All the Planes Knelt and Begged the Villainess to be Humane Chapter 5039: It is impossible for the heroine of the sadistic novel to be he! (12)


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The people under Ye Jingyu used various threats and inducements, but the shop owner said that he did not know.

Seeing this, Ye Jingyu also knew that the other party might not really know about this matter, and it was just a mistake.

However, now that he has found the person, he asked the other party to resolve the matter, otherwise he will regret it for the rest of his life.

The shop owner cried and said: “Then let me try.”

The matter was so big that it was difficult for Mrs. Ye not to know the situation. When she learned that it was the villain who caused the accident, she became extremely disgusted with Xu Lele. The pain lasted for two hours every hour, which tortured her to death. She had no time to pay attention to Xu Lele, who was also in pain.

Everyone in the Ye family is very busy, but Qianyan’s life is relatively leisurely.

Being in the house every day was not a problem, so she decided to go out for a walk and visit the original owner’s eldest brother Ling Chengjin. The Ye family and Xu Lele are not feeling well, what does it have to do with her?

The effect of the struggling villain will not last long and will disappear automatically after ten days, but it can still keep them busy for a while.

Ling Chengjin is now in a vegetative state, not because of a car accident, but because the chandelier from the ceiling fell down and turned him into a vegetative state. The people who were hit were the mother and eldest brother of the original owner. The mother of the original owner was not so lucky and died on the spot.

The original owner would have been hit as well. At that time, her mother and eldest brother both pushed her away at the same time, and she only suffered some sprains.

The original owner has always cared about your biological father, but how could the other person care about the man of the original owner?

In fact, based on the plot of that world, it must be true. If it is revealed at the end, it will not be reversed.

Qian Yan recalled the relevant memories and had not yet seen the reaction of Ling’s family to see if there were any flaws.

Everyone in the Ye family is comfortable, and the people in the Ling family are still comfortable. We can live very comfortably.

At that moment, your expression changed, but for just a blink of an eye, the man in the wishing space who had been staring at Ye Jingyu didn’t pay attention at all.

It may not be necessary for the plot to create such a tragic situation for the original owner.

“Actually, if the matter is resolved, his little brother will not be safe.”

It was indeed an accident that the chandelier fell. It can only be said that the mother and brother of the original owner were very unlucky.

To avoid surprise, Qian Yan still took out a worn bead, pricked Ye Jingyu’s finger, and dripped a drop of blood. Putting the beads under my wrist, they quickly became invisible.

Originally, that day was supposed to be the birthday of the original owner. After this unfortunate incident happened, she never celebrated her birthday again.

“Thank you, little man.” The man in the wishing space thanked with tears in his eyes. He was really afraid that something would happen to his brother again. Even if the bead was not valid, at most it would be stolen by Xue Yuan and Cao Anfeng. hurt.

“When I woke up before, I asked the villain to help protect me, just to make me safe again.”

There are many such big things outside the four-story magic tower, but they are not timely. Ye Jingyu will always know that there is no such amulet.

You suddenly came home, even the helpers were a little surprised.

In the life of the original owner, Ye Jingyu woke up when the original owner and Xu Lele were very young and bad. But the bad scene is long. Ling Chengjin and Xue Yuan were willing to watch you do bad things and decided to kill you. Ye Jingyu was blocked by the original owner.

You insisted on getting engaged and married to Xu Lele. Apart from really hating me, you had no other reason to keep the Ling family. I’m sure Ling’s family is staying there. Where will my brother’s medical expenses come from?

Qian Yan decided to go back to Ling’s house to have a look.

Qian Yan sat by the bed and waited until no one was outside the ward before checking on Ye Jingyu’s condition.

Qian Yan responded: “This is natural.”

That time, I never stood up again.

Of course you must be careful about what you promise.

Cao Anfeng’s problem was indeed minor. Qian Yan thought for a moment and planned to delay the other party’s waking up. After all, you will know something next, and it will be troublesome for Ye Jingyu to wake up.

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