All the Planes Knelt and Begged the Villainess to be Humane Chapter 5040: It is impossible for the heroine of the sadistic novel to be he! (13)


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It was not a coincidence that Qian Yan came back, as none of the Ling family were here.

Ling’s father, Ling Hongchang, is probably in the company, so he has nothing to say. He has no ability, but he does care about the Ling family. It should be said that he cares about the identity of Mr. Ling.

The Ling family was also very prosperous in the beginning. When the original owner’s grandfather and the original owner’s mother were still there, the Ling family was on the same level as the Ye family. It can be seen from this that Ling Hongchang has no ability and has put the Ling family in danger.

If Ye Jingyu didn’t want to take revenge on the original owner, so he was willing to support the Ling family, he could annex the Ling family at any time. In fact, Ling’s situation is inseparable from Ye Jingyu.

Stepmother Guan Mei probably went to chat with friends in her circle, drink tea, do beauty treatments, etc. She couldn’t stay at home if nothing happened.

As for the younger brother Ling Zichao, he also has little ability. He spends all day eating, drinking and having fun, probably playing with his bad friends. Ling Zichao was the son of Ling Hongchang and Guan Mei, and he was a few years younger than the original owner. In other words, Ling Hongchang had an affair during marriage.

The maid saw Qian Yan coming back and greeted her. Judging from her expression and tone, she didn’t seem very happy.

It should be said that this house has long been occupied by Guan Mei and her group, and almost no one looks down on the original owner.

Qian Yan didn’t care either. Even though he didn’t meet anyone when he came back, he had already come back and couldn’t do nothing.

She came to the room that belonged to the original owner, and the maid followed her closely. I don’t know if she was ordered by Guan Mei, as if she was watching a thief.

After entering the room, Guan Mei still had time to make arrangements for the outsider, but now the other party was not afraid of Ling Hongchang. Once you realize that Yin Qianhan really cares about the original owner, he will touch your room.

“Mom still has a lot of jewelry and collectibles. They should all be on the eighth floor. Guan Mei and others probably don’t have many.”

“Yes, ma’am, you are outside the room now.”

“Madam, you are worried, you will definitely think badly of you, and you will definitely add something to your home.”

Ms. Ling slammed the door shut, and the servant was shut in, almost touching her nose.

This body controlled by the plot is very happy. When your confused consciousness sees all that, it only feels sad.

However, when Guan Mei confirmed that Ling Hongchang really cared about you and often trampled on your dignity, she became interested in your jewelry. Give away what you give away, sell what you sell, there will always be something left for you.

Ling: “Go and get it back for him.”

Come here, you and Yin Qianhan have achieved enlightenment, and the other party will find a way to get these things back.

“I have a bad temper, I almost hit you in the nose with the door.”

Hang up the phone and the maid returns to wait at the door of Ling’s room, staring at the door as if a fly can escape from under your nose.

There is a box missing next to the man in the Wishing Space. You look at your belongings being put back outside one by one, feeling unmoved in your heart.

But you know that Mrs. Ling wandered outside the room for a while and took all the valuables back outside the wishing space.

If you recall it for a little while, you will know what is missing. Qian Yan still has to do this, and the jewelry is still there.

“I know why you are crazy.”

You thought for a while, turned around and walked to the corner, took out your cell phone and called Guan Mei.

There are a lot of jewelry out there that were given by your mother. You cherish them very much and wear them all the time. You are willing to see even a little wear and tear.

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