A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu Chapter 5557: Try something different?


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Of course something happened for Huang Fuya to think so!

Huang Fuya said seriously and sadly: “Xiangyi, your brother has no interest in me anymore, no interest at all!”

So serious?

Lu Xiangyi straightened his back and fell into deep thought…

After a moment, Lu Xiangyi shook his head, “Isn’t it possible? Some time ago, you went to Country J, and someone photographed you and my brother… How does it look like my brother is not interested in you?”

“But when he came back this time, he hasn’t touched me yet!” Huang Fuya frowned, “I tried some tricks before he went out in the afternoon, but he still left!”

Although Lu Xiangyi had experience, no one had ever talked to her about this before, and her face suddenly turned red.

“What did you use…” Halfway through the words, Lu Xiangyi felt something was inappropriate and said instead: “My brother may have really important things to do when he comes home. Don’t think too much about it. Besides, Isn’t he coming back tonight?”

Huang Fuya handed the phone to Xiangyi, “But he actually told me to sleep first!”

“Is there something wrong?” Lu Xiangyi smiled, “Should he ask you to wait for him?”

Huang Fuya nodded, “According to his past style, he would even tell me to be ready and wait for him!”

“Ahem…” Lu Xiangyi couldn’t imagine that his brother was such a wild person, “Maybe he cares about your health?”

Huang Fuya could tell that if the conversation continued, Lu Xiangyi’s face would explode…

She gave Lu Xiyu a casual expression and said, “I will wait for him to come back tonight!”

She went back to her room and took out some “pajamas” and asked Xiangyi to help her choose.

Lu Xiangyi went back and forth with a blushing face and chose the most conservative one.

Huang Fuya was shocked, “Xiangyi, this is the worst!”

Lu Xiangyi: “…”

Huang Fuya looked at Lu Xiangyi, “You and Zhou Sen…?”

Lu Xiangyi said hurriedly: “We are doing well!”

Huang Fuya showed an ambiguous smile, “You can do better! Just wait for me and I’ll get you something.”

She ran back to the room, came out with a pink box, and handed it to Xiangyi.

Lu Xiangyi looked like he wanted to pick it up but didn’t dare.

Huang Fuya stuffed the box into Xiangyi’s arms and said, “It’s new and has been washed!”

Lu Xiangyi had already guessed what was inside, and was speechless for a moment.

Huang Fuya can already imagine that Zhou Sen must be very gentle at ordinary times.

Speaking of which, she is a man, and seeing Xiangyi like this… she can’t bear to bully him too harshly.

But two people can be a little more intense sometimes!

She signaled Xiangyi to take it and hinted: “Zhou Sen has a party tonight. Do you want to go home and wait for him?”

Lu Xiangyi also showed Fu Ya his cell phone, “But, my brother said, let me stay with you until later…”

“I want him to come back!” Huang Fuya pulled Xiangyi up, “Don’t listen to your brother. You haven’t seen Zhou Sen when you came back. How can you stay here? Go back and wait for Zhou Sen.”

Although Lu Xiangyi’s face was red and his ears were hot, he had already noticed that something was wrong.

She looked at Huang Fuya, “But you…” She intuitively couldn’t leave Fuya alone, she had to take good care of her.

“I’m going to change clothes and wait for your brother to come back!” Huang Fuya looked at Lu Xiangyi without smiling, “The one I want to change is even more exciting than the one you have… You want to stay and watch Do you see it?”

Lu Xiangyi covered his face and ran away, running faster than a rabbit.

Along the way, she held the box in her arms tightly, as if it contained a valuable treasure that no one could even take a second look at.

After returning home, she dialed her brother’s phone and said, “Fu Ya asked me to come back. You should go home early to be with her.”

“I understand.” Lu Xiyu understood his sister, “What’s wrong with you? What did Fuya tell you?”

“It’s nothing!” Lu Xiangyi’s voice became louder, “Anyway, hurry up and go home!”

As soon as he hung up the phone, Lu Xiangyi received a message from Zhou Sen.

Zhou Sen said he would be back soon and asked if he would go to Xi Yu’s place to pick her up?

She asked Zhou Sen to go home directly, and finally ran into the bathroom holding the box.

When she opened it, she couldn’t help but imagine – what would Zhou Sen’s reaction be when he saw her wearing this outfit?

As soon as she thought about it, her face turned red again.

After taking a bath, she put on the clothes in the box after countless struggles. Finally, she carried the box back to her room and placed it neatly on the bedside table. Finally, she got into bed and took care of herself. The ground blushed.

Zhou Sen came back and found the living room dark. He was a little surprised and went straight back to the room.

There was only one bedside lamp on in the room, and Xiangyi had already fallen asleep.

He walked to the bed and took a look and found that Xiangyi’s face was red.

Zhou Sen touched her forehead, “Are you feeling uncomfortable?”

Lu Xiangyi bit his lip and whispered: “No…”

Zhou Sen knew Xiangyi well, so he suddenly lifted the quilt from her body.

The scene that caught his eye stimulated the blood all over his body to come alive, and madness flowed through his body.

It’s not that he hasn’t prepared it for Xiangyi. He is much more conservative than this. He still coaxed her before she was willing to wear it.

She today…

Zhou Sen’s voice was hoarse: “Xiangyi, don’t you want to leave tomorrow?”

Lu Xiangyi turned red and asked softly: “If I ask you to hold back, can you…?”

Zhou Sen tugged on his tie and unbuttoned his shirt one by one with one hand, “Xiangyi, what do you think?”

The answer is self-evident.

Zhou Sen couldn’t hold it back.

In other words, no man can.

Lu Xiangyi blinked, “Does my brother really not like Fu Ya anymore?”

Zhou Sen smiled and kissed Lu Xiangyi’s lips, “What did you and Fu Ya talk about? Xi Yu didn’t tell you about Fu Ya’s pregnancy?”

Lu Xiangyi didn’t sit up, but bounced up.

She grabbed Zhou Sen’s shoulders with both hands, “What did you say? What did you just say?”

“Xi Yu really didn’t tell you?” Zhou Sen pinched Lu Xiangyi’s face, “Fuya is pregnant, and you will be an aunt next year.”

“So…” Lu Xiangyi understood everything immediately and threw himself into Zhou Sen’s arms, “Great!”

She was so happy that she burst into tears, and she looked particularly pure, but her whole body…

It’s really hard to restrain yourself!

Zhou Sen’s breathing became heavier, “Now…can we start?”

Lu Xiangyi smiled and kissed Zhou Sen, “Let’s try something different tonight, okay?”

Zhou Sen guided Xiangyi and asked her to remove his obstacles, “Who did you learn from?”

Lu Xiangyi’s hands were warm and he pulled Zhou Sen’s shirt out of his trousers, “Don’t worry about it and look at what’s in the box…”

Zhou Sen knew that the box was not placed there for nothing!

He opened it and took a look, his temples beat hard a few times, “Xiangyi… are you sure?” Lu Xiangyi said in his ear: “Try it… just in case we like it!”


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