Beastmaster of the Ages Chapter 3923: The Key to Miracle Mountain


After killing Chu Xuan, Li Tianming quickly cleaned up the things he was carrying.

First of all, Chu Xuan doesn’t have a shadow-chasing ring. He is also a descendant of a small family of companion stars, and his background is far from that of the Eight Gods.

In addition to the shadow ring, there are quite a few other treasures, which shows that this person is indeed very greedy, extorting blackmail everywhere, and his character is very bad. .

Immediately afterwards, Li Tianming focused his attention on the thing that Eternal Sky Hate Feng let Chu Xuan run errands, it was a jade box.

Before Li Tianming opened the jade box, there was an open communication stone beside Chu Xuan, and a very cold voice came.

“Who the **** are you? Dare to take the things of my Huantian Protoss, and take your life carefully.”

The one who said this should be Eternal Sky Hate Feng’s wife.

Li Tianming ignored her and smashed the communication stone directly, and then he opened the jade box while returning to the Wanzhou Friendship Association.

After the jade box was opened, a heart-shaped key appeared in Li Tianming, which was obviously not the material of the Tianyuan artifact.

“It should also be something produced in this ancestral world.”

A completely unseen material.

As for the use of this thing, Li Tianming pondered it for a while, but couldn’t figure it out.

“Definitely useful…”

Chu Xuan wanted to die himself, and Li Tianming chose to send him directly to the West. However, after losing this person, he also lost a channel to obtain information.

“I can only go back to Gususu.” Li Tianming said.

Gu Susu is a second-order Eternal God, stronger than Chu Xuan. She should be regarded as a small leader of the companion star Eternal Alliance. She should know more than Chu Xuan.

“My dear, aren’t you afraid of being caught as a son-in-law?” Yinghuo pouted.

“As far as I know, he is just fine.” Xianxian sneered.

“Don’t talk nonsense.” Li Tianming was determined, “Actually, I think Gu Susu should be okay, but I guess he was deceived emotionally. I just need to make it clear, she should not force me.”

“This gang of Eternal Gods of the Xingxu has one thing in their mouth and one in their heart. That Yuan Taki was very kind at first, but you forgot later?” Ji Ji said coldly.

“Haha, everyone has human nature. It means that no matter how high a life is, people are still human after all, and they can’t get rid of their human nature.” Li Tianming said happily.

He feels that the current situation is a bit like when he first entered the Primordial Shenzong in Yanhuang Continent. At that time, those disciples of Yuanzong were also making some alliances. To put it bluntly, these companion stars, Eternal God, are marginal people. , they have to do this in order to get closer to the eight gods.

Li Tianming is not afraid of Eternal Heaven’s hatred, but he is now using Lin Feng as a relationship.

With Qin Feng also dead, he and Li Tianming were almost completely isolated from each other.

He turned around directly and went back to the Wanzhou Friendship Association.

When they met just now, Gu Susu gave him a communication stone. After Li Tianming approached, he used the communication stone to say to her: “Sister Susu, can you meet alone?”

In the golden cloud of the message stone, the girl in the snow-white long skirt nodded faintly, and came over from there.

She is a second-order Eternal God, about one hundred and seventy meters, and that long skirt full of precious jade like a snow-white galaxy is close to two hundred meters.

It is said that after reaching the Eternal God Realm, the realm breaks through, and the volume of neutron particles will continue to increase, but the amount of each increase is not fixed, and it is related to the cultivation results of Eternal God in each realm, so Body size will have a fluctuation value.

Some Eternal Gods of the fifth or sixth order may be 300 meters or 800 meters.

It will be a little harder to judge in this way, but it is absolutely certain. For example, the first-order Eternal God cannot be more than 400 meters, and the ninth-order Eternal God cannot be 200 meters.

After Li Tianming arrived at the Seven Derivatives Realm, his height had risen to almost 150 meters, so the difference between him and Gususu was not that big.

It’s probably like a boy of 1.5 meters and a tall girl of 1.7 meters!

“Sister Su Su.” Li Tianming stepped forward.

Gu Susu’s pretty face was filled with snow-white starlight, she asked softly, “Didn’t Chu Xuan take you to busy?”

“He left me again because of something.” Li Tianming lied without a trace.

“Is that so, so are you coming to see me?” Gusu Su pursed his lips and looked at him. Li Tianming asked to meet alone, so it must be a personal matter, otherwise he would go directly to the Star Alliance, everyone. Happy together.

Li Tianming went straight to the point, took out the heart-shaped key, and asked, “I recently got one of these things, can you tell me what it is?”

When he said this, his eyes locked on Gu Susu’s micro-expression, and he judged the value of things based on her reaction.

“The key to Miracle Mountain?” Gu Susu was very surprised.

“Miracle Mountain?” Li Tianming raised his eyebrows slightly and asked curiously, “Sister Su Su, what is this place?”

“Don’t you know?” Gususu asked.

“Because I have always acted alone, no one told me.” Li Tianming said.

“Oh.” Gu Susu didn’t seem to be suspicious, she said gently: “That is a key place that has appeared in the lower layer of ancient Yanhuang in the past two decades. It is very strange, and it is full of various Enchantment, there are still some dangers. You know the fruit of the ancestral world, right? Many of the ancestral world fruit traded in the Wanzhou Friendship Association are produced by the ruins of the Miracle Mountain.”

“With this key, can I enter the Miracle Mountain?” Li Tianming asked.

“Indeed. It is a necessary condition.” Gususu glanced at him with some surprise, and said, “I didn’t expect you to be able to get this key with only half a step of the universe. There are not many half-step universes over there. God dares to enter.”

Li Tianming smiled and said, “So, there are quite a few people who got this key?”

“It’s not too much. Those of us from the small family of companion stars are basically unqualified, but the Eternal God of the Eight Gods has basically one hand, all of which are found in some small ruins, and each one has a hand. That’s enough. That’s why the Wanzhou Friendship Association sells it.” Gu Susu’s personality is somewhat similar to Basically, he answers all questions and has a good attitude towards Li Tianming.

So, this key is very important, but it’s not a big treasure.

Otherwise, it would be impossible for Chu Xuan to run errands.

When Li Tianming heard this, he had already set the goal of going to the Miracle Mountain. He was moved and asked directly: “Sister Susu, I want to ask, have you heard about the Night Demon? Ah? This guy was active in Dayan Four and Nine Stars before, and I heard that he has recently come to the ancient Yanhuang ruins.”

“I’ve heard of it.” Gususu paused, “This is a terrible existence, why are you inquiring about him?”

“I’m just a little curious. After all, he seems to have messed up the Illusory God Clan.” Li Tianming laughed.

“Oh.” Gu Susu didn’t think much about it, “He’s in Miracle Mountain.”

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