A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu Chapter 5556: In the spring, we will get married


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“Fuya is pregnant.”

“The doctor said…it is very likely that they are twins.”

Lu Xiyu’s words are still swirling in the minds of Lu Boyan and his wife.

They were like two stuck machines, struggling to digest the sudden news.

After finally digesting it, Su Jianan fell into another level of shock——

Xi Yu is going to be a father?

She and Boyan are going to be grandparents?

The four generations living under one roof that the old lady has longed for will finally come true?

Su Jianan seemed calm, but there was already a sharp explosion in her heart…

Lu Boyan reacted faster and walked to his son in three steps at a time: “Xi Yu, can the doctor be sure?”

Lu Xiyu guessed that his parents would react this way, and handed the phone to his father: “Dad, look at this.” He took a picture of Fuya’s examination report in the doctor’s office.

Su Jianan hurriedly came over to watch together——

The examination report clearly showed that Fuya was pregnant, most likely twins.

After watching it, Su Jianan was so excited that she didn’t know whether to hug her husband or her son, with an uncontrollable smile all over her face.

Lu Boyan was also very happy, but as he was the head of the family, he finally calmed down and asked, “Xi Yu, what are your plans next?”

Lu Xiyu has already made plans: “Next spring, I will marry Fu Ya.”

Of course Lu Boyan and his wife have no objection.

Fuya is pregnant, and getting married is just the most basic thing.

The important thing is, don’t get married hastily just because you are pregnant!

Xi Yu and Fu Ya must start with the proposal, and no step should be missed!

As for what kind of wedding to hold…

“You discuss this with Fu Ya. We respect your thoughts and opinions. If you want to keep a low profile, we will only invite family and friends. You want to tell the world that you are married, and our family also has the strength.” Lu Boyan While talking, he held Su Jianan’s hand tightly and finally said: “First we will tell the old lady the news, then Xiyu will propose, and finally we will invite Fu Ya to our home to show her our family’s sincerity

Meaning? ”

Su Jianan nodded, “I agree! Xi Yu, what about you?”

“I agree with this process.” Lu Xiyu muttered, “It’s just the way of proposing… I need to think about it.”

Proposal… Lu Boyan is really inexperienced.

Mr. Lu then patted his son on the shoulder: “I can only remind you to prepare the ring.”

On the way home, Lu Xiyu had already consulted a professional, who recommended a ring, and he asked Su Yinuo to buy it.

The most important thing next is how he proposes…

Seeing her son and husband looking sad, Su Jianan said, “You can’t think of anything like this, why not go to grandma first and tell her the news!”

Coincidentally, on the way to Bauhinia Royal Garden, Lu Xiyu heard his father calling and explaining the annual meeting to people in the company, and he suddenly thought of how to propose.

Huang Fuya is not a person who likes high-profile luxury. They have already agreed that they will hold a warm wedding on the island in the future.

Only their family members and best friends will attend their wedding.

Their wedding will definitely not be too high-profile.

Then his proposal can be more high-profile!

Lu Xiyu directly expressed his thoughts. After Lu Boyan and his wife listened, they expressed that they had no objection.

Su Jianan smiled very happily and said: “Xi Yu, we are very happy to witness your proposal!” Lu Boyan is a man of action and has already started to count the time, saying: “The only bad thing is that the time is relatively rushed. . I’ll contact you, Xi Yu, and you’ll go see the person in charge of the planning company tonight. In addition, I’ll have someone sort it out.

On the island where the wedding will be held, you and Fu Ya can just pick the place you like, and don’t think about anything else. ”

Lu Xiyu smiled, “Thank you, Dad!”

The matter was finalized and the three people arrived at Bauhinia Garden successfully.

The old lady didn’t know that Xi Yu had come back early, and was so surprised that she kept asking what happened.

Lu Xiyu took the opportunity to tell his grandma what happened.

After hearing this, the old lady was so happy that she opened her mouth from ear to ear and said, “Then I have to attend this year’s company annual meeting!”

It has been many years since she attended the Lu Group’s annual meeting.

She mainly finds it boring – every year, everyone gives her the same compliments and blessings.

This year, there is finally something different!

This was also the first time the old lady urged Xi Yu to leave, saying: “I already know, please go back and accompany Fu Ya quickly, and I won’t let you eat. Just your parents stay, we can just discuss it.” A betrothal gift or something.”

Huang Fuya probably doesn’t care about these things, she doesn’t even need a bride price.

However, this is the Lu family’s way of showing that they value Fu Ya.

Not only did Lu Xiyu not refuse on behalf of Fu Ya, he also asked, “Grandma, are you ready to take out the things from the bottom of the box?”

The old lady laughed and said, “It’s not the bottom of the box. It has been prepared for you and Xiangyi. I thought that Xiangyi’s share would be given out first, but I didn’t expect that you, the elder brother, would take the lead. . Hey, why don’t you leave?”

Lu Xiyu had no choice but to tell his grandma that he had to go to the planning company and then return to Lanting.

The old lady reluctantly stayed him for dinner and gave him a bunch of things to pay attention to.

After giving the instructions, the old lady sighed again: “Xi Yu, we were worried that you would get married very late, but we didn’t expect that you would be a father next year!”

Lu Xiyu did not expect that he would enter the next stage of life so quickly.

However, the moment the doctor told him that Fuya was pregnant, he was only ecstatic, and then naturally thought of getting married.

He has always wanted to marry her.

What finally spread in his heart was expectation.

He was not just looking forward to the arrival of his child.

What he is looking forward to more is that Fu Ya can integrate into his big family, and then they and their children will form their own small family together.

This is also what Fu Ya has always dreamed of.

While eating, Lu Xiyu sent a message to Fu Ya, saying that he would not be back until very late and asked her to sleep first.

Finally, he was worried and said, “I have already said hello to Zhou Sen, and Xiangyi will always be with you.”

When Huang Fuya saw the news, she and Xiangyi had already finished dinner, and the two were going to watch a new movie.

After reading the message, she put the phone away and said, “Xiangyi…”

Lu Xiangyi was immersed in the plot and was suddenly pulled back by Huang Fuya’s serious voice, “What’s wrong?”

“I think your brother doesn’t like me anymore!” Huang Fuya said seriously, “He definitely doesn’t like me at all!”

Lu Xiangyi was startled and hurriedly paused the movie, “Fuya, you…are you okay? My brother doesn’t like you anymore…then who does he like?”

She really couldn’t imagine who her brother would like besides Fu Ya? After asking, Lu Xiangyi also felt that he had asked the wrong question, and said, “Wait a minute! Fu Ya, why do you think so? What happened?”


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