A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu Chapter 5866: Do you dislike brother Yinuo? (2)


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Chapter 5866 Do you dislike brother Yinuo? (2)

The beef in Ye Zhiwei’s mouth suddenly changed…

Why does Brother Yinuo look at her with a familiar look?

Oh, didn’t she always look at him like this before?

In the past, she was the one who grabbed brother Yinuo’s hand.

Now it’s all the other way around…

Is Brother Yinuo planning a full-scale counterattack?

Ye Zhiwei was not afraid, walked over and handed Su Yinuo a skewer of beef and said, “This is the last skewer. Brother Yinuo, I specially saved this for you.”

She was curious whether brother Yinuo would take it over.

His temperament is very inconsistent with eating beef skewers on the street.

If he said no, she would understand but would also be sad.

But now, what matters is not the mood, but the answer.

Brother Yinuo’s answer represents his attitude towards her!

Su Yinuo still looked at Ye Zhiwei——

The little girl’s young and bright face shone with anticipation.

This skewer of beef is her favorite and most precious thing at the moment.

She left it to him specially… How could she live up to this feeling?

Su Yinuo did not take the beef skewers.

He just lowered his head and took a bite.

Ye Zhiwei held up the beef skewers, blinked, and was stunned…

After being stunned for a while, I thought, how come Yinuo brother looks so good even when he bites into a beef skewer!

Also, the skewer of beef he bit into must have become more fragrant!

Ye Zhiwei couldn’t help but swallowed and asked: “Brother Yinuo, don’t you want the rest?”

There seemed to be a smile on Su Yinuo’s lips, “Yes, but you can eat it.”

Ye Zhiwei’s eyes widened…

It’s ambiguous, it’s really too ambiguous!

But should she eat it or not?

“What?” Su Yinuo asked unhurriedly, “Do you dislike brother Yinuo?”

Ye Zhiwei shook his head violently——

I like it!

How could you dislike it!

Su Yinuo raised his eyebrows, “Since you don’t mind it…you’ve already swallowed your saliva, why don’t you eat it?”

Did he see her swallow?

Ye Zhiwei felt embarrassed, and also felt that brother Yinuo was a bit flirtatious.

As she thought, her eyes were slightly moist, and her little head, which had always been spinning rapidly, was now almost numb and unable to think…

Su Yinuo looked at her, the smile on his lips getting deeper.

He held Ye Zhiwei’s hand and brought the beef skewers to her mouth.

Ye Zhiwei calmly took a bite, and his face suddenly became hot…

She hurriedly looked away, stuffed the beef skewers to Su Yinuo, pushed his hand away and said, “Brother Yinuo, you eat the rest, I’ll buy water!”

She rushed into the nearby convenience store, opened the refrigerator and stuffed her face in, then took two bottles of ice water and put it on her face.

Although this was strange, her face did not turn red.

She returned to the parking place and Su Yinuo had already gotten in the car.

She opened the passenger door, got in and handed the water to Su Yinuo.

Su Yinuo started the car and said, “Open it for me.”

Ye Zhiwei obediently squeezed out the water and handed it to Su Yinuo.

Su Yinuo took a sip and said, “Thank you.” After saying that, he handed the water to Ye Zhiwei naturally.

Not ambiguous, but intimate.

Coupled with the incident of eating a skewer of beef just now, they are a bit too close!

Ye Zhiwei thought, feeling a little numb.

Fortunately, Xin’an called her at this time.

She answered the phone, almost as if she was seeing a savior: “Peace of mind!”

“Red Panda~” Luo Xin’an was very excited, “What are you doing?”

“I…” Ye Zhiwei felt guilty inexplicably, “I’m on my way home.”

“You got off work so late?” Luo Xin’an expressed her heartache, “Thanks to our little panda! By the way, the law firm is not far from where you live, right? Did you take a taxi or how did you get back?”

“Not far…” Ye Zhiwei’s voice became smaller and smaller, “I’ll go back by car…”

Luo Xin’an is such a smart person, he realized something was wrong in a second.

But she made the same mistake – the formula was right, the answer was wrong.

She suspected that Ye Zhiwei was in danger, so she became vigilant: “Red Panda, did your case go well? You told me last time that the person involved was very vicious, trying to scare you and even hurt you. Now you… …can you handle it?”

Ye Zhiwei never told Xin’an this.

She reacted immediately and said: “Peace of mind, I am safe now, you don’t have to worry.”

Luo Xin’an breathed a sigh of relief, “I was scared to death! I thought you were in danger, so I almost asked Mu Nian to call my brother!”

“Ahem!” Ye Zhiwei choked, “I…I’m fine, don’t…don’t trouble brother Yinuo!”

“Trouble, my brother is not trouble, he is my brother, he is your brother!” Luo Xin’an said, “By the way, let me tell you a good news – I will go back to City A for vacation soon, you can go to my house to play then Is it good? ”

Ye Zhiwei was not only numb, but even paralyzed…

After she agreed, she didn’t know how she hung up the phone, and she didn’t dare to look at Su Yinuo.

Su Yinuo was calm and asked: “Why didn’t you tell Xin An that you were in my car?”

This kind of problem rarely troubles ordinary little girls, but it does not trouble Ye Zhiwei.

She looked at Su Yinuo, “I’m not sure if you want Xin’an to know that I’m in your car.”

She threw the question back to Su Yinuo, “Brother Yinuo, do you… mind if you know Xin’an?”

Su Yinuo suddenly realized that although the little girl was easy to deceive and bully, she was not easy to deal with!

She was able to throw away this kind of question that would make an ordinary little girl blush and make her heart beat.

He originally wanted to tease her.

Now, it’s time for him to express his opinion towards her.

“I don’t mind.” Su Yinuo could only try to be as calm as possible, “Xin’an won’t be surprised if she knows about it – she knows that I promised Uncle Ye to take care of you.”

Ye Zhiwei didn’t worry about Su Yinuo’s answer.

She only noticed that Brother Yinuo didn’t mind!

He nodded and said, “Well, if I’m with you next time, I’ll let you know!”

Su Yinuo realized in a daze that letting Xin An know that he and Ye Zhiwei were closely related had become something he allowed…

This little girl…is a bit smart.

No, she has always been smart, but these days, he was deceived by her innocent and cute appearance.

Arrived downstairs in the apartment, Su Yinuo realized that it was getting late and told Ye Zhiwei to rest early.

Ye Zhiwei said obediently, “Brother Yinuo, so are you!”

She ran into the apartment quickly, her back showing excitement.

Su Yinuo looked at her back and realized that she was very happy tonight.

The red panda is very happy with him.

It’s amazing, he actually… feels very accomplished!

Just as Su Yinuo was about to continue driving, his phone vibrated with a new email.

In the mailbox are photos sent by reporters.

It turned out that they captured the backs of him and Ye Zhiwei.

A man and a woman holding hands are as invisible as the dark night. They have done nothing but make people think a lot…

Su Yinuo looked at the photo and suddenly felt a little lost.

Do others think a lot, or…only he thinks a lot?

At this moment, a message from Ye Zhiwei popped up on WeChat:

“Brother Yinuo, have you received the photo?”


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