Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 411: Conquer


The Tenglong Alliance is a relatively close alliance in the world of mythical beasts. Their alliance is relatively located in a remote location, and they don’t have much supplies here, so many people don’t like to come to them. They I am happy to be clean. Of course, there are also some small alliances here to make a living here. The Tenglong Alliance is living a very good life here.

The Tenglong Alliance doesn’t like to get involved in the world of mythical beasts. They are like people from remote mountainous areas. They don’t like to integrate into big cities and live their own lives leisurely. It is precisely because of this that the last **** battle After killing the members of the Great Hate Alliance, they did not attend the meeting. It was precisely because of this that there were no Blood Killing Sect disciples in their alliance.

This time, they also received news of the establishment of the Blood Killing Sect, but they didn’t care. They were like hermits. They might know about the things in the outside world, but they didn’t care. Maybe they felt that those things It has nothing to do with them.

So the people in the Tenglong League have always lived their own lives, nothing special. They feel that they are in a remote location, and even if they don’t join the Blood Killing Sect, it won’t matter. Anyway, they are used to it now. Such a life, so he didn’t care at all. Maybe in their eyes, the blood-killing clan was not established, and it had nothing to do with them.

On this day, a colorful light shield suddenly appeared around the Tenglong League, and immediately covered the Tenglong League’s station. The people of the Tenglong League did not react for a while. They had been safe for too long. , they have not lost their vigilance for a long time. They have been living here for so many years, but there has never been a war, so they did not pay attention to anything unusual around them. But just like this, they were directly The Five Elements Spectral Realm was covered, and Ding Chunming led the alien cavalry directly to appear here. The people of the Tenglong Alliance also reacted to this entry, and they all came out of their own divine beast space.

When the people from the Soaring Dragon Alliance came out of their mythical beast space, there were immediately colorful light belts, which directly entangled those mythical beasts, so that not many soldiers in the mythical beasts could come out, because Once the light entangles the divine beast, people in the divine beast’s space will have no way to come out. The Five Elements Light Dividing Realm has the ability to seal it.

At this time, the leader of the Tenglong Alliance, Tengfei, was standing there with an ugly expression. He looked at Ding Chunming, and then said in a deep voice: “Who are you? Why are you surrounding us?” Obviously, although he knew the outside world What happened, but he didn’t seem to care much about these things. Otherwise, it would be absolutely impossible not to know Ding Chunming. After all, Ding Chunming is now considered a wise man.

Ding Chunming looked at Teng Fei, smiled slightly and said: “Let me introduce myself, Ding Chunming, I am an elder of the Blood Killing Sect. I have only one purpose for surrounding you today, which is to invite you to join the Blood Killing Sect. I don’t know. What do you think?” After Ding Chunming finished speaking, he looked at Tengfei, waiting for Tengfei and the others’ reply. As soon as Tengfei and the others heard his name and purpose, their expressions changed.

Tengfei looked at Ding Chunming and said: “You Blood Killing Sect, are you going too far to deceive others? Our Tenglong Alliance has nothing to do with you. Now you suddenly want us to join you. What do you mean? Do you think that our Tenglong Alliance people are easy to bully?” Tengfei really didn’t expect that Ding Chunming would be a member of the Blood Killing Sect. He really felt that the people of the Blood Killing Sect were too domineering, and they were just They just want to live their own lives, but people from the Blood Killing Clan come and force them to join This is indeed a bit much.

Ding Chunming looked at Teng Fei and couldn’t help but smile, and then said: “Are we going too far? This seems to be true. We have been fighting against the Shadow Tribe people. Without us, you can live such a stable life. Isn’t it a bit excessive that we let you live such a stable life, but you have such an attitude towards us? Now, I will give you two choices, either you voluntarily join our Blood Killing Sect, or you You have to choose your own death, I will give you ten breaths to think about it.”

Tengfei looked at Ding Chunming, but Ding Chunming looked at him calmly. Tengfei said in a deep voice: “Are you really going to do this? If we really try our best, you won’t have it easy either. You still want to unify the world of mythical beasts, so stop dreaming.”

Ding Chunming looked at Teng Fei and couldn’t help but shook his head and said: “It seems that you still know too little about the outside world, and you don’t even know about our situation. Okay, let me tell you. Now in the world of divine beasts, 90% of the people have joined our Blood Killing Sect. Do you think there is any problem with me saying that I want to unify the world of divine beasts under such circumstances? Do you think you can just rely on your Tenglong Alliance? Can you stop our attack? Are you too naive? Tengfei, the world of mythical beasts has changed a long time ago. Don’t look at the current world of mythical beasts with the previous ideas. There was no way to unify the previous world of mythical beasts. , but do you think that there is still no way to unify the world of mythical beasts? Come on, let me see what capabilities you have to stop our attack.”


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