Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 415: Arrival


After listening to Ding Chunming’s words, Baiyan nodded, and then he said: “Then who do you think we should send?”

Ding Chunming said solemnly: “Let Xu Gang lead the people. He is training the cavalry now. The alien cavalry is also busy. Sun Buyu has no way to leave, and Xu Gang is the first person to command the alien cavalry. , his command of the cavalry is still very good, and this time we mainly want to entangle those Shadow Clan people, and the speed requirements for the disciples are very high, so it is most suitable for Xu Gang to take command.”

I rolled my eyes and thought for a while, then nodded and said: “Old Xu is indeed suitable. Okay, let Lao Xu go. Lao Xu rarely takes action these days. He is focused on practicing. It’s time to let them move.” It’s moving, I’ll call him here now.” Then Bai Yan wrote to Xu Gang directly, asking Xu Gang to come, and soon Xu Gang arrived at their place. When he saw this situation, Xu Gang was stunned, Then he immediately rolled his eyes and said, “Old Bai, what’s wrong? What’s going on?” Xu Gang really didn’t know the content of their meeting, so he asked like this.

Bai Yan said: “The Shadow Tribe is here, five million people, and they are still in the danger zone. We want you to take people there, and entangle the Shadow Tribe first so that they don’t arrive so quickly. How about coming here so that Hongliang can have time to set up the magic circle? Is that okay?”

As soon as Xu Gang heard what Bai Yan said, he immediately smiled and said: “Okay, why not? You can just leave it to me without any worries. I promise to trap the Shadow Clan people. By the way, how many people will you give me? “Of course Xu Gang is not afraid of fighting. He rolled his eyes and asked, and I immediately took over the task.

Bai Yan said in a deep voice: “You are in charge of that one. He will take care of it himself. He can take it as long as he thinks it is enough. As long as Xu Gang is willing to join the war, he can’t take him with him. But you have to talk to him. He went there that time just to entangle the Shadow Clan people, but also to see how strong these people are, and to see how your disciples’ training results are. There is nothing that needs to be corrected, and everything must be kept vague. , so that you can deal with the Shadow Tribe people even worse in the past, how about that? Is there a problem?”

Zongmen smiled and said: “There is a problem. The next one is broken. Are you going to leave now?” Of course Zongmen thinks there is no problem, but I think there will be no problem with our results. I still I really don’t have any urgency to fight anymore. In those days, I concentrated on training and my strength improved a little, but I participated in more battles. And the sect is actually a very bad person in fighting. , It’s a pity that there have been more and more opportunities like this in those years. I really haven’t gotten used to it. Now it’s broken and I have no chance. Of course I am willing. That’s why I ask this. I really hate it. He had to start a war with the Shadow Clan immediately.

Baiyan said: “No, he will go back to Ou’an now to select people, and then set off. The worst is to go to the territory of the Bronze Dragon Alliance first. There are no coordinates for you outside. They have arrived. Before that, before retreating outside the safe zone and attacking the Shadow Clan, we need to kill a few of us. You just need to entangle us so that we can’t get to you so slowly.”

Zongmen nodded. My figure disappeared in the last moment. I walked very slowly. I rolled my eyes at the situation. I was stunned at first, but then I smiled bitterly, and then I He said in a deep voice: “It’s so slow to walk. Forget it, just leave. Okay, you guys go and do your work. First, set up the magic circle outside. As for dealing with the Shadow Clan people, , just leave it to Lao Xu to break first.” Of course everyone would approve and all agreed, we still have great trust in the sect and know that I must not entangle the Shadow Clan people.

At that time, Ou An had not returned to the Xuanwu Space. I had been training these disciples in those days. Of course, I knew everything about how well these disciples were trained, so as soon as I returned to the Xuanwu Space , I immediately finished selecting people. The people I selected that time were not very few, only less than two million people. And those two million people, I planned to divide them into seven mythical beasts. Each mythical beast would pretend to be seven. One hundred thousand people, each mythical beast is not a brigade. That brigade will retreat and attack the Shadow Clan people. I believe that we must not entangle the Shadow Clan people. I have no confidence in the disciples of the Blood Killing Sect, and I have no confidence in myself. , so the sect selects people very slowly, and two million people are chosen very slowly. At the same time, in addition to myself, I also designate seven elders, and the sacred beasts of those seven elders are all very slow beasts. , each mythical beast has two million people installed outside it. Of course, now we will still retreat outside the mythical beast space, but we must first go outside the Bronze Dragon Alliance. Before retreating outside the mythical beast space, we must now Just retreat outside the mythical beast space. If the mythical beast wants to teleport, the movement is too small. This is also a characteristic of the mythical beast. Once there are too few people outside the mythical beast space, the mythical beast can use a large teleportation array when teleporting. Now, we can only use a small teleportation array, because once we have people outside our divine beast space, our body size can be reduced, so we can only use a small teleportation array. The sect now wants to make such a small movement, so Before selecting the disciples, we were teleported directly to the outside of the Bronze Dragon Alliance. By the time we arrived outside the Bronze Dragon Alliance, it was too late for us to retreat outside the divine beast space.

The sect’s divine beast is also a giant eagle. Seven giant eagles and divine beasts flew straight to the outside of the safe area. Very slowly, we arrived outside the next area. When we arrived outside the safe area, we headed straight towards the shadow. The tribe flew in the direction of the clan, and the sect said in a deep voice: “At least one hundred thousand people can stand behind your sacred beast, so when you retreat, there will only be one hundred thousand people behind the sacred beast. The other people must Riding the alien, go attack the small army of the Shadow Tribe. Remember, it is necessary to fight with the Shadow Tribe in close combat. The difficulty is entangled. Not yet, be careful to make bad cooperation. Your spells Although the attack power is great, the strength of the Shadow Tribe people is also strong. One spell may do something to us. Please be careful. Ten people attack one Shadow Tribe person. Ten spells will not kill us. A Shadow Clan member has died. The commanders of each mythical beast have taken notice. They will get you a small energy-absorbing bottle on the back of their divine beast. If a Shadow Clan member dies, our white mist must be sucked out of the bottle. It can make this white mist return to the outside of our Resurrection Stone.”

Everyone responded at once, and then Ou An was talking. We were not far away from the small army of the Shadow Tribe, and the one we were going to retreat that time was also the central army of the Shadow Tribe. , but the right and left armies of the Shadow Clan are retreating to attack our central army. It is too much. The distance between our right and left armies and the central army is not very far. We are retreating to attack the Shadow Clan’s army. The central army, the right and left armies of the Shadow Tribe people will support the central army. At that time, we may face the security of the right and left flanks. If one of them fails, we will be entangled by the Shadow Tribe people, and then we are really doomed, so We can only retreat our right and left armies. In fact, the same goes for retreating our right and left armies. Once the right and left armies of the Shadow Tribe are attacked, our central army may also act alone. We are also worried about our If the Chinese army acts alone, it may be besieged by the Blood Killing Sect. Therefore, we are very vague. As long as our right and left armies retreat, we cannot hold back the small army of the Shadow Clan. And our purpose It is not to hold back the small army of the Shadow Tribe, but to destroy it. Therefore, we only need to retreat and attack the right and left armies. The central army needs to be less careful. Whether it is necessary or not is too much. The sect also made no arrangements to retreat the right and left armies, especially the seven-headed divine beasts. None of the divine beasts were used for maneuvering. Once the central army of the Shadow Tribe acted alone, this maneuverable divine beast would , will attack us.

When everyone heard what the sect said, they all responded, and the sect nodded. Then I glanced at everyone, and then said: “After that, when you fought against the Shadow Clan people, you always dared to expose your identity. , this fight is so frustrating. Now that the Shadow Tribe people know your identities, there is no need for you to hide it. Let’s start the fight. Let the Shadow Tribe people know what you are going to do. Even if you are outnumbered, It’s like us, we still can’t let us look bad, now, let’s go!” Everyone responded, and then we went directly to the sacred beast we wanted to stay, and set off directly, and the sect also set off with its own sacred beast. .

When we arrived outside the Bronze Dragon Alliance, the sect came directly to its command podium. I immediately opened the public communication channel, and everyone immediately received my projection communication. As soon as everyone opened the door, Ou An appeared in front of everyone. Ou An glanced at everyone, and then said: “That was the first time that your Blood Killing Sect fought against the Shadow Clan since you unified the world of divine beasts. You know that Xiaojia and Ouan attach great importance to that Now the magic circle outside Xu Gang’s base is still arranged, but you only have one mission. , entangled the Shadow Tribe and held us back so that we could reach outside your base so slowly, so you were divided into seven teams. Your mission is not to harass the Shadow Tribe, but to speed us up. Speaking of which, you don’t have a teleportation array, so you can’t use the slowest speed to get there. But the Shadow Tribe people don’t have a teleportation array. It’s possible for us to teleport directly to the outside of your base. We can only go bit by bit. Then This is not your chance. Your retreat attack must be based on the Yantian Sphere. Your Yantian Sphere combines the advantages of the Spirit Sealing Book and cannot release various spells, and the spells of your Blood Killing Sect are even more powerful. Less, the power is even smaller, so when Xiaojia takes over, he does not mainly use magic to attack the Shadow Tribe people, but uses his hands. However, he must also remember that he is going to be entangled by the Shadow Tribe people. In short, it is not just a word, protect yourself. Delay the enemy!”

It was very slow for the sect to arrive outside the Bronze Dragon Alliance. Before we all arrived outside the Bronze Dragon Alliance, the sect directly asked all the disciples to retreat outside these divine beasts. , all are eagle-shaped beasts, very slow, and that is what the sect needs. If we want to entangle the Shadow Tribe, speed is very important. If we go too fast, we may be entangled by the Shadow Tribe.

Of course the sect’s natal divine beast can be released. The one I am using now is a public divine beast from the Blood Killing Sect. What is a public divine beast? In fact, it is not a mythical beast outside the Blood Killing Sect. There are only a few mythical beasts produced. Those mythical beasts have no owners. People outside Ou’an definitely want to use them, so they cannot be used directly. Of course, in special circumstances, they are all unknown. Only people with high status can use it, and people with sufficient status can use it. After all, it is possible for outsiders of the Blood Killing Sect to produce too few gods.


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