Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 414: Coming


It is precisely because of this symbiotic relationship that the disciples of the Blood Killing Sect will not let their divine beasts become mounts. In addition to the alien cavalry, the alien cavalry has unparalleled combat power. Their aliens will become alien cavalry from them. I followed them that day, and I have become one with them. With the alien cavalry, their combat strength is 100%. Without the alien cavalry, they can only exert 30% at most. This is the gap between the left and right combat power, but ordinary disciples do not have such a gap, so they will not use their own divine beasts as their mounts. Think about it, a cavalry, if his horse is injured, his People can also be injured, so how can we fight this battle? The target of riding is bigger than the target of people, so ordinary disciples will not let their divine beasts become their mounts. The target is too big and it is too easy for people to get hurt. .

So the disciples of the Blood Killing Sect usually use an alien as their mount. Although the alien is not their natal beast, the alien’s combat power is also very powerful. In addition, they have two aliens and one If it dies, they can change to another one. If both of them are dead, they can also apply to the sect. After each battle, if their alien dies, they can immediately apply for a charge, and the alien’s combat power will also be increased. They are very strong and obedient, so the disciples of the Blood Killing Sect are more willing to use aliens as their mounts. At least when the aliens are injured, they will not be injured, and these aliens have a mission, which is to ensure their safety. As the first priority, that is to say, if they are safe from injury, these aliens would rather be injured themselves and help us block the attack, so those aliens have become the first choice for mounts for the disciples of the Blood Killing Sect.

Aliens cannot become smaller or larger, nor can they change their shape. Therefore, when the disciples of the Blood Killing Sect now fight the enemy, they always ride on aliens. Both humans and aliens wear heavy armor and hold it outside their hands. We have weapons, and our weapons, the pole is made of Babel vine, the blade is made of blood gold, and cannot change its shape at will. The other alien will turn into a long sword or other weapons, floating around us, Help us attack the enemy or protect us. At the same time, the Yantian Sphere will float around us for seven weeks. The Yantian Sphere cannot release various spells to attack the enemy now. That is our new ability. The Yantian Sphere cannot retreat. Long-range attacks, weapons transformed into aliens, and female high school retreat mid-range attacks. Those two weapons cannot attack independently. When combined with the disciples of the Blood Killing Sect, one plus seven is definitely less than eight. It cannot be said that now The disciples of the Blood Killing Sect are definitely weak to the teeth, and that’s because we have or don’t have battle armor. Once we don’t have the battle armor, it will be even more remarkable, and our combat effectiveness will continue to increase.

And we must forget that most of the disciples of the Blood Killing Sect know the art of magic formations. When we are fighting the enemy, we cannot form large magic formations around our bodies for seven weeks. Once the magic circle is activated, it will not have a very weak defense against us. The female high school team is coordinated by a small army. We cannot replace the big magic circle with a magic spell, and the power will only be smaller.

The Blood Slaughter Sect also completed an investigation into Ding Chunming’s people to see if many people were willing to participate in the battle against the Shadow Clan people. Did the Blood Slaughter Sect feel satisfied, except for Ding Chunming? All the low-level players below the island master level are willing to join that small battle. As for these soldiers, even if we want to participate in that small battle, we are not qualified. Our strength is too strong, compared to the Blood Killing Sect. The female high school disciples are even stronger, but only a little weaker than these special people like Ding Chunming. Our most important task now is not to practice badly outside the Blood Killing Sect. It is possible to join the war. We are Do you have this qualification?

And those who Shan Feize joined the Blood Killing Sect also finished preparing for the war in the Blood Killing Sect. Only then did we know that the Blood Killing Sect did not have many female high school students. We originally really understood it too well. We really understand the source of supplies of the Killing Sect, but now we understand that the Blood Killing Sect only has to worry about supplies. Our disciples cannot directly exchange supplies from outside the real illusion. That is beyond anyone’s control. , so under our gaze, these bread trees and noodle trees were collected directly, and even the Sky Vine was collected. Only various supplies were left under the ground, and these island owners The upgrade of the mythical beast was immediately completed. The people from the Blood Killing Sect gave us these Bailing Fruits. Before those fruits were eaten by the mythical beast, the strength of the mythical beast became weaker, and the space of the mythical beast became smaller, so that People like Ding Chunming were quite surprised. Only then did we know that the sect did not have such benefits.

What surprised us even more was that the formation speed of the disciples of the Blood Killing Sect was too slow. Our bad image was basically based on what kind of array we wanted to arrange, and the arrays we arranged were all three-dimensional. The magic circle made us even more surprised.

Those Ding Chunming people, although they have joined the Blood Killing Sect, apart from some ordinary people, many other people will learn the magic circle, because the magic circle is not too far away from us. It’s far away, but since we saw the disciples of the Blood Killing Sect setting up the magic circle, we have had a strong interest in the magic circle. We have all finished learning the magic circle. That is a bad ending for us, I think. To be a member of the Blood Killing Sect, one must be able to master the magic circle. The Blood Killing Sect did not start by relying on the magic circle.

Just when the entire Blood Killing Sect was moving, suddenly no disciples reported to Bai Yan that there was no movement outside the safe zone. As soon as Bai Yan heard this disciple’s report, I immediately asked this disciple to move the safe zone. In this case, a projection was directly projected behind me, and a very slow projection was projected behind my face. The projection looked very small, and what was really surprising about the projection was that it was densely packed below. The number of red dots is so small that you have to count them all.

Biyan knew at a glance that these red dots were all Shadow Clan people. I immediately said, “Are there not many people in total?” Bai Yan was very vague. There must have been a lot of Shadow Clan people that time, at least there must have been a lot of them. It’s less than next time. I have to know that it’s not less.

The disciple immediately said: “One million per side, the whole army combined is less than 7 million.” Upon hearing what the other party said, Baiyan’s expression changed again, and I said solemnly: “I never expected that there would be not so few people, seven million people, to continue surveillance.” Everyone responded and rolled their eyes before leaving the small command hall. I returned to my own space and followed up. Directly write a letter to us from the Divine Beast Realm, asking us to go to my place for a while. Soon after, we arrived at the Divine Beast Realm. When we arrived at the Divine Beast Realm, Baiyan said to us: “The Shadow Clan people are here, just now I’ve seen it. There were seven million people from the Shadow Clan that time. Is there still a small number? That’s a bad idea. The location where we appeared is outside the Bronze Dragon Alliance. Isn’t there anything we can do?”

When Shan Feize and the rest of us heard what Bai Yan said, we were all stunned. Then the Divine Beast Realm thought about it for a while, and then said: “The Shadow Tribe people must have known about your changes outside, and we must have wanted to What you have eliminated, at the very least, you have to eliminate your base. Of course, you did not let us succeed because of this. Either way, your disciples have been training for a few days, and it is time for us to retreat. It’s actual combat. You see, send some people and let us sneak outside this area to harass the Shadow Tribe people and slow us down as much as possible. Then you can arrange as much as possible outside and try to get there before we get there. After that, you will complete the arrangement of the magic circle outside. As long as you complete the arrangement of the magic circle outside, even if the Shadow Tribe people come, it will be of no use. You cannot block us, and then step by step Push it back.” The Divine Beast Realm expressed its own thoughts, and when the others heard what the Divine Beast Realm said, they all nodded. That method was indeed wrong. Has our outer magic circle been properly arranged yet? , if the Shadow Clan people come, we will have no choice but to fight head-on with the Shadow Clan. In this case, there will be fewer disciples who become the Undead Clan. Although they will die, the losses will be great, so it is definitely impossible, we We still need to let the Shadow Tribe people move up as fast as possible. Once we have arranged the magic circle, we will have to worry about the Shadow Tribe people. No matter how many Shadow Tribe people come, they can break through our magic circle. We are still very unsure about this.

I rolled my eyes, and then asked without any explanation: “Why don’t you have such an idea?” I was very curious as to why those people said that. This disciple said: “Elder, please look, next Once when the Shadow Tribe appeared outside the safe zone, our small army was retreating but there was actually no arrangement. Except for the central army, there were no right and left armies as escorts, and our There was no scout army behind, and there were a lot of them. However, our small army that time only had no scout army, and there were no right and left armies. That was nothing unusual. If we really wanted to retreat, we would definitely do it. Do you have two armies of right and left? If we have two armies of right and left outside, the consequences will be very slight. So believe me, we still don’t have two armies of right and left. It’s just that we still have two armies of right and left. Retreating to the area that your surveillance sphere can monitor does not mean that our number is much smaller than you think.”

A disciple immediately said: “If I tell the elder, it’s not around eight million.” We calculated using the Sky Sphere, so we would make mistakes. When Bai Yan heard what we said, he took a deep breath. tone, and then said: “Can you know where we will come out?” Bai Yan still cares about the Shadow Tribe people. We must stop the Shadow Tribe people’s retreat after the Shadow Tribe people retreat from us, so Bai Yan must You have to know where we will retreat from and attack Ding Chunming, and we also have to make arrangements.

When Bai Yan heard what I said, he was stunned. At that moment, a disciple suddenly said: “Here we come, the right and left armies are coming.” When Bai Yan heard what I said, he immediately turned towards the projection. Looking at it, he saw two more small armies appeared on the right and left sides of these small armies of Shadow Tribe people under the projection. Although the number was not as small as that small army of Shadow Tribe people, it was still a lot. He rolled his eyes and said immediately: “Are there not many people?”

A disciple said: “It was only one of our teams that came out of the Bronze Dragon Alliance. Do you believe that we may not have other teams, so there were only a few people who came out that time, and that was That’s bad.”


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