All the Planes Knelt and Begged the Villainess to be Humane Chapter 3981: Born with original sin, I want to be a lamp (27)


The only worry is that everyone pays too much attention to aliens. Because the aliens helped her, she always wondered if she had met the aliens alone in private.

When she said no, everyone looked disappointed.

Then told her that if you meet an alien again in the future, you must not forget to take a photo or ask for an autograph or something.

Tan Shilan couldn’t help laughing, but she also seriously agreed to the proposal.

Facts have proved that Tan Shilan’s brain is quite clever, except that she was a little uncomfortable in the first few days, and then with the help of teachers and classmates, those forgotten knowledge points came back. She has already had the experience of learning once, and it is not difficult to learn again. On the contrary, she can notice things that were easy to ignore before.

“Shilan, have you thought about what to do in the future?” During spare time, a classmate next to her asked while lying on the table.

Tan Shilan said: “Let’s do scientific research, it’s related to space and the universe.”

“Is it because of Sister Bailing?”

Tan Shilan nodded: “Well, their technology is too powerful. Her appearance proves that there are real aliens, and that they can easily come to Blue Star. Bailing is not malicious, but it does not mean that other aliens are not malicious. Believe it Many countries now think this way, and they have already become vigilant in this regard and are taking corresponding measures.”

The alien woman did not leave her name, but only knew that she was from Bailing Star, so now people in Blue Star refer to her as Bailing.

The classmate was surprised: “It turns out that you have thought so far, and it is true after careful consideration. Shilan, come on, I wish you success.”

“Thank you, and I hope you can be admitted to the school of your choice.”

“Yes, I will work hard, because Shilan is my role model.”

Qianyan saw that Tan Shilan could adapt well to the current situation, so she didn’t stare at her any longer, as long as there were no problems there.

Following her, she put her mind on Chu Lexue, and she hasn’t met Chu Lexue since the last time.

Two days after the program crew had an accident, Chu Lexue left Changzuo City and returned to her home in Linrong City.

There was no abnormality during the period, Chu Lexue’s life was simple, her husband was not around recently, it is said that she was busy with overseas business.

Chu Lexue’s family background is good. Her husband Ji Yuping is self-made. Of course, Chu Lexue’s support is indispensable. It is said that all their assets are in the names of two people.

Qianyan has never seen the two get along, so what he heard on the surface proves that the relationship between the two should be good. But for the specifics, it still depends on how the two get along in private. Chu Lexue did not forget to pay attention to Tan Shilan’s situation from time to time, but not as frequently as before. The excuse she used was that Tan Shilan had returned to normal life and needed her own circle and space. Naturally, she couldn’t be like before. .

As for what she thinks in her heart, only she knows.

Today is the day when Chu Lexue’s husband returns to China.

When Qian Yan heard the news, she kept paying attention, intending to see how Chu Lexue and Ji Yuping were doing in private. Recently, Chu Lexue behaved normally. If she didn’t know that the other party was reborn, she would have thought that Chu Lexue was fine with this behavior.

The development of the matter is completely different. Although Tan Shilan suspected that there was something wrong with Chu Lexue, she didn’t waste time to investigate it. Currently, she is more focused on her return to society.

Today happened to be the weekend, Chu Lexue took her son Ji Yuejia to the airport early in the morning to pick her up.

Some people died, but not completely dead…


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