All the Planes Knelt and Begged the Villainess to be Humane Chapter 5176: The person who was borrowed (seventy-seven)


【Everyone is begging the villain heroine to be a human being】【】

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Qian Yan had indeed guessed some situations, so he arranged for Lan Yue to pick him up, and also put the lemon in the bag, so that when Bai Zhaoyu encountered a crisis, Lan Yue would not be able to deal with it.

That Lemon is the character chosen by the Prime Minister. Even if Lemon is not strong enough, the opponent will explode with power at the critical moment and bring Bai Zhaolan back safely.

If you encounter content that cannot be displayed or is incompletely displayed, or garbled characters or typos, please exit reading mode or free reading mode to read normally. During this period, she did not forget to interrogate Chen Jing. The people below couldn’t do anything to Chen Jing, so she had no choice but to come in person. Under her hypnosis, Chen Jing revealed his identity. His real name was Shen Jingcheng, the prince of the Chengwu Kingdom, and he approached Bai Zhaoyu in order to take over the Snow Kingdom. Chengwu Kingdom has always believed that a female-dominated country like Snow Kingdom should not exist, and that this world should be one where men are superior to women. After asking about the other party’s purpose, Qian Yan intuitively told Qian Yan that things were not that simple, so she continued the interrogation. “I’m so urgent, just because I don’t want my brother to get ahead of me. Fortunately, I know about this accidentally, otherwise, when my brother succeeds, I will not be there in the eyes of my father.”Qian Yan was a little surprised that there was more than one detail: “Who is your royal brother?””Who else could it be? Of course it is Bai Zhaohui, the eldest princess of the Snow Country. “Qian Yan said: “She is a girl.” “That is just a magic weapon that can make him become a girl, hiding it from everyone’s eyes. As long as that Once the witchcraft is removed, he will return to his male body.” Shen Jingcheng couldn’t bear Qian Yan’s hypnosis at all, so he told everything honestly. In fact, after ordering Shen Jingcheng to be beaten fifty times, Qian Yan saw some things that happened between Shen Jingcheng and Bai Zhaoyu. The picture is incomplete, but it can be seen that Shen Jingcheng is here to persecute the Snow Country. He also used Bai Zhaoyu to poison the queen and succeeded. I haven’t seen anything after that, but Qian Yan also didn’t expect that Bai Zhaoyu was not the Queen’s daughter. “Where is the original Bai Zhaohui? Where is it?” Qian Yan continued to ask. Shen Jingcheng said proudly: “He was changed right after he was born. The Chengwu Kingdom will not tolerate the blood of the Snow Kingdom alive. It is probably so rotten that only the bones are left.”Things were almost figured out. Qian Yan asked people to take good care of the prison and ordered no one to enter before leaving. “Go and call the eldest princess over.” When they came outside, Qian Yan ordered. In this kind of world, Qian Yan doesn’t want to delay any longer, so it’s better to resolve the matter as soon as possible. Bai Zhaohui should be dealing with political affairs at the moment, and he came here quickly. “Also, call Chen Shijun over.”Not long after, Bai Zhaohui and Chen Ran also met outside the palace. The two looked at each other, wondering why the Queen summoned them both at the same time. It shouldn’t be about the heir, right? If the Queen really likes Bai Zhaohui, look for Shuyuanwww.zhaoshuyuan. ccom They can be less anxious. But Bai Zhaohui felt a little uneasy, and she didn’t know why. When she stepped into the store and was about to receive the gift, she heard a familiar voice coming from above: “Take these two masterpieces from the Chengwu Kingdom.”Bai Zhaohui and Chen Ran also raised their heads in disbelief. How is this possible? They were so careful in hiding that there was no way they would reveal any flaws. Could it be Shen Jingcheng who recruited him? This is a thing that fails to accomplish anything but fails!

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【Everyone is begging the villain heroine to be a human being】【】

How did the other party know her identity?

Bai Zhaohui came to his senses and shouted that he was wronged. Qian Yan came down and took away the magic weapon from her body. Bai Zhaohui’s figure changed. She was taller than before and not as delicate as the men from the Snow Country. Seeing that he was completely exposed, Bai Zhaohui stopped struggling and just prayed that the other side’s plan would succeed.

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