Beastmaster of the Ages Chapter 3924: The Eastern Emperor Sword is back!


“He’s in Miracle Mountain?” Li Tianming just asked casually, but he didn’t expect to find Ye Lingfeng’s location directly?

“Yes, I just heard a few days ago that he appeared in Shenji Mountain, and he also robbed many treasures and inheritances of the eight gods, and made a group of ten thousand universe-level geniuses half-death. It is said that there are a few’ The eight gods of the king’s bloodline, who died in his hands, are indeed quite a dangerous person.” Gu Susu spoke of this person with a little awe in his heart.

“The blood of the kings?”

“It is the high-end bloodline of the eight gods in the Wanzhou-level star source world, and they are top-notch in the entire Shangxing Ruins. Above the extreme.” Gu Susu then looked at him very strangely, “Aren’t you from the companion star of the Great Sun Fengshen? There are also the bloodlines of the kings of the meteor gods there, don’t you know?”

Li Tianming shook his head and said, “No, I’m not questioning, I’m just surprised, I didn’t expect this Night Demon to be so strong.”

“Oh.” Gu Susu thought she had misunderstood. In her world, there were no visitors to Shangxingxu, and they were basically indigenous people, so she would not have thought that Li Tianming was a visitor to Xingxingxu.

And Li Tianming was still very surprised.

“The 50-pole cosmic beast, the companion beast’s power is 50 times that of the beastmaster, can this beastmaster be ignored? Remote mascot.”

It’s not that the beastmaster is weak, but the companion beast is too strong!

The problem is, even if the talent is so high, and let Ye Lingfeng solve it, it means that this kid is also prosperous here, and he doesn’t know Li Tianming to protect him.



It’s just a brother reunion!

“Xiao Feng, are you going to Miracle Mountain?” Gususu asked.

“I got this key, of course I want to go and have a look.” Li Tianming nodded and said.

“That place is too dangerous for you.” Gususu reminded.

“It’s fine, I’ll take a look from a distance and don’t go in.” Li Tianming laughed.

“If you don’t get in, there’s danger.” Gususu frowned, “Let’s not talk about the eight gods, they like to call us to be cannon fodder, in addition to the night demon, the miracle mountain has A danger.”

“There is still danger, is that?”

“The people from the ancient Hengsha, they entered the lower ruins from another direction. This is the ancient Shangxingxu clan that cannot be suppressed by the heavenly way. They have many means comparable to the eight gods. And the eight gods The people have a big hatred, and once they meet, they will not let us go. They have also recently set their sights on the Miracle Mountain, and they are in the process of conquering it. In recent years, the conflict between the eight gods and them has been very big.” Susu said.

“Swire Hengsha?”

Golden stars, rebirth of ancient ancestors…

“If I contact them, wouldn’t I be able to reach Ling’er directly through their entrance?”

Thinking of this, Li Tianming is not only not afraid, but even more excited!

Whether it is Jiang Feiling or Ye Lingfeng, he misses both. In contrast, he definitely misses the former more. After all, Ye Lingfeng and Li Qingyu, and Jiang Feiling is the only one.

“Thank you Sister Su Su for letting me know.” Li Tianming put away the heart-shaped key. He had already planned to go, but he didn’t know the location of the Miracle Mountain.

“Are you still determined to go?” Gususu asked quietly.

“Yes.” Li Tianming nodded.

“Okay, my sister has been there a few times, I’ll take you there.” Gu Susu said.

Li Tianming was startled for a moment and asked, “You have the key too?”

Gususu smiled, “There is just one.”

Her warm smile made Li Tianming feel the temperature of the Eternal God. He deeply realized that although the Eternal God is a small universe in the shape of a human, his characteristics of belonging to a human being are so obvious, and this is how is the bridge between lives.

“I’ve been free lately. I’ll take you for a walk. Anyway, you don’t know the way.” Gu Susu explained.

“Thank you, Sister Su Su.” She helped Li Tianming a lot today, and it really saved Li Tianming a lot of effort.

Next, the two were silent instead.

Gu Susu looked at him for a long time, then suddenly said: “Xiao Feng, is Chu Xuan talking nonsense in front of you, saying that I want a son-in-law or something?”

Li Tianming said with shame: “Yes! But Sister Su Su, I actually have a sweetheart.”

Gu Susu couldn’t help laughing and crying, said: “Don’t believe this person, he is very bad.”


Gu Susu bowed her head slightly and said sadly: “I did have a relationship that wasn’t going well, but that’s in the past. Besides, I’m not pregnant, so I don’t need to take over!”

Li Tianming: “…”

He can only say that this Chu Xuan is really talented!

However, gossip, even among the Eternal Gods, is terrifying and can easily ruin a person’s reputation.

She probably couldn’t argue, and could only endure it.

“Then why did Sister Susu treat me so well?” Li Tianming asked.

“I just think that it is not easy for our companion star clan. I think you were introduced by Chu Xuan. This guy cheats people every day, so I know that he has cheated on you, and it is not easy to think of you alone… “Gu Susu said seriously.

Li Tianming was very moved.

What a caring and good sister!

Refreshed Li Tianming’s view of the Eternal God of Shangxing Ruins.

“He still cares about the introduction fee, otherwise you think, why is he so kind?” Gususu told Li Tianming, “Try not to be with him in the future.”

“I see, Sister Su Su, I’ll follow you.” Li Tianming laughed.

“Don’t use the word “mixed”, it’s like a mixed society, our companion star family, not born, is not easy, just take care of each other.” Gu Susu said.

“Got it!”

Next, Gu Susu didn’t say much, and took him directly to the Miracle Mountain.

Li Tianming controlled the ancestral underworld boat and followed behind them.

It took about a month for Li Tianming and Gu Susu to become familiar with each other.

At this time, the soul demon in the ancestral world’s underworld boat suddenly felt a sense and pointed forward excitedly, which means that Ye Lingfeng is really there!

What surprised Li Tianming was that even he had something on him, and he had a new sense!

That thing is the Eastern Emperor Sword!

“In front of you is the Miracle Mountain. This Miracle Mountain has propped up the Yanhuang Mingyuan and is protected by a 90,000-layer barrier. It is in the shape of a sword, with gold and black colors, and its majesty is impressive! There are a lot of secrets! Now the orders that the elders have given to the disciples of the eight gods is to dig out the treasures of the Miracle Mountain with all their strength…” Gu Susu said.

“The shape of the sword?” Li Tianming took out the Eastern Emperor Sword and asked, “Sister, does it look like my sword?”

Gu Susu was slightly surprised: “It’s really She glanced at Li Tianming and said with a chuckle, “Maybe I have a fate with you! “

“That’s right, there must be a great fate!”

The Donghuang Sword kept shaking secretly, clearly telling Li Tianming that it had found a new part.

“The Infinite Boundary Monument has brought it back to the Myriad Universe level. Now there are Ditian level divine weapons everywhere. This is such a huge miraculous mountain in the ancestral realm, should it return to the Universe Artifact?”

Those eight gods, the ancient Hengsha genius Eternal God, are all competing on the mountain of miracles?

Li Tianming took a deep breath, his eyes lined up wildly.

And at this moment, breaking through the mud of Yanhuang Mingyuan, an endless ancestral mountain in front of them appeared in front of them.

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