A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu Chapter 5867: They want to be under the same roof!


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Chapter 5867 They are going to live under the same roof!

Ye Zhiwei wants photos.

She and brother Yinuo have not taken a photo together yet.

No matter how the photo goes…this is their first photo together!

“The photo is very blurry.”

“Only caught the back.”

“I asked the reporter to destroy it.”

Su Yinuo replied like this.

“Ah…” Ye Zhiwei was disappointed, but not in any mood. He replied to Su Yinuo and said, “Okay!”

Su Yinuo asked again: “Do you want to see photos?”

He asked reporters to destroy it, and he can no longer see it even if he wants to…

Ye Zhiwei then said: “Anyway, the photo was not good…forget it, I won’t watch it.”

She wanted to see it.

Su Yinuo saw Ye Zhiwei’s potential answer.

When there is a suitable opportunity in the future, he will let her see the photo.

If not… No, maybe he doesn’t have to think so far.

On the contrary, Ye Zhiwei’s eyes suddenly turned red… It’s worth thinking about.

What exactly did she think about at that time?

Su Yinuo discovered that he didn’t understand Ye Zhiwei and had no way of knowing the answer.

But then, they will have plenty of opportunities to get to know each other.

Thinking about it, Su Yinuo started the car and turned a corner to go home.

In the apartment, Ye Zhiwei was already taking a bubble bath.

While soaking, she suddenly covered her face and laughed – not only did brother Yinuo accept the beef skewers, he also shared it with her!

He…doesn’t he just regard her as his sister anymore?

Could he like her a little bit?

Ye Zhiwei was so excited that he slid down and fell into the bathtub…

The next second, she fluttered and grabbed the edge of the bathtub, popped her head up to gasp, and finally lay down on the edge of the bathtub.

Her long hair was dripping with water, her delicate face became more and more dewy, and her eyes became more and more lively.

She hugged the bathtub and told herself not to think too much, not to overthink, it depends on brother Yinuo’s actual actions and his reaction!

After educating herself, Ye Zhiwei could finally take a bath with a normal heart.

The next day, Uncle’s barbecue stall was reported by many media.

What happened to the uncle’s son has also attracted the attention of many netizens.

Netizens quickly found out that the uncle’s attorney was Wei Cong.

However, it was Lu Xiangyi who posted on Weibo to promote the uncle.

The media first asked Lu Xiangyi why she paid attention to the uncle’s case. Does she know Wei Cong?

Su Yinuo had already greeted Lu Xiangyi, and Lu Xiangyi only said one thing to the media: All this is purely coincidental.

The media contacted Wei Cong instead.

Wei Cong knew it was not a coincidence.

Lu Xiangyi and Su Yinuo are cousins.

Yesterday, Su Yinuo came to pick up Ye Zhiwei.

The facts are very clear – Ye Zhiwei asked Lu Xiangyi for help through Su Yinuo.

Ye Zhiwei didn’t even tell him, and Lu Xiangyi never mentioned Ye Zhiwei, probably because Ye Zhiwei didn’t want to attract attention. After all, she had a special status and background.

Wei Cong’s reply was also very official: It was indeed a coincidence. I am very grateful to Miss Lu for helping my uncle. I will leave the legal matters to him.

Ye Zhiwei saw Wei Cong’s reply, guessed that Wei Cong was protecting her, and took the initiative to find Wei Cong.

She felt a little guilty. After all, she had never asked Wei Cong for instructions, which eventually attracted the attention of the media and netizens.

Wei Cong smiled when he saw Ye Zhiwei’s guilty expression, “Xiao Zhiwei, what are you guilty of?”

“Wei Lu, I’m sorry!” Ye Zhiwei apologized first, “I just wanted to help uncle, I didn’t expect…”

Wei Cong interrupted her, “No need to apologize, this is not a bad thing.”

“…” Ye Zhiwei didn’t know if Wei Cong was serious or not, so she pursed her lips and didn’t dare to relax.

Wei Cong was extremely depressed, “Xiao Zhiwei, am I such a serious person? You helped the uncle solve the problem and also brought this case to the attention of the society. As far as the uncle is concerned, his actual problem has been solved. For me, my attention has increased again – I am now associated with quasi-A-list celebrities. Which of these things is not a good thing?”

Ye Zhiwei breathed a sigh of relief, “Wei Lu, I know I’m not entirely right! Don’t worry, I’ll try not to do this in the future…”

Wei Cong also planned to have a serious talk with Ye Zhiwei next.

Kindness is a good thing, but she is a lawyer first.

I also gave money and helped the uncle to promote…

She can help one, but not all.

Human nature is complex, especially legal aid cases, which often involve very complicated and subtle things.

A rich and kind person may be hurt by his own kindness.

But obviously, Ye Zhiwei understands all these principles.

Who taught her? Su Yinuo?

Wei Cong smiled and said, “Okay, then I won’t talk to you anymore. But how much did Su Yinuo help you?”

Just hearing the three words “Su Yinuo” made Ye Zhiwei feel like his heart skipped a beat.

She suddenly stuttered, “Actually, it’s all thanks to brother Yinuo who helped me. I-I don’t have sister Xiangyi’s contact information.”

Wei Cong suddenly realized, “This, this is it.”

“…” Ye Zhiwei was speechless for a while, “Wei Lu, if nothing happens, I will go out first!”

Looking at the office door closing, the smile on Wei Cong’s face slowly disappeared.

It turns out that the little girl likes Su Yinuo.

No wonder she is willing to help Liu Lu with his case!

Wei Cong suddenly had a dark idea – go and tell Liu Lu that if he asks Ye Zhiwei to help him with Cheng’an Group’s case, he will have a fight with him!

The next second, Wei Cong was amused by himself.

As long as it doesn’t delay the team’s case, Ye Zhiwei can help Liu Lu. This is what he said himself… Now he wants to fight Liu Lu, isn’t it funny?

Besides, Ye Zhiwei and Su Yinuo are from the same world, and they cannot be destroyed by his little tricks.

Wei Cong digested the subtle disappointment in his heart and quickly returned to work.

In the afternoon, Ye Zhiwei went to meet his uncle and aunt.

As the case attracted more and more attention, the perpetrators got scared and said they were willing to pay compensation and asked for the uncle and aunt’s understanding.

The uncle’s child’s condition has also improved.

Ye Zhiwei feels that everything is developing for the better.

In this way, she ushered in her first long vacation after working.

Luo Xin’an and Mu Nian returned to City A the day before the holiday.

In the evening, two people landed.

Luo Xin’an first sent a message to Ye Zhiwei: “Red Panda, I’m back to city A. When will you come to my house to play? Why don’t you just come and stay at my house for a few days!”

Will brother Yinuo go home for the holidays?

In this way…they are considered to be under the same roof, right?

Ye Zhihui’s face turns red just thinking about it…

Before she could reply to Xin An, she received a message from her mother:

“Wei Wei, is the law firm on vacation? When will you go home?”

“Grandpa and grandma miss you very much and said they would take you to eat delicious food when you come back!”

Ye Zhiwei is in a dilemma…

Xin’an went home during the holidays, but she didn’t come home… How to explain it?

She wanted to go home, but she also wanted to go to Xin’an’s house to play.

After struggling for a moment, Ye Zhiwei made a choice: “Mom, I’ll go back in two days. Xin’an has returned to City A, and she asked me to go to her house to play.”

Jiang Lili sent a direct voice message, her voice full of surprise: “Weiwei, are you going to play at Uncle Yicheng’s house?!”


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