All the Planes Knelt and Begged the Villainess to be Humane Chapter 3976: Born with original sin, I want to be a lamp (22)


“Going to see your elder brother?” Chen Zhilan, the director of the orphanage, was a little puzzled. After all, as far as she knew, Jiao Qianyan was very resistant to getting along with people in Jiaojia Village, including her own brother Jiao Xiaobao.

However, with Jiao Xiaobao’s temperament, anyone who knows a little bit really won’t like him.

The child is six years old, and I don’t know if it can be corrected. Thinking of these, Chen Zhilan couldn’t help but sigh inwardly.

Since the results of Jiaojia Village came out, the outside world has paid the most attention to the situation of aliens.

Ms. Tan, it’s a good thing that these two children don’t have so many eyes on them.

Qianyan: “I heard that my eldest brother’s mother was also killed. I want to tell him the news.”

Chen Zhilan paused, she didn’t know the rest of Jiao’s family, if Jiao Qianyan didn’t tell her, they wouldn’t know that she had an older brother. She knew that Jiao Dacheng had a wife before, after all, the other party had admitted it.

“Where is your brother?”

Qian Yan naturally wouldn’t go into details, but only said that Jiao Wendong is studying in a university somewhere.

It was normal to not be able to find out about Jiao Wendong during the previous investigation of Jiaojia Village, because Jiao Wendong’s household registration had been moved to the county seat several years ago. What Jiao Dacheng and Zhou Sufen cared most about was Jiao Wendong. After Jiao Wendong was admitted to university, he gave Jiao Wendong all the family savings to buy a house in the county.

Another point is that Jiao Dacheng and Zhou Sufen probably didn’t want to involve Jiao Wendong, and they must have subconsciously not mentioned Jiao Wendong’s situation.

In their eyes, Jiao Wendong is the most promising. Now that they are about to be imprisoned, they might still be able to come out.

No one asked, and the rest of Jiaojia Village couldn’t think of it for a while.

Qianyan will never forget this, she has all the memories of Jiao Cancan, and she knows that Jiao Wendong is not a good person. During college, Jiao Wendong was looking for his target, and finally chose a girl with a good family background, simple family members, and a particularly easy-going personality.

Jiao Wendong is very good at disguising. Although nothing happened during college, he married this girl as soon as he graduated. Afterwards, relying on the girl’s family background, he gained a lot of benefits for himself.

Later, the woman realized that something was wrong with Jiao Wendong, and when she got rid of Jiao Wendong, she really lost a layer of skin. For Jiao Wendong, it was nothing more than a divorce and a loss of The things in his hands were enough to offset these negative effects, and those who admired him still flocked to him.

Now that the affairs of Jiaojia Village have been exposed, Jiao Wendong will definitely take measures in advance with his character.

While there is still time, Qianyan plans to meet him and promote Jiao Wendong’s identity by the way.

But any normal person will carefully consider this matter after knowing Jiao Wendong’s situation.

“Okay, I’ll ask someone to find out which school he is in, and then let Teacher Gu accompany you there.” Chen Zhilan said.

In fact, she was muttering in her heart that such a big incident in Jiaojia Village had already been known to the whole country, and that Jiao Wendong didn’t know it was impossible. Coupled with the involvement of aliens, it is estimated that the whole world now knows that there is a Jiaojia Village that was despised by aliens.

She also heard that many people from relevant departments went to Jiaojia Village to see if there were any traces left by the aliens.

Some people died, but not completely dead…


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