All the Planes Knelt and Begged the Villainess to be Humane Chapter 5042: It is impossible for the heroine of the sadistic novel to be he! (15)


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The woman in the wishing space was a little stunned when she saw the items that were suddenly brought in for nothing, and then she said thank you repeatedly.

Ye Jingyu is not going to save the Ling family with peace of mind. He will eat away at the Ling family little by little. When the time comes, Ling Hongchang will see that he has no choice but to touch these things.

If mom’s belongings are left here, they will be ruined by Ling Hongchang sooner or later, so it might as well be taken in.

Even if she couldn’t take them away, she didn’t want to watch them being given away to Ling Hongchang’s family of three.

In less than five minutes, the room became empty, and everything belonging to Zheng Ya was taken into the wishing space by Qian Yan.

Out of the room, she restored the lock to its original state, and then went to Guan Mei’s cloakroom. After collecting Zheng Ya’s belongings, she checked with the original owner that nothing else was missing before going downstairs.

She sat on the sofa and turned on the TV to watch.

No more than ten minutes later, Zhou Limei came out with a pot of tea.

“Second Miss, the tea is ready.”

Qian Yan nodded, poured a glass and drank, then asked: “Are the noodles ready?”

However, there are few people today, so it will probably take a while before the elevator comes up.

“Second Miss seems to be doing well. I probably came back today to ask about Qian Yan, but there happened to be someone outside the house.”

Qian Yan stood up: “Since I didn’t do it, forget it.”

Hou Jian did not return to Ye Jingyu’s villa, but went to the hospital. If Mrs. Ye is in that kind of situation, you should go and see it.

Ms. Ling helped the man up, and at that moment the elevator came. People around him quickly got out of the way. After all, this was the fourth floor. It will take a while to run down, so I’d better let you take the elevator.

The people around him also realized that the patient who was about to jump off the building should have nothing to do with the man.

Everyone stopped, and Ling and the man with tears on his face were the only ones outside the elevator.

The man’s face was covered with tears, and with a name outside his mouth, he pressed the elevator button frantically.

It would probably be dark when the family of three came back, so she didn’t want to wait here any longer: “I’d better go back to Ye’s house to eat.”

Is it always empty-handed that time?

The fourth floor finally arrived, and you ran frantically.

No one shouted at that time: “If you want to take it easy, just wait a while before going down.”

I heard that this person hasn’t jumped yet, but I don’t want to have a few more words with my wife.

Guan Mei’s lips curled up: “Well, that’s it, the bonus will be doubled that month.”

As you were waiting for the elevator, you heard a noise nearby, and you vaguely heard that someone was about to jump off the building. You listened casually and found out that a patient outside a certain ward was about to jump off the building. A few patients jump off buildings because they are so happy because they have money.

In the hospital, I bought a fruit basket and carried it back.

“Thank you, madam.” Ling Hongchang thanked ecstatically.

“Don’t worry, madam. She left just as she came. She didn’t take anything.”

Did you look at Mrs. Ling? She just said a hasty thank you and hurried towards the stairs. Maybe you were too slow, and you were about to fall to the ground after taking two steps. Fortunately, Hou Jian followed you and supported you again.

As you were waiting slowly, you didn’t notice that Ling was following closely step by step, not falling behind in the slightest.

Your tears were flowing continuously, but you didn’t cry.

It was very slow. I couldn’t hear clearly which floor, which ward, which bed number.

The man standing next to Hou Jian, carrying a lunch box, cried out, and then his legs went weak and he was about to fall, but Ling grabbed him.

As soon as Qian Yan left, Zhou Limei called Guan Mei.

Zhou Limei didn’t force it, she just wanted to save some energy.

“I just made tea, let’s do it now.”

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