All the Planes Knelt and Begged the Villainess to be Humane Chapter 5041: It is impossible for the heroine of the sadistic novel to be he! (14)


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Guan Mei also likes it personally, and has no intention of selling or giving it away.

After making sure there were no valuables in the room, Qian Yan opened the door.

The maid was still standing outside, looking at her as if she were a thief, constantly looking at her up and down, for fear that she might have taken something.

Seeing that her hands were empty and the bag she was carrying was extremely small, the helper tilted her head to the side.

“Second Miss, you are already engaged. Are you having a conflict with Master Ye when you come back in such a hurry?” asked the maid Zhou Limei, and then said sincerely, “Mr. Ling is getting better now. Second Miss, please stop being willful. If the Ling family is implicated, Mrs. Zheng’s hard work will be ruined. You don’t want to see this, right?”

Yes, these people insisted that she move there to cultivate a relationship in the name of cultivating a relationship. They just wanted to kidnap her because Ling was Zheng Ya’s hard work.

Actually, letting her move there was the condition Ye Jingyu made to the Ling family. He was deliberately torturing her and humiliating her.

It is undeniable that Zheng Ya spent a lot of effort for Ling, but if Zheng Ya was still alive, she would rather Ling go bankrupt than let her daughter suffer such injustice.

The awakened original owner knew this, but she couldn’t resist the power of the plot and could only helplessly watch her body follow the plot. Making one choice after another that seems foolish and incomprehensible to others.

“Are you telling me that Young Master Ye and I had a conflict?” Qian Yan asked coldly.

“Aunt Zhou, let me make you a pot of tea and a bowl of noodles. I’m not hungry anymore.” Qian Yan ordered.

Unexpectedly, before you left the kitchen, Qian Yan took a circuitous route back to the eighth floor. There is not a single small room on the eighth floor. It was designed by the original owner’s mother, Ji Yun, specifically to store luxury goods such as jewelry and bags.

Is Xiaoduo of the Ye family sincere to you?

Ling Hongchang thought he was in control of everything outside, so he didn’t add any unnecessary extravagance when he came here.

Before retreating, the jewelry displayed outside looked like it was under a display cabinet in a shopping mall. It was dazzling at first glance. There aren’t many Ling family collections outside, and Ling Hongchang is still in charge of them, and we will take them back to pick out some of our favorite things.

Zhou Limei was stunned for a moment, so is it wrong to say that the seventh eldest sister spent her time in the Ye family?

Zhou Limei, who was just shocked, didn’t think twice and agreed quickly.

Is there any surveillance outside? Because the danger level inside the villa is very low. It’s so easy to retreat and steal things.

Your eyebrows are wide open, showing you are happy and angry, but you are not sure whether the sadness that the Seventh Sister carries from behind is gone.

Zhou Limei paused for a moment, and then realized that the second young lady, who used to look a little sad and cowardly, seemed a little different.

Actually, you also thought that the seventh eldest sister could do something, so you went upstairs worriedly.

It was Ye Duo who suggested that the seventh eldest sister should live in Ye’s house. It was definitely the same as the rumors. I didn’t dislike the seventh eldest sister at all?

Qian Yan glanced at it, then without any politeness, he took all the display cabinets away from the wishing space and placed them on the empty ground.

The door is locked, it is difficult to live with thousands of wild geese.

Have you heard that Xiaoduo of the Ye family is a **** and there is no other man around him?

After all, you are not here to help others. You can just keep an eye on your wife. There is no need to offend others too much.

I guess Ye Duo is still new to the seventh eldest sister.

Thinking of this, Zhou Limei’s attitude became much worse, with a bit of a vengeance: “This is bad, this is bad.”

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