Beastmaster of the Ages Chapter 3922: The Road to the God-Slaughter!


Another one!

Li Tianming glanced around.

They are opening the communication stone to give a key item to the wife of Eternal Sky Hate Feng!

There’s really no one around here.

“Take it! I’ve helped you so much, don’t be smart? Aren’t you very smart?” Seeing Li Tianming’s silence, Chu Xuan was a little upset, and patted his head.

He is the God of the Universe!

The previous Eternal God, whether it was Fen Tianhe or Yuan Taki, made Li Tianming feel very difficult.

And now, this Chu Xuan has a worldly face, squinting at Li Tianming with a smile on the corner of his mouth.

In Chu Xuan’s burning eyes, Li Tianming could see it, he just knew that Li Tianming had no background power in this ancient Yanhuang ruins, so he decided to take him!

Find an excuse to extort money today.

Find a new excuse tomorrow and get another blackmail.

He won’t kill Li Tianming, because when people die, they won’t get new treasures.

Keeping and hanging, there is a steady stream of ‘protection fees’.

“Brother is your great benefactor, don’t you understand?” Chu Xuan said to Li Tianming with a smile.

“Yes, Brother Chu Xuan.”

Li Tianming nodded and put his hand on the Ring of Sumeru, and Brother Chu Xuan also looked over and said with a smile, “Don’t fool me with garbage.”


Li Tianming stretched out his hand and took out an Eastern Emperor Sword!

His eyes suddenly turned cold!

It is tolerable, but unbearable!

He suddenly uses all his strength!

The power of the Purgatory Eternal God and other Zhoutian Xinghai powers are poured into the Eastern Emperor Sword, and within this close range, the Tenfang Era Divine Sword surrounds the sword!

Li Tianming suddenly slashed!

Jiangguang sensation!

The lethal power of Bai Ling’s twenty little infant souls exploded in this sword!

Chu Xuanben still had a ‘kind’ smile on his face. He never dreamed that a half-step Eternal God who was bullied would have the courage to do something to Eternal God.

His face changed suddenly!

Not out of fear, but out of anger.

“Dog guts!”

He roared, and the surging power of the Eternal God erupted from his body. He directly raised an arm, blocking Li Tianming’s sword!

However, when Li Tianming suddenly attacked, he still seized the opportunity!


This sword slashed on Chu Xuan’s arm!


This guy is a phantom **** cultivator, and his phantom **** rolled up thousands of thunders and hurriedly blocked Li Tianming’s sword!

However, the white soul sword slaying on Li Tianming’s sword still burst into his face, tearing his brain and pouring it into it!

“You’re courting death… ah!!”

As soon as Bai Ling killed, Chu Xuan screamed in agony, and cracks appeared in his face, and the neutron particles shattered out one by one!

His eyes almost burst open, looking at Li Tianming in disbelief!

How could a half-step Eternal God have such soul-killing power!

“You must die!!”

It was an unbearable shame to be hurt by a half-step universe god, Chu Xuan’s face was twisted, he suddenly backed away, and fully unfolded his phantom god!

Boom boom boom!

Nine incomparably gigantic thunder serpents gushing from its body!

This is the Jiutian Xuanlei Illusory God!

The giant thunder snake was completely materialized, and it was implicated in his body. It shot in the mud formed by Yanhuang Mingyuan. For a time, the whole world seemed to be a riot of thunder!


Chu Xuan held a Xuantian Thunder Spear of the middle emperor level, standing in front of Li Tianming like the **** of thunder with rage.

“Did you die!”

He was literally furious.

Disgraceful and lost home!

“How dare you touch me?”

Chu Xuan roared, holding the Xuantian Lightning Spear, and rolling the Nine Heavens Xuanlei Illusory God, forming an overwhelming thunder field, rushing towards Li Tianming!

The power of the Universe God is evident!

However, in front of Li Tianming, there was no awe in his eyes, only indifference.


At this moment, a purgatory phoenix bird that shone with endless starlight spread its wings behind it, and the raging fire covered Chu Xuan’s thunder on the spot!

“What?!” When Chu Xuan rushed to kill, he was stunned on the spot.

Half-step Eternal God, how could there be an Eternal God companion beast?

Before he could come up with an answer, Li Tianming and Yinghuo killed one bird and one bird.

Yinghuo is not in his right arm, which has damaged Li Tianming’s personal combat power, but the overall combat power is no different.


Purgatory Naruto, surrounded by tens of thousands of phoenix shadows, and after that, there are six fire lotuses, purgatory life fire and other supernatural powers, all of which have expanded countless divine powers, covering Chu Xuan, the Thunder God!

On the purgatory sword feathers of Yinghuo, the burning power of countless one-yuan purgatory fires circulates!


They seem to have returned to the original era, with Li Tianming at the front and Yinghuo at the back!

Sword Formation of the Star Gate of Ten Desolation and Ten Thousand Universes, open!

Li Tianming took control of the Eastern Emperor’s double swords, and opened six star gates. Each sword shone with three ten thousand universe-level star sword qi, of which the power of the purgatory universe **** occupied most of the divine power!

And Bai Ling’s soul-killing power is another kind of divine power!

So Li Tianming’s sword is almost the killing of the Eternal God, and even the killing of the soul is superimposed!

Not only that, the thunder supernatural powers of Miaomiao on the dark arm of the left hand, although not strong, they suppressed Chu Xuan’s phantom **** in terms of attributes, and disintegrated most of his lethality!


Fantasy bubbles, the first wave hit Chu Xuan’s head, causing his just severely injured brain star to fall into chaos again, and his face is full of spiritual blood!

This pain made him even more angry!

In the next instant, Li Tianming took the time to be ruthless, and slashed with both swords, a sword smashed Chu Xuan’s Xuantian Lightning Spear, and a sword pierced his throat!

Behind Chu Xuan, the sharp wings from Yinghuo pierced through Chu Xuan’s waist in an instant, and the tips of the wings almost stabbed Li Tianming!

Front and back, double wear!

This kill came too fast, too suddenly!

“Half-step Eternal God, how can he be so strong…”

He looked bewildered!

Boom boom boom!

The soul-killing power from Bai Ling and Bai Ye erupted from the sword and completely invaded their minds!

And the power of Li Tianming and Yinghuo’s Eternal God turned into countless sword energy, killing and strangling them in their bodies!

Boom boom boom!

Chu Xuan screamed in pain, was strangled by Li Tianming and exploded, and then reassembled into the source of the Eternal God!

“Brother Feng! Brother Feng! You have something to say! Don’t do it!” Until this time, Chu Xuan was finally afraid.

However, Li Tianming ignored him at all!

“Open the coconut and kill him!” Li Tianming and Yinghuo looked at each other.

“Don’t!” Chu Xuan cried bitterly: “Otherwise, you can take away the things that Lord Xianfeng asked me to give! That is a good thing! It must be of great use to you!”


Li Tianming raised his and sneered, “Then kill you and take that thing away.”

Chu Xuan heard the words, and his soul flew away.

It was useless for him to scream. Li Tianming gave him a chance.


After the Eastern Emperor Sword slashed through the source of the Eternal God, Bai Ye and Bai Ling rushed into it, destroying this guy’s broken spiritual body on the spot!


Li Tianming finally let out this breath.

On my own, I can finally kill the God of the Universe!

“This will be the beginning of my road to slaying gods…”

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