All the Planes Knelt and Begged the Villainess to be Humane Chapter 3975: Born with original sin, I want to be a lamp (21)


In just one month, the aliens, Jiaojia Village, and Tan Shilan, a blue star who was favored by aliens, are still hot.

The investigation of everyone in Jiaojia Village has also ended, and those who did not commit crimes are relatively young.

Because the aliens made a big fuss, all the results of the investigation were released, which is an explanation to the public.

When netizens see all the investigation results, as long as they are normal people, they will hate and scold Jiaojiacun.

In fact, there were also some crazy people during the period, standing in Jiaojia Village, attacking Tan Shilan, and saying that aliens should not meddle in their own business. But it didn’t take long for these people to be arrested, which shows that the officials are determined to severely rectify this time.

According to gossip, those who make these remarks are not foreigners, but some who use money to do things to sow conflicts, and some are not happy in real life.

The Tan family can be regarded as waiting for the result, knowing that those who committed crimes in Jiaojia Village will be punished as they should, and they are ready to return to Linrong City.

Before leaving, the Tan family invited Qianyan to dinner.

Perhaps it was because Qian Yan was acting sensible and precocious, and the Tan family also spoke up directly if they had anything to say.

The Tan family couple and Tan Shilan decided in the end that no matter where Qianyan lives in the future, they will pay a sum of support as a thank you to her.

Seeing that they were sincere, Qian Yan did not refuse.

Tan Shilan should be able to accept this way of getting along, otherwise the other party would not have raised this matter.

Chu Lexue was not here when we had dinner together this time.

After all, the Tan family has stayed here for more than a month, and it is impossible for Chu Lexue to stay here all the time, and the other party probably has a guilty conscience.

Before parting, Tan Shilan asked: “I heard that many people want to adopt you, what do you think?”

Because Qian Yan dared to tell the truth, and did not rely on Tan Shilan, a persecuted biological mother, the public had a good impression of her. Based on her age, the three views are basically formed, so many people are willing to adopt her.

As for Jiao Xiaobao, anyone who knew something about the situation didn’t have that plan. It seemed that he had completely inherited Jiao Dacheng’s inferior genes, and no one wanted to raise an existence that would explode at any time.

“I’m going to the orphanage.” Qianyan said, “I can take care of myself.”

Her purpose is to protect Tan Shilan, she can take care of herself, she doesn’t need to be adopted, and she doesn’t need to get involved with another family.

“Then take good care of yourself.” Tan Shilan said, “If you encounter any difficulties, you can call me.”

She still couldn’t bear to face such a sensible child. ap.

They cannot live together. If the other party encounters any difficulties, she can provide some help. Tan Shilan found that making such a decision would not make her feel uncomfortable.

She smiled in her heart, after all, this child is different.

“Okay.” Qianyan responded, but still did not refuse.

The Tan family and his wife took Tan Shilan away, and then Qianyan rejected the adoptions of countless well-meaning people and moved into an orphanage in Changzuo City.

Jiao Xiaobao was sent to another orphanage, because Qianyan didn’t want to see him, and the relevant personnel liked her very much, so they arranged Jiao Xiaobao in a place far away. The relevant people will definitely pay attention to his growth, but no one knows whether he can correct himself or not.

Jiao Dacheng and Zhou Sufen are still undergoing trial. It is not only about Tan Shilan, but also about the death of Jiao Dacheng’s previous wife. After the trial, the two should be sentenced to many years.

Jiao Wendong, who was studying in a university in other places, knew about day he was terrified, but fortunately no one found out that he was from Jiaojia Village.

It’s just that Jiao Dacheng and Zhou Sufen were arrested, and his living expenses were lost.

He stood on the balcony, facing the mirror. The person inside was handsome and clean, and he couldn’t tell that he came from a mountain village.

There was a girl from a good family who was very attractive to him before, but luckily she didn’t refuse before.

It is best to conceive his child while the other party is in charge, so that he will not worry about future expenses.

It must not be revealed that he has a relationship with Jiaojiacun, at least no one can know before this matter is completed.

He thought of Jiao Erya, who was obviously a child of Jiaojia Village, and was liked by many people on the Internet.

Jiao Wendong has realized something, even if someone finds out, he still has a way to pick himself out, as long as he behaves the same as Jiao Erya.

At his age, isn’t it normal to wonder what happened in the past?


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