All the Planes Knelt and Begged the Villainess to be Humane Chapter 3977: Born with original sin, I want to be a lamp (23)


As long as it is a place where aliens may visit, it is now surrounded by people from relevant departments for research.

It has been reported in the news, and now many countries have applied to investigate the places where aliens have left traces.

Since Jiao Wendong is a college student, it is impossible for him not to know about Jiaojia Village.

Chen Zhilan frowned deeply, the other party was not young, although she didn’t know how to ignore Jiao Wendong, but this matter had to be reported to the relevant department.

Without investigation, who knows if Jiao Wendong is innocent?

The people in Jiaojia Village are not human. Every time she sees related things, her blood pressure will soar, and no one will be allowed to slip through the net.

Qianyan saw what Chen Zhilan was thinking, but didn’t intend to stop it.

It would be great if the relevant departments could notice Jiao Wendong.

One more thing, does Jiao Wendong really not know how his own mother died?

How is it possible.

Not long after, with Chen Zhilan’s reminder, the relevant department discovered that one person had been missed. It was Jiao Wendong, Jiao Dacheng’s eldest son, who had moved his household registration to the county seat many years ago. When they asked Jiao Dacheng and Zhou Sufen about this matter, neither of them were very happy to talk about Jiao Wendong’s affairs. What they expressed was that Jiao Wendong, like the two young children, did not know about those things.

The more they maintain it like this, the more relevant departments feel the need to investigate Jiao Wendong.

If there is any problem, we have to wait for them to check.

Originally, teacher Gu Wan from the orphanage accompanied Qianyan to find Jiao Wendong, but the relevant department intervened and brought the two of them along. It was Qianyan’s performance that caught their eyes, and they didn’t mind helping her more.

Qianyan was happy with the result, and went to find Jiao Wendong with the people from the relevant departments, and the scene exploded even more. I believe that people who are a little more normal will think about it after seeing Jiao Wendong being taken away for investigation.

Jiao Cancan heaved a sigh of relief after knowing this. The girl who was hurt by Jiao Wendong has a good personality, but it doesn’t mean that she deserves to be hurt like this. Think about her mother Tan Shilan, isn’t it the same?

Since it can prevent such a thing, it would be best.

Jiao Cancan thought of Chu Lexue, and she also knew Qianyan’s analysis, if it was really similar to Master Qianyan’s analysis, she would find it difficult to understand the other party’s mentality.

Since being blessed and able to be reborn, and knowing what will happen next, normal people shouldn’t stop some tragedies in time, how could they see the people around them in danger?

Two days later Qianyan came to Jiao Wendong’s university together with people from relevant departments.

It was lunch time when they came.

When they found out that Jiao Wendong and a female classmate were eating small pots on the third floor of the cafeteria, they didn’t delay and went straight to the third floor of the cafeteria.

All the way up to the third floor, Qianyan could hear people around discussing aliens, Jiaojia Village and so on.

I have to say that Jiao Wendong is still a little bit capable. As the son of Jiao Dacheng, he is a ruthless person without changing his expression in such an environment.

Soon, someone’s eyes fell on Qianyan’s body, and from their whispered discussions, they probably recognized her.

This is what Qianyan wanted. Seeing more and more people staring at her, she even said to Gu Wan: “Mr. Gu, some uncles and aunts, let me talk to my elder brother first.” In a word, okay?”

Some people died, but not completely dead…


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