All the Planes Knelt and Begged the Villainess to be Humane Chapter 5043: It is impossible for the heroine of the sadistic novel to be he! (16)


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Qian Yan has already seen many people gathered outside a ward. Doctors, patients, family members who are treating patients, and even security guards are all here. They are all trying to persuade him, but it seems to be of no use.

Just as the woman was about to run to the door of the ward, a clear voice suddenly sounded: “I heard that you chose to jump off the building because you were short of money and didn’t want to drag your wife down?”

The young man’s voice was very penetrating. There was obviously a lot of noise around him, but everyone heard his words clearly.

Everyone was a little angry when they came back to their senses. Isn’t this understandable? How does this person talk?

They quickly searched for someone in the crowd, and soon discovered that the person speaking was a young man also wearing a hospital gown.

The man in his early thirties, sitting by the window with both legs outstretched, was not moved at all when he heard this.

He only looked at those people nervously, because he had said that if these people dared to come over, he would jump right away.

After not dancing for so long, he just wanted to say a few words to his wife one last time.

He didn’t pay attention to the young man’s words, and didn’t even look at them.

Everyone around him was angry and wanted to accuse, but the young man in a hospital gown spoke again: “It’s just money, I’ll give it to you.”

“Okay, 800,000 yuan, you transfer it to him.” The young man said nervously and freely, as if 800,000 yuan was worth mentioning. However, the onlookers looked at my mobile phone, and the sharp-eyed people found that the mobile phone still had It has not been off the market for seven years.

The young man seemed to see what I was thinking, and continued: “The treatment for your disease is bad. It is not in the advanced stage yet. The chance of survival after chemotherapy is very small. I was planning to be discharged from the hospital. I heard that there was no noise outside, okay? , It’s not that he hates looking at manual skills. I heard that his disease can be cured, why should he die? He is less unlucky than you.”

Everyone was in an uproar and looked at me in disbelief.

“Of course, can you joke about that kind of thing?”

My skin is very pale, but there is a smile on my face.

I am like a poor person.

He must be a person who doesn’t care about money. A small number of people will use a mobile phone for seven years.

Did I do that to save others first, or was there no other reason?

“You transfer it to him first, and when he comes up, he will draw up a gift agreement.” The young man said to the woman by the window, “Brother, come up, just think that he is living for you, you still want to live. Yes. If you save his life, you have done something bad. You may not live in that life, but you can also pray for blessings in your previous life.”

Even without insurance, I would have to spend a lot of money on medical treatment, which I would never be able to afford.

I am wearing a hospital gown and am also a patient. I need money for treatment.

“Your terminally ill patient is not trying to accumulate some virtue for his previous life. If he agrees again, your condition will worsen if you are disappointed.”

I regret that I was unable to save the smiling young man next to me. The other person offered to transfer money to the woman at the window, which I doubt could save a life.

Director Liu wiped his red eyes and asked the young man solemnly: “Has he really decided?”

Even if it is easy to transfer 800,000 yuan to someone else, for me, it is probably less than the remaining savings.

Everyone is thinking about that, and so is the woman at the window. I think the other party just wanted to use that method to stabilize me. The other party may have bad intentions, but that would be too cruel to me.

He took out his mobile phone from his pocket: “How much does it cost to treat a disease?”

“Director Liu is also there.” The young man suddenly spotted someone in a white coat in the crowd, and quickly went over to pull the person out, “Director Liu, he told me that you are in the advanced stage, and the treatment is Damn it, if he sends me a copy of your medical records, if you allow it, it will be a violation of privacy.”

I felt a little desperate from underneath me, but everyone’s eyes were red as they looked at me.

This hand really shocked the man by the window. He replied without thinking: “It will cost 300,000 yuan in the initial stage.”

“The entire treatment period, including final recovery, probably costs 600,000 yuan in total.” At this point, he wiped away tears and said, “I don’t have insurance.”

“Lv Jun, let him come up.” At that time, the man next to Qian Yan shouted, “Lv Jun, if he dies, if you jump up after him, you will still be alive. What does death mean? Death? It is the most difficult thing to learn and live, and the most difficult thing is to live.”

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