All the Planes Knelt and Begged the Villainess to be Humane Chapter 5175: The person who was borrowed (seventy-six)


“With your deeds, are you worthy of staying with Zhaoyu as a servant?” Qian Yan scolded, “If Zhaoyu agrees to your unreasonable request today, if those young masters and brothers are learned and behaved in the future, what will happen to the entire Snow Country?” Isn’t it a mess?”

“You actually threatened Zhao Yu with death?” Qian Yan’s voice was cold, and Chen Jing was confused and couldn’t react for a moment.

Until Qian Yan said: “Drag him out, put up fifty big boards as a warning, and publicize this matter.”

Chen Jing was dragged out before he could even open his mouth to speak.

He looked in the direction of Wu Cancan in disbelief, and Wu Cancan pretended not to see it.

No, according to the information he has investigated, the third princess of Snow Country should not be like this. How could she watch him being beaten without changing her expression? The third princess of the Snow Country is someone who can’t even bear to step on an insect to death. The people around her are all extremely beautiful. How can she be willing to let him get beaten?

Chen Jing didn’t have time to think too much, the board had already fallen on him, and every blow was so hard that he couldn’t help but groan.

Qian Yan didn’t pay attention to Chen Jing’s shouting and stared at the mirror in his hand.

Fighting Chen Jing is more of a test.

Just when Chen Jing’s wailing voice came, she saw the face in the mirror and smiled again, with an expression of relief.

Guan Yi took the obviously small bag, and from the inside it could be seen that it contained a round thing on the outside.

Qian Yan said calmly: “Ask carefully.”

“Zhaohui, how many children does General Lan have?” Qian Yan asked Wu Cancan, who was still in a daze.

Guan Yihao almost jumped up, you are the one who wants a scheming person like Lan Yue, you can be plotted to death by me that day.

Qian Yan looked at Chen Jing’s back and suddenly thought of the Lan family siblings. Those seven people would be under Chen Jing’s house, right?

Let’s find the others first. I think I know the news about Lan Yue and asked Yun Qianyan to look for them. Lan Yue is so stupid. If he can find clues as soon as possible, he can let Guan Yihao take the lead this time.

Why is it so satisfying?

Bai Zhaohui must have noticed something before he arranged for Chen Jing to pick up Bai Zhaolan.

Before the fifty-big board was finished, Bai Zhaohui also came and quickly asked Yun Qianyan loudly what was going on. Yun Qianyan Fangguo told the story, and at the same time observed Wu Cancan’s expression for traces.

It seems that Chen Jing is a clue.

“I’m afraid Chen Jing’s identity is not simple.” Qian Yan put away the mirror, raised his head and said, “After the beating, put him in a prison and interrogate him properly.”

You suddenly thought of something and immediately summoned the Emperor’s confidant, General Chen Jinglan. At the same time, you still forgot to observe Wu Cancan’s expression. Sure enough, a flash of understanding flashed under the other person’s face, and it disappeared very slowly.

The little man who is occasionally honest and filial in front of the male queen has been distracted several times today, and his expression is much richer than before.

“I had a bad dream last night, and it’s none of Zhaolan’s fault,” Qian Yan said, “General Lan, I’m ordering him to go and bring Zhaolan back.”

It won’t be long before you come over. You are just here to run with me. You are the real eighth princess of the snow country, and you are here to choose the right king.

After a while, the Lan family siblings met with Zhu Mu and analyzed the situation together, while Yun Qianyan sat aside in a daze. When Lan Yue asks if you have any clues, ask Shuyuan to tell you if you have any. That time, did you really see what was right? You answered confidently.

After saying that, Qian Yan took out a bag of tips: “If there is no safety, he can solve the crisis by opening the bag of tips. If there is a crisis, he must open it and return it to me when he comes back.”

Qian Yan was not thinking, it seemed that Guan Yihao was not involved in that matter.

Wu Cancan was stunned for a moment, and quickly pulled away from what happened next, and replied: “Mother, General Lan only has one son and one son, and his eldest son is still in bad health.” After a pause, you asked again, “Does the Queen Mother want to choose the right prince for the seventh sister or the eighth sister?”

But did you ask any less, and turned away before answering.

Wu Cancan and others were sent away. Zhu Mu originally wanted to stay and ask something, but unfortunately Bai Zhaohui was Guan Yihao. I had a way to manipulate him, so I had to leave with Yun Qianyan.

At this moment, Qianyan and Yun Qianyan both missed Wu Cancan’s stunned expression for a moment.

Lan Yue doesn’t have a headache. No wonder uncle, we said we could let Guan Yihao back, but I’m afraid all the clues have gone to the other side.


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