All the Planes Knelt and Begged the Villainess to be Humane Chapter 3983: Born with original sin, I want to be a lamp (29)


Of course she didn’t want to see this, so she arranged for someone to guide Jiao Dacheng to expose this matter.

Thought that the other party would finally be unable to get up now, unexpectedly another Bailing star appeared.

A planet with only women, ruled by women, sees women in trouble and takes action. The other party could help Tan Shilan, why couldn’t he help her?

That’s right, what happened in Jiaojia Village in the last life had already been exposed, and the Bailing Stars passed by here and couldn’t see those, so naturally they wouldn’t appear.

So, Tan Shilan’s luck is really good.

“At that time, Jiaojia Village had already been hit. It should be that the talents of the Bailing Stars did not show up.” Ji Yuping also thought of this, and he shook his head lightly, “The appearance of the Bailing Stars is not a good thing for us. They are all paying attention to this matter, and can’t wait to turn over the nearby land, hoping to find some traces.”

“With the current situation, all the original plans can only be overturned, otherwise it is definitely not a good thing to be targeted.”

Chu Lexue bit her lip: “That place is surrounded by people, now we can’t even see him.”

“I’m afraid to use communication either.”

Ji Yuping nodded: “It’s right not to use communication. With the current situation, maybe the keyword has already been set. Once we trigger it, we will definitely be discovered. Communication is not safe.”

“He didn’t contact me, probably because he was afraid of being caught fluctuating.” Chu Lexue looked worried, “After all, he can’t deal with the power here now.”

“Fortunately, the Bailing Star has already left, otherwise I don’t know if he will be discovered.”

“Yeah, fortunately Bailing Pedestrian was just passing by, otherwise it would be a big trouble.” Ji Yuping sighed, “Don’t act rashly recently, and don’t mention the matter of meeting her again. Let’s talk about it after the turmoil has passed. Life is long , think about what we are doing, we don’t know what will happen in the future, there are plenty of opportunities. If we climb up to the peak and then fall down again, we will fall even harder.” 33

“Ji Yuping, there is one thing I have to mention. It’s not something I’m holding on to, it’s because she has already suspected it. I feel that she’s inadvertently probing.” Chu Lexue’s expression was not very good, “She is still so smart.”

The smile on Ji Yuping’s face disappeared, and he frowned: “This is a little troublesome.”

The two fell silent again and drove home all the way without speaking.

After parking the car, the two walked into the villa and went straight to the study.

“What do you want to do?” Ji Yuping asked.

Chu Lexue sat leaning on the armrest, looked up at Ji Yuping, and said in a low tone, “Of course the best way is to keep her from speaking, I have endured it for so long , Just wait for you to come back to discuss. You think of a way to contact him, maybe he can find a way, after all, the methods of ordinary people are easy to be discovered, and now she is still being watched. At that time, you will not be able to keep your mouth shut, and you will expose yourself It would be bad.”

“Wait a little longer.” Ji Yuping said, “Now is not a good time.”

Chu Lexue sneered: “Are you still reluctant? Is it someone you liked before?”

“But don’t forget, after she knew who you are, she broke up without hesitation, Ji Yuping, believe it or not, even now, as long as she knows who you are, she will still make the same choice.”

Ji Yuping frowned: “Okay, I’m not reluctant.”

“There is no room for mistakes in the current situation, and we will all be finished if we make one mistake.”

Some people died, but not completely dead…


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