he said in a deep voice: “Give all teams an order to strictly monitor the movements of the Iron Bone Alliance. They may gather everyone to come out to find us. We must be careful.” Everyone responded, and then they all moved. When they got up, the people from each team immediately dispersed. At the same time, they would also send one or two people to monitor the movements of the Iron Bone Alliance to see what they would do next. Sure enough, the Iron Bone Alliance’s actions were exactly what Elder Feng said. Just like everyone else, after they gathered the people, they drove directly out of the station and followed the main direction in which the people of the Great Hate Alliance had retreated, chasing them and searching them.


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