A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu Chapter 5868: Is she pushing him away?


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Chapter 5868 Is she pushing him away?

The focus is “home”!

Jiang Lili knew his little girl well.

She can be generous, but always a little shy.

Growing up, she didn’t like to be a guest in other people’s homes.

Besides, besides Xin An, she is not familiar with anyone else in the Su family!

Is Xin’an too enthusiastic, or… is there something about the Su family that attracts her?

The more Jiang Lili thought about it, the faster her heart beat. She looked at her husband——

Ye Jiayan took the phone and called his daughter directly.

As soon as Ye Zhiwei looked at the caller ID, her heart thumped – her father’s reaction was really great!

She answered the phone and her voice was as sweet as ever, “Dad!”

“Weiwei, Xin’an invites you to her home?” Ye Jiayan pointed to the point, “Are you just going to visit, or are you going to spend the night at Su’s house?”

Ye Zhiwei had already prepared her mind and said easily: “Xin’an wants me to stay at her house for a day, and I agreed to her. Dad, I want to visit Sister Xiangyi… I want Sister Xiangyi’s Signed photo! ”

“Speaking of this,” Ye Jiayan asked directly, “How could Xiangyi help your client with publicity?”

Ye Zhiwei said that brother Yinuo knew that she wanted to help this person, so he asked sister Xiangyi to post on Weibo.

Her tone was normal, as if this was an ordinary thing.

Who makes a fuss and who is surprised!

Ye Jiayan was not affected at all.

His tone was obviously wary, “Weiwei, how could Yinuo help you?”

Ye Zhiwei pushed back, “Dad, you asked Brother Yinuo to take care of me! Liu Lu from our firm is helping Cheng’an Group with a case. Brother Yinuo is concerned about my situation in the law firm… …I understand quite a bit.”

She said seriously, “Dad, I don’t want to trouble brother Yinuo. I will remember what you said!”

Ye Jiayan was a little convinced.

But his intuition told him that something seemed not right.

“I happen to be going to City A. In this case, I will stop by Su’s house to visit.” Ye Jiayan said, “Weiwei, you can go home with me then.”

Ye Zhiwei blinked——

Dad is more vigilant than she imagined!

An accident is an accident, and she knows how she should react——

She said happily: “Okay, so I don’t have to fly alone!”

The little girl’s reaction was obviously fine.

Ye Jiayan’s uneasiness has not been eliminated.

He hung up the phone and met his wife’s puzzled eyes.

He didn’t hide it either, saying: “I have to go and bring Weiwei back.”

Jiang Lili felt that he was worrying too much, “Mr. Ye, relax!”

Ye Jiayan frowned, “I’m just afraid of ten thousand. Weiwei has never been hurt…she can’t bear the emotional injury.”

Although her husband’s reaction was exaggerated, Jiang Lili fully agreed with his words.

She had no choice but to nod, “Okay!”


City A, Ye Zhiwei’s apartment.

Ye Zhiwei lay on the bed, the excitement just now had disappeared.

She guessed right, her father did not want her to have in-depth contact with brother Yinuo.

If he knew the truth about Xiangyi’s sister helping her to promote… I’m afraid her father would take her back to S city immediately.

She doesn’t want to go back yet!

Although she doesn’t know what the future will be like, now she and brother Yinuo… she feels very good.

They are understanding and getting closer to each other.

Brother Yinuo admitted that he liked staying with her.

Maybe…he will fall in love with her!

Maybe they will have a love affair!

As for more distant things – such as whether their love will have consequences, she doesn’t think about it for the time being.

Her original goal was to get closer to brother Yinuo – it had been achieved.

Her next goal is to fall in love with brother Yinuo!

After achieving this goal, let’s talk about other things.

So, don’t let dad discover the traces!

She will be obedient first, listen to her father, and go home with him.

After the vacation, when she returns to City A, she will be free!

Ye Zhiwei adjusted his mentality and became happy again. He replied to Xin An and said: “I will go home with my father the day after tomorrow. I only have time tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.”

“Then what are you waiting for?” Luo Xin’an said, “You can come to my house tomorrow and play until the day after tomorrow!”

Afraid that the red panda would be embarrassed, Ye Zhiwei frantically added: “Now we have three children at home, and the three of them are enough for us to play for two days!”

Playing with kids…well, that’s a good excuse!

If I go to play with brother Yinuo, my father will become suspicious.


Ye Zhiwei held the mobile phone and lay back on the bed, with a smile on her face as bright as the morning sun.

Luo Xin’an returned home and told her family the news that the red panda was coming tomorrow.

Of course everyone welcomes Ye Zhiwei.

But obviously, everyone just regarded her as the daughter of a good friend and a good friend with peace of mind, and didn’t think much about it.

Only Lu Xiangyi had a subtle expression and said with a smile: “Yinuo will go home tomorrow too, right? The red panda lives in the apartment opposite Yinuo. Ask him to take the red panda with him when he goes home.”

“That’s fine.” Luo Xiaoxi said, “The driver at home will have a holiday tomorrow, and I’m worried about how to arrange it.”

Luo Xin’an also thought this arrangement was wonderful and sent messages to her brother and red panda respectively.

Lu Xiangyi happened to be eating watermelon and said meaningfully: “This melon is so sweet!”

Xiao Muen looked at her mother eagerly, “Guagua.”

Lu Xiangyi handed it to the little girl, “Do you want Mu En?”

The little girl held her mother’s hand and took a bite of the watermelon. Lu Xiangyi asked her if it was sweet. She nodded her head, which was so cute.

Lu Xiangyi touched the little girl’s face and whispered: “There will be sweeter melons next!”

Xiao Muen blinked and suddenly said: “Little aunt?”

The little girl actually remembered!

Lu Xiangyi made a “shh” gesture, “Mu Enguai, this is our secret, it’s not time to call us ‘little aunt’ yet!”

Little Mu En seemed to understand, and imitated her mother and said “Shh”.

Lu Xiangyi understood that the little girl understood and kissed her hard.

Su Yinuo received a message from Xin’an, saying there was no problem, and said he would contact Ye Zhiwei.

Ye Zhiwei was a little hesitant.

If dad finds out… it wouldn’t be good!

Ye Zhiwei took the initiative to send a message to Su Yinuo: “Brother Yinuo, I have to go somewhere else tomorrow. I can’t go home with you. I will take a taxi myself!”

Su Yinuo could tell something was wrong at a glance.

According to Ye Zhiwei’s formula for him, she should have said: …can you send me there first, and then we can go home together?

When she said this, she was… pushing him away.

Su Yinuo wasn’t angry, and didn’t even worry too much about why. He replied “ok” and told Ye Zhiwei to pay attention to safety on the road tomorrow.

“I will!” Ye Zhiwei sent an expression, “Brother Yinuo, see you at home tomorrow!”


This sentence doesn’t seem like pushing him away.

What is going on in the little girl’s little head?

“See you at home.”

When Su Yinuo sent the message, what he was thinking about was——

What is the little girl thinking? Maybe he will have the answer when he gets home tomorrow…


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