All the Planes Knelt and Begged the Villainess to be Humane Chapter 5177: The person who was borrowed (seventy-eight)


【Everyone is begging the villain heroine to be a human being】【】

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Bai Zhaoyu is not good enough, and Bai Zhaolan’s death is a big blow to Snow Country. Taking advantage of this moment, Chengwu Country can do something to make Snow Country uncomfortable.

Bai Zhaohui is not worried about being killed at all. He is the prince of the Snow Kingdom after all. If the Queen kills him, wouldn’t it mean that she will start a war with the Chengwu Kingdom?

If you encounter content that cannot be displayed or is incompletely displayed, or garbled characters or typos, please exit reading mode or free reading mode to read normally. “Come here, drag these two and the spy in the prison out and chop them up.”Bai Zhaohui became nervous and shouted: “You You can’t kill me, I am the eldest prince of Chengwu Kingdom.””If you kill me, Chengwu Kingdom will definitely not let you go to Snow Kingdom.” If this is really the real world, Qian Yan really needs to make some preparations, but unfortunately this is not the case. She waved her hand, and Bai Zhaohui and Chen Ran were dragged out. Not long after, the two of them and Shen Jingcheng were beheaded. The news that the three of them were working in secret quickly spread throughout the capital. Lan Yue heard this when she escorted Bai Zhaolan back, and it was like she was dreaming. Bai Zhaolan was in a daze. When Lan Yuan, who was still in Bai Zhaoyu’s house, heard the news, his face changed drastically: “No! She may have found another clue.””Cancan, you Take us into the palace immediately.” Lan Yuan said. Wu Cancan was speechless, but she didn’t struggle. She believed that Yun Qianyan had an arrangement. Sure enough, she led the Lan family siblings into the palace and was stopped at the palace gate. They also met Bai Zhaolan and Lan Yue. Lan Yuan wanted to use some tricks. Not to mention that Qian Yan was prepared, but also said that there was a lemon essence here. Lan Yuan naturally had no choice but to watch Bai Zhaolan and Lan Yue. Enter the palace. Lan Yuan looked at the palace with gloomy eyes. Maybe he was too angry. After a while, he suddenly coughed, and Lan Jia’s face was full of worry. Wu Cancan stood there with an innocent face, as if he didn’t know what was going on. Lan Yuan was not feeling well at the moment and had no time to pay attention to her. As soon as he entered the hall, a lemon flew out of the kit and jumped in front of Qian Yan. Qian Yan caught her, briefly told them about the recent events, and announced one thing at the same time: “Zhao Lan will be the princess of the Snow Kingdom from now on. Let’s move into the palace today.” , now first familiarize yourself with what the monarch of the Snow Kingdom needs to do.” “General Lan, the affairs of the Chengwu Kingdom cannot be settled like this,” Qian Yan threw a booklet to Lan Yue, “There are specific targets in it. It’s up to you to decide on Chengwu Kingdom’s plan.”Lan Yue quickly agreed and glanced at the lemon. Who would have thought that this lemon was also a powerful weapon that would assassinate the Second Duke? Kill all the assassins? If Lemon had not taken action, she might not have been able to bring the second princess back safely. After doing this, Qian Yan found that there had been no changes around him, and he knew that there would be no changes until the plan was completed and Bai Zhaolan ascended the throne. To avoid accidents, she immediately arranged for people to arrest all the suspicious people, including Lan Yuan and others, and put them in prison. In this way, even if they guess something, they can’t do anything wrong. With the help of Jiang Xinghuai, a lemon spirit, she was very precise in catching people, and almost no fish slipped through the net. Lan Yuan and others looked at the prison and were a little silent. They didn’t expect Yun Qianyan to be able to do this. Wu Cancan was also imprisoned. Qian Yan did this because he naturally did not want her to become the target of others.

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【Everyone is begging the villain heroine to be a human being】【】

After realizing that Wu Cancan was also imprisoned, Lan Yuan and others no longer had any doubts about her, and all their attention shifted to Qian Yan. “As expected…” Cheng Ling looked ugly. He thought he had been saved, but who knew he was transferred from the dungeon to the prison. “Yun Qianyan is so lucky.” I don’t know what the problem is with my father and the others. When they get out, Will stop

Yun Qianyan?

Lan Yuan: “Miss Yun’s luck is indeed incredible, and she succeeded again. This time, she is afraid that she will prevent us from doing bad things, so she locks us here.”

If you encounter content that cannot be displayed or is incompletely displayed, or garbled characters or typos, please exit reading mode or free reading mode to read normally. Lan Yuan has made some guesses based on what has happened so far. Unfortunately, spells and spiritual power cannot be used here, so there is nothing he can do about it. Yun Qianyan was indeed right to do this. If he were still free, he would definitely find a way to stop her. He always feels that if he wants her to go smoothly, things will not go as he wants in the end. Sure enough, it was right not to let her in. [The next page cannot be automatically loaded in reading mode, please click on the next page to read. 】【】


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