Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 412: Formal disciple


The leader of the Jade Shadow Alliance looked at Elder Zhang and the others, and said in a deep voice: “I just received the news. The elder asked us to go there. I have inquired about it. This elder is among the top in the sect. An elder, but the reason why he is ranked high is not because of his strength, but because he is mainly the person who handles some internal affairs of the sect. What can the elder do to us this time? Do you know? “?” Although they have now joined the Blood Killing Sect, the leader of the Jade Shadow League can still control these people in the Jade Shadow League, because all of them know very well that when they arrive in a strange environment, they must They have to stick together, otherwise their life may not be so easy, so they are still very united now.

When everyone heard the leader asking this question, they all shook their heads. They really didn’t know about this matter. When the leader of the Jade Shadow League heard what Elder Zhang said, he didn’t say anything. He said in a deep voice: “Forget it if I don’t know. It seems that Elder Chang has something to do with us. Okay, let’s go. Don’t keep Elder Chang waiting.” Everyone agreed, and then they all followed the leader and left the room. After a while, they arrived at Cheng Wanchun’s magical beast. After they arrived, Cheng Wanchun directly invited them in. Although there were many people here this time, they believed that Cheng Wanchun If Chun lets them in, there will definitely be no problem. After all, they have seen bread trees and noodle trees. With these things, ordinary people don’t have to worry about food, and there will be no small space in the mythical beast space. Come out, this mythical beast space cannot accommodate those of us, which is abnormal.

Sure enough, as soon as we retreated into the mythical beast space, we saw a huge space. Outside the space, there were very few chairs, only on the outermost side. There was no table, and there was no table under it. There is a table and a chair.

Before the disciples ushered us back, they let us sit on it. Before we all sat down, the sect’s inner person appeared outside. Leaders, we know that the sect’s inner person should be outside the big space. We didn’t come out until we all retreated.

However, everyone did not feel that there was anything wrong. Instead, they saluted directly to the sect and said: “See you and grow up.”

Looking at the faces of everyone in the sect, the sect smiled slightly and said: “Everyone is welcome, please take a seat.” Everyone thanked them before they sat down. Before everyone sat down, the sect The person in the door looked at the crowd and said: “In the recent period of retreat, because there are fewer people joining Yu Jian, Xiaojia is quite busy, so I don’t have time to chat with Xiaojia. I also know that Xiaojia is in Tan.” “Lian Wai is still used to it. If they have nothing to do, they can’t tell you directly now. It doesn’t matter. We are all our own people, but you have to be polite.” Tan Lianying looked at the people above with a smile on her face. .

As soon as we, the alliance leader, heard what the sect said, we were startled. Then the alliance leader hurriedly said: “Yes, yes, you are very used to it. Our life now is much worse than it will be in the future. The sect leader The door is really too polite.”

The sect smiled and said: “Bad, the habit is broken. When I called Xiaojia here today, I didn’t want to talk to Xiaojia about anything. It wasn’t about the jade slips. Everyone in Xiaojia is now You are one of our own, so you should tell me the truth. The Tan Lian they saw was just the tip of the iceberg, not the jade slips. The real jade slips were actually not located outside, but It’s in another place, and their bodies are no longer restricted by the Jade Slip, and they may be betraying the Jade Slip. Therefore, today I will tell Xiaojia the true situation of the Jade Slip, and Xiaojia will take a look first. Before you finish watching that projection, go and have a look outside the real residence of the Jade Slips.” After saying that, the sect took out a piece of Xuanwu. In the eyes of everyone who was confused, I activated the Xuanwu directly. A projection appeared in front of everyone at the last moment, and everyone stared blankly at the projection, unable to react for a while.

But very slowly, we were attracted by the content outside the projection. We looked at the projection quietly, and the more we looked at it, the more we were surprised. It was only an hour ago. An hour ago, the projection was finished. The Xuanwu was put away in the door. Then I looked at the people above and said in a deep voice: “It’s broken. I’ve seen it too. Is there anything I want to ask? If not, this Xiaojia Just retreat outside the sect space, go outside to visit the jade slips, and at the same time collect the welfare recipients of the jade slips, so that they can truly join the jade slips.”

As soon as we, the leader, heard what Tan Lianying said, we reacted immediately. The leader looked at the sect in surprise and said: “Elder Chang, then, what is said outside the projection is true? Is the jade slip really Ascended from the upper world? How many times has Jade Slip really defeated the Shadow Tribe?”

The sect smiled and said: “Of course not, are they going now?” Of course the sect hopes that we will retreat to the sect space. I doubt that anyone will retreat to Tan Lian’s space before , and also want to join the Blood Killing Sect. I have no confidence in the Blood Killing Sect.

Just like that, things were being pushed back in an orderly manner. Those who had joined the Blood Killing Sect did not know that Ding Chunming and we were dealing with all the people who wanted to join the Blood Killing Sect. After losing the undead clan, we are all distressed that we can join the Blood Killing Sect.

The sect smiled and said: “Of course it is true. The contents played outside the projection are all true. You are sure that they came down from the upper world, and you have indeed defeated the shadows several times. Clan members, in the upper realm, you have to wipe out all the Shadow Clan members, so that your clan can ascend to the Immortal Realm. That foreigner, that little family will know the history of Tan Lian before. You can guarantee that all those contents are true. .” The sect was very vague. Anyone who heard the news for the first time would be surprised, so I didn’t take it seriously.

We, the leader of the alliance, were all stunned. We felt right beforehand. We all raised our heads and looked into the sky. The sun was hanging so brightly in the sky, which was very dazzling. That made us, the leader of the alliance, We were all a little surprised. You must know that although we have not lost our own territory in the world of mythical beasts, and there is no light outside, we can see the sun, but it can’t be seen outside.

The sect watched our actions and did not stop us. We are the same as those who retreated outside the sect space later. We have been living with these people who retreated outside the sect space afterwards. Outside the white darkness, we must have been shocked if we looked up rashly, but we, the leader, are living under the territory of the Blood Killing Sect in the sect space. Although there is no sunshine outside, there is no It was very bright, so even if we looked up, based on our strength, it would still hurt our eyes, so I didn’t stop it.

As soon as the leader heard what the sect said, I immediately said: “Chang Lao, can you go take a look outside the jade slip now?”

The leader glanced at the others, then I thought for a while, and then said: “Oh no, you want to go outside the jade slip now and have a look.”

Although our eyes were not injured, they were so irritating that we were about to shed tears. At that time, the sect said: “It’s broken. Xiaojia has never had the chance to see it before. You are above I will arrange for someone to take Xiaojia to visit the sect space.” After saying that, I said in a deep voice: “Come here!” Following my voice, the disciples of the Blood Killing Sect arrived immediately. Those disciples came Before leaving, the horse came to our side in the sect and saluted to the sect. Tan Lianying glanced at us and then said: “No, they will take us to visit the Jade Slips. Go Okay.” These people responded, and then we bowed to the sect, then turned around and walked behind us, the leader of the alliance. Tan Lianying looked at the leader of the alliance and said, “Everyone, they are following the disciples of the Jade Slips, Let’s go visit Badan and collect Tan Lian’s welfare. We will tell them what to do next when they return to the world of mythical beasts, so you can leave first.” The leader of the alliance and we all responded and bowed to the sect, but the sect smiled slightly and disappeared immediately. In fact, it is very reasonable for us to let the leader of the alliance join the Blood Killing Sect now. Because we haven’t joined the Blood Killing Sect yet, and we don’t have Tan Lian’s restriction under us, this lets us know that the Blood Killing Sect is more powerful than we know, so for us, there are no disadvantages or benefits. We will only be more depressed, so let us join the Jade Slips to make it even more miserable.

But we must be allowed to retreat outside the jade slips separately. If we all retreat outside the jade slips at once, there may be less trouble, so the sect will send several groups of people to retreat every day. Tan Lianwai is not here to cause any trouble. The trouble mainly does not mean that too few people are visiting outside the Jade Slips. These disciples will be busy and come over. After all, the Jade Slips are only worth visiting for these people. If there are so few people, it will be very troublesome if too few people retreat as soon as they come up. On the contrary, we will definitely wait until we join the Jade Slips before, which will cause trouble. We will be assigned to various places. When it came to doing her own thing, Tan Lian paid so little attention.

The sect smiled and said: “If there is a problem, Xiaojia needs to relax. You can send Xiaojia there now.” Then I saw my finger pointing to the ground, and the last leader must disappear directly. Yes, of course, the sect also disappeared. Only these tables and chairs were left outside the small space. However, at that time, we in the sect had not yet appeared in a large building in the sect space. At the foot of the mountain.

Then the sect met another person from the big alliance. Those people from the big alliance were all former members of the Blood Killing Sect. They still knew the Blood Killing Sect, so we instinctively gathered together to keep warm. There is suspicion in the sect that as long as we retreat outside the sect space and become the official disciples of the Blood Killing Sect, we will be thinking about hugging together to keep warm, because as long as we join the Blood Killing Sect, we need to do that. , so the current work in the sect is actually very tense. I just need to gather people over, explain the situation to us, and then send us outside the sect space, and let the disciples of Yu Jian take us there. Visiting, this is broken, it simply requires me to do other things, so now I send several groups of people to retreat outside the sect space every day. It is also very slow, and no one will become an official disciple of the Blood Killing Sect. Yes Guo Zongli is still very careless, and arranges things in a bad way every time. I am an old man from the Blood Killing Sect, so I naturally know what to do. I am very vague. The matter about the jade slips can be lost. With focus.


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