Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 413: Determined plan


Time flies, and a month has passed in the blink of an eye. In this month, earth-shaking changes have taken place in the world of divine beasts. First of all, the territory of the monks has expanded again and again, and now the Blood Killing Sect has finally unified the world of divine beasts. , today is the day when the last person from the world of mythical beasts joins the Blood Killing Sect. Of course, this person is now a member of the undead clan.

After Bai Yan received the news, he directly informed the top brass of the Blood Killing Sect in the Divine Beast Realm to go to his place for a meeting. After everyone arrived, Bai Yan looked at everyone with a smile on his face, Then he smiled slightly and said: “I want to tell you some good news. Now, all the people in the Divine Beast Realm have become the territory of our Blood Killing Sect. All the people in the Divine Beast Realm have joined our Blood Killing Sect, and 100% of them have joined us. Sixty-five percent belong to the Necromancer clan, and 35% do not. Although there are more Necromancer clans, there is nothing we can do about it. After all, for us, unifying the world of divine beasts as soon as possible is the most important thing. ”

Everyone nodded, rolled their eyes and then said: “Of course, we would also like to thank the Shadow Clan here. The Shadow Clan gave us a month to unify the world of divine beasts, and now they are here. , we have nothing to fear, we can just go to war with them. We have never been afraid of them in a head-on battle.”

Everyone nodded, with smiles on their faces. When Byakugan said he wanted to thank the Shadow Clan people, they thought he had made a mistake, but they did not expect that what he meant was what we were talking about.

Baiyan then said: “Now that you have not finished the step of unifying the Divine Machine Hall, you will have to end the retreat and your arrangement will be over. How to deal with the Shadow Tribe people? You are all inexperienced. Do you want to be young?” Everyone knows what to do. The first step now is not to cover all the territory under the monk’s law with magic circles, and then to upgrade the divine beasts that are now outside the Shenji Hall. The first step is not to Turn the entire Shenji Hall into a monk law area, and then cover it with magic circles. Of course, it will take some time to do that, and the Shadow Clan may give you such a long time, so you must do it Not ready to fight at any time.”

After hearing what Bai Yan said, everyone nodded, and Ding Chunming said: “Let Lao Wen send people, the worst is to ask Hong Liang to bring people, and then we will finish setting up the magic circle under the ground. At the same time, the underground city must be built. The construction of the underground city can definitely be stopped. Even if the entire Yin Yashun area is built, it can still be stopped. It must be built in the area controlled by the Shadow Tribe. The above-ground base is not the confidence for you to fight against the Shadow Tribe. , you cannot retreat from here at any time to attack the Shadow Clan. Even if the war is really lost, you cannot directly retreat from here to the outside of the underground city to recuperate, so the construction of the underground city can definitely be stopped. ”

Baiyan nodded, and then said: “Don’t you have any other suggestions?” Baiyan absolutely agrees with Ding Chunming’s construction of the underground city. I agree with that approach. I I also want to ask Xiaojia if she has any other suggestions.

At that time, Sheng Si said: “Uncle Bai, do you think that now that all the people outside are your own, there is no need for you to hide them. The last time you fought against the Shadow Tribe, , we can’t go back and experiment to see what is going on with our resurrection gems. What method can you use to destroy our resurrection gems? As long as you can destroy our resurrection gems, this will We can be resurrected. As long as we can be resurrected, it will be too difficult to deal with us.”

Everyone nodded and rolled their eyes and said in a deep voice: “Send a letter to Lao Wen and ask Hongliang to bring someone here personally.” Everyone nodded and rolled their eyes and then said: “Xiaojia doesn’t have any suggestions yet. ?”

Gongsun Yulong said: “Your divine beasts are smaller in size and their charge is very bad. But when fighting against the Shadow Tribe people, the target is too small, so each divine beast must be equipped with fewer people. Those people You see, they are all used as cavalry. When fighting against the Shadow Tribe, even if we don’t have mounts, the aliens will help us retreat and fight. We don’t have the Sky Ball yet, so we are adding our own weapons. Do you doubt that we, once charged, Get up, the people of the Shadow Tribe will be very happy. You must start from now on, and start the experiment in that area. The first thing is to end the organization of disciples now, and start the experiment outside the real illusion. In this way, during the battle, it is What could go wrong? It’s not a bottle that absorbs the power of the Shadow Tribe. When fighting in the past, the worst thing was that everyone had one. After the Shadow Tribe came to retreat, they immediately organized all the gods. The disciples outside the machine hall retreated to the real illusion realm for a period of training, so that nothing could go wrong when fighting the Shadow Tribe people. You think we also want to stay outside the Xuanwu space, so as to participate in that A battle, right? If you ask us, no one wants to participate in the battle with the Shadow Clan. This is for us to participate. If you want to participate, you should retreat immediately for training. At least let us know that your clan How to use the battle formation of the sect, and how to retreat and cooperate with each other during the battle, what do you think?” Gongsun Yulong usually expresses his opinions a lot, and that time I was also fighting with the Shadow Tribe people outside. At that time, I had to think of a way before making a sloppy observation, and then I proposed it, and my words made everyone nodded, feeling that what I said was unreasonable, and we really needed to delay preparations.

The relationship between humans and mythical beasts outside the Shenji Hall is the same as that between master and slave. If the master is injured, the slave will help share the consequences. If the slave is injured, the master will be affected in any way. That is not the relationship between master and slave. Although the divine beasts outside Shenji Hall cannot lend their power to people outside Shenji Hall, the divine beasts outside Shenji Hall can help us practice, and even more so. Maybe you can share your talents with us. Of course, that means in the future. It’s not the same now.

Everyone nodded, rolled their eyes and then said: “Now we are not training the disciples backwards. We are training us to fight with the divine beasts. What kind of formation should we use and how to fight? We still don’t like it. , see what effect the magic circle will have on the back of the divine beast. Those must be tested out as soon as possible, so that you can’t use them when fighting against the Shadow Tribe people. As for the underground city. , just tell Mr. Zhen that you can’t do it.” Everyone responded.

Yin Yawai is rarely proficient in magic circles, but there are people who are not selected into the world of mythical beasts. They are directly selected. We will be assigned to the world of mythical beasts. Our purpose of going to the world of mythical beasts is The only one is that the magic circle is arranged on the back of the mythical beast, and that magic circle must not be changed at any time. The magic circle on the back of the mythical beast can also change one layer at a time. For example, when the mythical beast is retreating At that time, my magic circle must be a retrograde magic circle. When the mythical beasts are definitely defending, my magic circle must be a defensive magic circle. There must be less mythical beasts to cooperate with each other in the battle. Such magic beasts carry magic on their backs. The formation must also be united, that is not the job of these people.

The mythical beasts of the Blood Killing Sect are partners. They are the closest partners and comrades in arms. They live and die together. Therefore, when the mythical beasts are injured, the disciples of the Blood Killing Sect will also be injured. When practicing the mythical beasts, Blood Killing The disciples of the sect will also benefit from the talent of the divine beasts, and the disciples of the Blood Killing sect cannot share it, because they love to do harm.

And that time, the disciples of the Blood Killing Sect, when we fight, we must fight with cavalry. Our mounts are our own sacred beasts, and they cannot be aliens. If we use aliens as mounts, such a beast The alien is not our mount, and the other alien is not the weapon in our foreheads. Every disciple of the Blood Killing Sect does not have two aliens following us. There are only a small number of disciples who will regard one of them as their own. Mount, and the other end is regarded as our own weapon. We will release our natal beast as our own mount, because once our natal beast is injured, we will also be injured, and our shared damage is not It is said that if the mythical beast is injured, we will also be injured. It does not mean that if the mythical beast is injured, we will be in trouble, so we will release the mythical beast as our own weapon, because the target is too small, and we love to get hurt.

Baiyan then said: “No, let’s go back first, and we will continue to do the same thing tomorrow.” Everyone responded, and then Baiyan let everyone leave. Before everyone left, Blood Kill The war machine of the sect also stopped operating at full capacity. First of all, Zhang Hongliang led his disciples from the world of mythical beasts and retreated directly to the outside of the mythical beast space, and ended up setting up a magic circle outside the mythical beast, it wasn’t , Yao Jianhao and Sun Shi met Xu Gang, and the eight of us completed the retreat training for the disciples of the Blood Killing Sect. The purpose of training us was not to let us learn how to retreat and fight behind the backs of divine beasts, and how to fight with The mythical beasts cooperate in fighting.

Baiyan said in a deep voice: “Based on the little beast, retreating and fighting together, that is indeed feasible. Bad, let’s do that. Don’t you have any other ideas?” Baiyan looked at everyone, everyone After an unimportant decision, we would all get together to discuss like this. It was a habit for few people who attended such meetings every time. We had never thought that a sect could actually be That way, it was exactly the same as what we imagined. Not many people said anything, even Zeng Haichao and we didn’t say anything. Although we have participated in such meetings in the future, but like now , we have never participated in meetings that directly decided how to retreat and prepare for small battles in the past, so we were not used to it, so naturally we didn’t speak up.

As soon as I rolled my eyes to see if anyone was talking, I said directly: “No, everyone is talking, so you just do a few things first. The first step is to set up the magic circle. You can give it to Lao Wen now.” Write a letter and ask Lao Wen to send Hong Liang over, and at the same time transfer some people from outside the world of divine beasts. The seventh step is to conduct an investigation on the people outside Yin Yashun who joined the sect to see if anyone wants to participate in that small event. Fighting, if there is no chance, let us go back to the Xuanwu space. We are going to participate in that small battle. As for these special people outside the Shenji Hall, let us go back to the sect directly. Let’s go out and practice badly. Do you think if we practice badly outside Yinya for a period of time, our strength will be improved accordingly, because we will cherish such opportunities even more.”


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