Beastmaster of the Ages Chapter 3921: Take it!


Although Chu Xuan accepted the mission of Eternal Sky Hate the Wind, he did not rush to execute it, but took Li Tianming to find the other members of the Starry Sky Alliance.

Obviously because those people are nearby.

The two of them circled the ruined city of the Wanzhou Friendship Association and went deep. After a short walk, a slightly smaller ruined city appeared in front of them. Obviously, this is the place where the stars and geniuses of the Eternal Gods are active.

If you want to come here, you have to start with half-step Eternal God. People such as Baili Brothers, Qin Feng and others are not qualified to enter.

Li Tianming can see at a glance that there are about dozens of companion stars here to rest and communicate.

“Gu Susu, I brought a new person.” Chu Xuan stood outside, not planning to go in.

Some people inside looked over, their eyes locked on Li Tianming’s body, they probably looked at it a few times, but didn’t speak.

At this time, a goddess came flying from the ruins.

Li Tianming looked at the past and was a little surprised. This goddess was slender, the stars were white, and the facial features were extremely delicate. She had a pair of bright eyes, and was dressed in a white dress full of pearls. She had a sweet smile and a charming fragrance. .

As a star god, Li Tianming has always had a hard time feeling towards a higher being like the Eternal God. It may be because his heart has been transformed, or because this girl named Eternal God is called Gususu. It is too delicate and beautiful, and it has a rare sense of immortality, so it will have a natural feeling of heartbeat.

“Life is really amazing in the universe. It’s hard for mortals to imagine the beauty of the Eternal God, but when I become Eternal God, the essence of life still gives me the urge to reproduce, and it is stronger than the mortal stage!”

Eternal God is not the icy star as imagined, and its body can also be warm and soft.

“Wait for Xiaoyu and Zizhen to become the gods of the universe, it should feel better!”

Li Tianming is in a critical stage of transformation, so he can now appreciate the star gods and the cosmos gods, which belongs to the general killing.

This woman named Gususu, in her Star God stage, should also be an ethereal and lovely girl like Jiang Feiling.

“Chu Xuan, who is this?” Gu Susu walked slowly to Li Tianming’s eyes, a pair of starlight eyes looked at Li Tianming, and the brilliance flowed.

“His name is Lin Feng, a half-step Eternal God, from the distant Dasun Aeolus. He is alone in the ancient Yanhuang ruins. I feel boring. If I want to join our companion star, the Eternal Eternal Alliance, I think he is not bad, so I recommend it. Come here.” Chu Xuan said with a smile.

“Oh?” Gu Susu looked at Li Tianming.

“Hello, elder sister.” Li Tianming looked behind her, and there were several women, including some half-step Zhou Shen.

“Are you sure you want to join us?” Gususu asked.

“Sure!” Li Tianming nodded.

“You came from Dari Fengshen alone?” Gususu asked again.

“Yes, there is no one else at home, so come here to try your luck. Find an organization to rely on.” Li Tianming said sincerely.

Gu Susu nodded, then asked the others: “Do you have any opinions?”

Those people shook their heads, not very interested.

But that Gu Susu seemed to be very interested in Li Tianming, she said: “That’s okay, you will be one of us in the future, you want to follow my instructions and arrange things, okay?”

“Yes!” Li Tianming said.

“Although you need to do some work, it is also beneficial. As a member of us, our alliance will also give you a certain degree of protection. If you have a conflict with other people, it will also resolve it for you.” Gusu Su Rou said.

“Understood, Sister Susu.” Li Tianming nodded.

“I’ll show you other people. They’re all your seniors.” Gu Susu was quite enthusiastic, and soon finished introducing the half-step Eternal God and Eternal God from the companion star to Li Tianming, Li Tianming I remembered them one by one.

Those people were a little lukewarm, though.

“You’re new here, and everyone doesn’t know you yet, so it’s normal to be a little cold to you. It’ll be fine when everyone gets acquainted later.” Gu Susu said.

“Understood! I will behave well.” Li Tianming said.

Gu Susu looked at him again and asked, “Why are you wearing a mask?”

Li Tianming used the same explanation, but Gususu obviously didn’t believe it, she chuckled: “With your temperament, you can’t be ugly, but it’s your private matter, it’s up to you.”

“Gususu, how much will he pay?” Chu Xuan asked with a smile, standing beside him.

“It doesn’t count.” Gususu said.

“Don’t pay?”

As soon as these words came out, the eyes of the other people were a little strange, and Chu Xuan was also stunned.

“How can I not pay…”

One person dared to say this, but Gu Susu interrupted him and said, “I will help him.”

“That’s fine too.”

People are no longer reasonable.

Only secretly, they looked at Li Tianming with more pity.

This makes Li Tianming very strange. She pays her dues as soon as she meets her. What is she doing?

What happened to their pitying eyes?

“Xiao Feng, I’m Yuanyi, how about you?” Gususu seemed to plan to chat with him.


As soon as Li Tianming said a word, Chu Xuan suddenly said with a smile: “Let’s talk later, I’m going to do something for Lord Xianfeng, Lin Feng, come with me.”

“Then I’ll be busy first. Come back and find Sister Su Su.” Li Tianming said.

“Okay, pay attention to safety.” Gususu gently urged.


Her concern came a little too suddenly!

Even if Li Tianming wanted to inquire about some news, he had to wait a little longer to get acquainted.

“It’s Chu Xuan…”

Li Tianming followed in his footsteps, and a cold light flashed in his eyes.

As soon as the two of them left the area, Chu Xuan turned around and put his hand on Li Tianming’s shoulder, smiled and said, “Brother, I saved you just now! Do you know?”

“You saved me?” Li Tianming paused and asked, “How did you save me?”

“Then Gu Susu is in a hurry to find her son-in-law! She’s eyeing you!” Chu Xuan said with a tsk tsk.

“My son-in-law?” Li Tianming said with a strange expression, “Isn’t this good? She is so beautiful…”

“How good are you! The son-in-law who comes to the house, marrying into her family, needs to change her surname, understand? She belongs to the Yuanyi clan, and the women in the clan have a higher status. After getting married, she will not be able to hold her head up for the rest of her life.” Chu Xuanyi Vice-looking joke expression.

“Not only that?” Li Tianming asked.

If that’s all, why say the word ‘save’?

Chu Xuan was gossiping. Seeing that there was no one around, he leaned into Li Tianming’s ear and said, “She had a crush before and ran away. I heard that she now has a child in her belly! She is trying to find a child for the child. What a pick-up man! She’s good-looking, when you get is just an identity, who will let you touch?”

Li Tianming was a little stunned.

“The question is, why are you staring at me every time we meet?”

He didn’t even take off his mask!

“Because anyone who can catch up with her cultivation progress must be at least half-step Eternal God, and in the Companion Star Eternal Alliance, which half-step Eternal God or above has no family background? Don’t you know the bottom of her? It’s only you. Outsiders, there is a chance to be the big boss.”

Li Tianming was speechless.

“Many thanks to Brother Chu Xuan for clearing the siege.” Li Tianming cupped his hands.

“No thanks.” Brother Chu Xuan patted him on the head, “Didn’t she save you the membership fee? In that case, you can forget it and use it as a thank you fee.”

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