All the Planes Knelt and Begged the Villainess to be Humane Chapter 3982: Born with original sin, I want to be a lamp (28)


When the family of three got together, it was the same as a normal family, and nothing unusual happened so far.

Qianyan was actually not sure about the difference between Chu Lexue and Ji Yuping in private, but just stared at Chu Lexue for a while, and the other party did not show any abnormalities, so she decided to pay more attention to the two of them when they got along in private.

Follow Ji Yuping because every time Chu Lexue sees Tan Shilan, she will inadvertently mention Ji Yuping.

Perhaps she didn’t notice it herself, but she couldn’t hide the pride overflowing from her bones.

Chu Lexue mentioned several times to let Tan Shilan get together with old friends, and also said that Ji Yuping was also looking forward to meeting her, and everyone paid close attention to her.

Tan Shilan should have been suspicious, so she didn’t refuse, saying that she could make an appointment if she was free.

Because Ji Yuping was abroad before, several other people were also engaged, so the time has not been determined yet.

Now that Ji Yuping is back, it is estimated that the time for their appointment will not be far away.

Qianyan doesn’t know if Chu Lexue has noticed it now, but Tan Shilan is already suspicious of her. If you noticed it, why did you take the initiative to make an appointment?

Chu Lexue’s family of three had lunch with He Meimei, and in the afternoon the couple sent Ji Yuejia to a training class.

Both of them watched Ji Yuejia go in with smiles, and when Ji Yuejia’s back was out of sight, the smile on Chu Lexue’s face disappeared in an instant.

The two quickly got into the car without looking at each other.

Chu Lexue drove the car, and Ji Yuping sat in the co-pilot’s seat. The atmosphere in the car was a little stiff for a while, and no one spoke.

Three minutes later, Ji Yuping spoke first: “Since it’s all like this, don’t worry about that anymore.”

“Everyone is paying attention now. She is living under the attention of many people. It won’t do you any good to continue to torment.” Ji Yuping leaned lazily on the back of the car seat, looking at Chu Lexue now with no love in her eyes, It’s a different person from before.

The atmosphere between the two is not like a husband and wife, but more like they are doing something together.

Just these few words, Qianyan knew that waiting was not in vain.

I thought that Chu Lexue had a problem, but Ji Yuping also had a problem. It seems that this matter is not that simple.

Chu Lexue clenched the steering wheel, without looking at Ji Yuping, her face was gloomy: “It’s all like this, why can she still get up? Don’t you want her to stay in the quagmire forever?”

“Le Xue, the current situation has exceeded our expectations. What we should worry about is not whether she will crawl out of it. The focus should be on the Bailing Star. If I remember correctly, it never appeared before.” It belongs to Bailing Star.”

Chu Lexue’s gaze paused, and there was more worry on her gloomy face: “Why is there a Bailing star?”

Why is Tan Shilan’s luck always so good? She can be crucified immediately, but a Bailing star suddenly appeared to help expose all this.


Why is this so?

Why can’t she meet?

She has a better family background than Tan is not inferior to Tan Shilan in appearance, and even has more talents than Tan Shilan, but she is not as lucky.

No matter what she does, she is always a little behind the other party.

Even when encountering a landslide, the other party was lucky enough to escape.

Even if the opponent did not escape in this life, he was not injured. After coming back and raising it for a few years, its appearance is still so good.

She thought that the other party would not be able to get up, and would just spend the rest of her life hiding in a dark room.

The other party’s adaptability is too good. After getting familiar with the Internet, he found something he is good at online.

Some people died, but not completely dead…


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