All the Planes Knelt and Begged the Villainess to be Humane Chapter 5178: The person who was borrowed (seventy-nine)


【Everyone is begging the villain heroine to be a human being】【】

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He finally figured it out. As long as she came in, no one else would be able to find clues in advance. Legend has it that the Fantasy Gate has existed for so many years. Groups of people entered it, but in the end no one could obtain the most precious thing inside. And Yun Qianyan obtained the most important items as soon as he came in. Is it because of these items?

What does Pin have to do with her?

If you encounter content that cannot be displayed or is incompletely displayed, or garbled characters or typos, please exit reading mode or free reading mode to read normally. That’s why she called Wu Cancan to her destiny and used Wu Cancan to get things from the magic door? I’m afraid that’s the case. Even if the fates are exchanged, there is still a big difference between the real Daughter of Destiny and the fake one. From the two worlds she has experienced, it can be seen that the fantasy world recognizes Yun Qianyan, not Wu Cancan. If Yun Qianyan is here, Wu Cancan will have little effect. At most, he can lead them to the center of the clue. The hateful thing is that he still doesn’t know what Yun Qianyan has obtained. Time passed day by day, Lan Yuan and others were imprisoned in the sky prison, unable to understand the situation outside. Until the Chengwu Kingdom was defeated and the entire territory was captured by the army led by Lan Yue, Bai Zhaolan ascended the throne and became emperor. They heard the news, but they were still not released. Lan Yuan stopped struggling. The matter was a foregone conclusion and it was useless for him to think about it any more. Soon, looking at everything around them falling like pieces, they held each other’s hands at the same time. Wu Cancan didn’t resist at all this time. They could do whatever they wanted. With Yun Qianyan here, they couldn’t achieve their goal. Qianyan held the fragment in his hand, felt the same mysterious aura on it, and then put it into the nine-story magic tower. The person who controls this world is indeed Her Majesty the Queen, who possesses the mysterious fragment. Her wish is to choose an outstanding heir, break Chengwu Country’s conspiracy, and defeat Chengwu Country. Obsession is not simple, so it takes sometime. Fortunately, this world is not the real world, so it is much simpler to complete. Soon, Qian Yan came to a new world. This time it was a fairy world. She quickly found the clues and fulfilled her wish and left. She is most familiar with this kind of world. No matter how smart Lan Yuan’s head is, he will always be several steps slower. Moreover, their cultivation level is simply not enough, and it is completely impossible to get ahead of her. After the world of Xianxia, ​​she came to a world of the Republic of China. The clue of this world is the burning of the orphanage. The wish of the World Supporter is to save all the orphans, push the culprit into the fire, and then rebuild the orphanage. The clue that Lan Yuan and others thought of was to put out the fire. That night, they carried buckets and found someone to put out the fire. They didn’t expect that as the water was poured on them, the fire would get bigger and bigger. They soon discovered that the water in the bucket had somehow turned into oil. In other words, Lan Yuan and others triggered a murderous intention. It’s not wrong to think so, but Lan Yuan, who can’t get any more information, doesn’t know how much the supporters of this world hate the person who set the fire. At the same time as rescuing the people inside, the supporters of this world hope even more for the person who set the fire Fire covers up the culprit of sin. Taste for yourself what it feels like to be burned by fire. After triggering the killing intent and being attacked by fire, Lan Yuan figured out the key, but it was too late.

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【Everyone is begging the villain heroine to be a human being】【】

While they were escaping from the pursuit of the fire, they looked at Qian Yan who was standing next to the fire. The fire passed by her, as if it was spiritual, and not even a single hair of hers was burned. The more this goes on, the more uneasy Lan Yuan and others feel.

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